Hey everybody, it's Bob and David! (and Brian, too, also, as well)

Hello. We are an old man. We don't know how reddit works. Which buttons do we push?

Please... respond... in... semaphore...

Disclaimer: Victoria from reddit is helping us figure this out.

Internet. Whaddya got?





UPDATE: Gotta take a quick piss. BRB!


LAST UPDATE: Alright guys, we gotta run (unfortunately) but this was a blast. Hope you guys liked it. And perhaps we'll be seeing you again on our little tour in support of our book, HOLLYWOOD SAID NO. Perhaps we'll be back sooner than you think. It all depends on whether we bomb Syria.

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BobOdenkirk1417 karma

UPDATE: I'm taking a piss now.

leeds_matt1220 karma

Hey David, Don't suppose you remember our night out in Leeds a couple of years ago? We went out on a bender and you sang some awesome made up national anthem for Finland to that piss head?

I also still have that CCTV disc you wanted!


David_Cross1362 karma

Holy shit! Matt, of COURSE I remember!! I talked about that on stage. Yes, please "pm" me your email address and we can figure out how to get that disc. That will really make that whole story/evening come to life. Remember that crazy drunk woman who tried to kick my head? Fun night.

Justokayscott999 karma

Just one quick question:

Can I use this chair?

David_Cross1039 karma

It's being used for a sketch right now.

greenysmac760 karma

To many (including myself), The Pre-Taped Call-in Show is possible the highest pinnacle of comedic sketch writing.

Will you please give us, your humble fans, a telling of how that sketch came about.

David_Cross843 karma

That was Dino Stamatopoulos with some help from Brent Forrester, who came up with the idea when they were tripping on acid in Joshua Tree.

DiegoVonCosmo647 karma

Why isn't Mr. Show available on HBO GO?

David_Cross1550 karma

That's a great question.

(Bob here) HBO has a hate-hate relationship with the show.

(Brian here) They are not aware that we did the show.

(David, back) They hate having to google Mr. Show.

dfaraci633 karma

This is for Bob - Bob, what is the secret to great comedic yelling? You're a master at it, and I want to become one too!

David_Cross1892 karma

(Bob here) Have it come from a real deep place of genuine anger at the world. Good luck with it. It helps to have a shitty dad.

Smocke55632 karma

Bob-I read somewhere that you don't know the ending of Breaking Bad,that you only read your scripts and that you were gonna watch it like the rest of the world.If this is true,how is the final season so far?

David-People had mixed reactions to AD season 4.How was the season for you?

Brian-How's the Deadpool comic coming?Can't wait

David_Cross937 karma

(Bob here) Oh it's really satisfying and shocking and surprising and I am amazed just like any fan. I'm just as engrossed and entertained as anybody.

(David here) It was certainly different, but I came to appreciate its differences. I understand what a monumental task Mitch had in presenting the material, and I am deeply impressed with what he did, but like a lot of people, it took me about 7 episodes (really) to understand how to watch it. And then I really got into it.

(Brian has his own account)

BrianPosehnhere766 karma

Great. Issue 16 this week.

rogersmith2588 karma

Speaking of Deadpool, what is it like writing with Gerry Duggan? Do you two butt heads as much as you do on the Nerd Poker podcast?

What is the writing process like for Deadpool? Do you write it panel-by-panel, or do you create the major story arc first and then add in the quips as needed?

BrianPosehnhere136 karma

Awesome. No, we rarely butt heads, we kinda share the same brain.

The process starts with a pretty detailed outline, then we go to scripting, punching up all the time.

barnacledoor488 karma

This goes for Bob and David: In your upcoming live Mr Show gigs, which fans do you think will be more annoying, the Arrested Development fans or the Breaking Bad ones?

David_Cross678 karma

(Bob here) Definitely Breaking Bad. They aren't necessarily into comedy. This show is really for Mr Show fans.

(David) Absolutely. But I disagree about the show. There will absolutely be Arrested Development fans there.

(Bob here) There are going to be Mr. Show fans. The question is this: are people coming who are Breaking Bad fans and don't know Mr. Show? No, they don't even know it's happening. There are many people who just know me from Mr. Show.

(David here) Mr. Show is such a niche thing.

Noreaga425 karma

Hey David, thanks for doing this AMA! I saw It's a Disaster about a month ago and thought it was brilliantly hilarious. Do you have any plans on more film appearances?

David_Cross2599 karma

Look for me in the new "Riddick" film!!! I'm not in it but do still look for me.

mrPitPat371 karma

Finally, my username is relevant. My work here is done.

David_Cross571 karma

We'll see you at the Awards Ceremony. Congratulations!

As soon as we're done here, we're going to sue reddit for their snoo character, who is a direct ripoff / possibly the butt progeny of our Pansexual Spokesthing.

That's another thing we were ahead of the times! We predicted reddit logos.

wolfvision360 karma

Bob: What are your thoughts about the comments/rumors on the Breaking Bad (prequel) spin-off starring Saul as the main character?

BobOdenkirk822 karma

First of all, you guys know that I'm doing this to help plug the book that David, Brian, and myself have coming out TODAY: HOLLYWOOD SAID NO! It's a collection of our screenplays that have never been made. Lots of laughs, especially if you're a fan of Mr. Show. Okay, did that. Saul spin-off? Don't know. Really. I trust Vince Gilligan when he says he has a good idea for it, an idea that motivates him to want to work on it. Vince, obviously, can do anything he chooses at this point, so it's a massive honor that he would put any mental effort into a Saul show. Peter Gould is a Breaking Bad writer who wrote the first script that Saul appeared in, and, I believe, Peter is interested in a possible Saul show. So...that's a lot of goodwill and energy making it a possibility. But still, this is a creative endeavor we're talking about, and then there's the business side that would have to be worked out...so many hurdles. I am thrilled that people like the character enough to want that show to happen. Thanks for asking.

deebosbike304 karma

Pound for pound, Mr. Show is the best sketch comedy show ever broadcast. At least I think so.

I love you fuckers.

BobOdenkirk494 karma

THANK YOU. I am commenting on this wonderful compliment because it makes me remember the other day when I somehow found myself reading the comments on MR SHOW DVD package on amazon and I couldn't help myself but to read the most negative comments. People either gave us 5 stars or 1 star. Not much in between. But the 1 star ones just killed me! People who watched and couldn't find ANYTHING funny. Really? Audition sketch? The Story of Everest? FAIRSLEY difference? FF Woodycooks? Civil War Re-enactments? The Fad Three? I could go on. I can see someone not getting the weirder absurd stuff we did, no problem, but these are just solid, clear, funny funniness...right? Anyhow. Internet comments...hilarious.

friendlyfire31294 karma

David, are we ever going to see more of Todd Margaret?

BrianPosehnhere613 karma


David_Cross607 karma

You will see more of it! When you watch the rest of the show!

Divotus285 karma

David, did you really snort cocaine at the Whitehouse?

David_Cross886 karma

No, it was at the Correspondents dinner. Not nearly as impressive.

gimmesomefries262 karma

These questions are for David:

1.) Bob Odenkirk nailed his role of Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad. This role was very different for him, as it was his first role in a drama series. My question is, if you could play any character in any drama TV show or movie, who would you pick and why?

2.) Did you anticipate any public backlash for your open letter to Larry the Cable Guy?

David_Cross701 karma

1) I'd pick Ophelia from Baz Luhrman's HAMLET.

2) Just from people I don't care about.

sidlessnancy245 karma

For Bob: Not a question, but I just wanted to tell you I laughed harder at your scene in The Office than I did anything else that season!

David_Cross988 karma

(Bob here) Wow, thank you very much.

(Brian here) That show sucks so that's not saying much.

shmiz178 karma

Bob - Do you have any MOORE plans for the Washington Monugents??

BobOdenkirk302 karma

I love you.

jhsm173 karma

I'm still ready and waiting on Chock Full of Notes to storm the pop charts. When is this happening?

David_Cross585 karma

September 11, 2001.

PsychedelicAmpersand163 karma

For Bob:

Since discovering Tim and Eric and making them successes, have you been flooded with people sending in their comedy stuff hoping to achieve the same success? If I were to send in stuff, how likely is it that I'd get noticed?

For David:

Any news on more Arrested Development that we haven't heard already?

For David and Brian:

If you were a side character, new or already existing, on Breaking Bad, who would you be? I think it'd be funny to see David as Huell.

For Brian:

How often do people pronounce your name "Brian Poison"?

David_Cross305 karma

(Bob here) No I think people are pretty respectful. Occasionally I get something. But I am excited about the new show I'm working on coming out in October called The Birthday Boys, it's going to be on IFC. I found them because they're a sketch group in LA that participated in a benefit that my wife does every New Year's and I got to know them and that show will come on in October.

(David here) Nope. Sorry. Nothing clever or interesting. It's #1 in Sri Lanka.

Well YEA, it would be funny to see me as Huell.

(Bob here) They're already on the show. They are both inside the Huell suit. David's on top of Brian's shoulders.

BrianPosehnhere287 karma

All the time. the lady typing our group answers got it wrong four times this morning.

poktanju160 karma

David & Brian: how satisfying was it to see Bob get the crap kicked out of him on Breaking Bad?

BrianPosehnhere974 karma

So good. that's the only way I can come now.

grntypewriters156 karma

If the three of you were Chipwrecked on a desert island, who would get eaten first?

David_Cross257 karma

Me. Willingly. I would volunteer

MyBizzle139 karma

Mr Show is the litmus test with which I judge prospective friends'/companions' concepts of comedy. Is this the wrong avenue to take when judging people or does this seem par for the course?

David_Cross219 karma

As long as you include "In Living Color" in there. Yeah.

zack1236136 karma

Anustart: I have heard that Mitch and the Netflick executives are planning on continuing AD with either another season or a movie. Do you believe all of the cast will be available and on board for that? Also, I just wanted to say that you would have made a great Heisenberg.

Thank you for answering this question, and as always, And As It Is Such, So Also As Such Is It Unto You.

David_Cross156 karma

Boy, I would be so happy to do more AD. It's such a fun character and the writing and staff and cast are the fucking best. But who knows. Scheduling is a big problem. Especially because five of us live in NY. Also, thanks for the gif.

Zhelbling125 karma

David - I'm a senior this year and I'm having trouble picking a funny yet semi relatable senior quote. Any help?

David_Cross515 karma

"No Fat Chicks"!!

AnakinKardashian121 karma

Best Tom Kenny story?

David_Cross249 karma

If you see him, you have to ask him about his hit n' run story.

BrianPosehnhere166 karma

The mudshark story from Seattle is true.

twostepsonthewater111 karma

I'm such a huge fan. Will you be bringing your latest tour to the UK?

David_Cross332 karma

No, Bob is not allowed to leave the country. He hasn't smoked enough pot yet.

rezivor107 karma

Bob & David, On the outside you two have very different personalities-- And even separately in your solo performances you gravitate towards to very distinct ends of comedy.

What qualities do you bring out in each other? And I suppose, what (comedic) qualities of each other do you both admire about the other?

David_Cross274 karma

Bob brings out my maternal side, as he is constantly asking me to tuck him in. But I most admire his skill at Knock-Knock jokes.

spate4295 karma

Brian - seeing you die in The Devil's Rejects was hilarious. that's it.

BrianPosehnhere342 karma

Ha! It was fun to get shot in the face, you should try it.

y3llow5ub95 karma

David Cross: Currently posting from Roswell, GA - what were your favorite spots in this miserable area? I recently heard you lived in Marietta at one time, too

Bob Odenkirk: Any chances you're keeping the Saul hairdo?

David_Cross355 karma

I never lived in Marietta, my mom did, but I was out of the house by then. Favorite spot in Roswell? I guess the woods behind Gran Cricque, where when I was 13 a bunch of my friends all sucked each other off after looking at porno mags that were stashed there.

(Bob here) are you putting this on reddit where my son can read it?

It was a much longer story but it was fucking weird, redneck...

(Bob here) are you serious?

I still remember it, it was awful.

(Brian here) It's a big thing for boys in the South, their first suckoff.

Two of the guys there were brothers, but they did not suck each other off. Look, this is a longer story for a therapist.

David_Cross333 karma

(Bob here) That hair is not mine, it is five different components / pieces that get put into my head. I do not have it at home, the Smithsonian has it next to Fonzie's jacket and Rerun's turd from "What's Happenin'" the episode where the toilet breaks.

AnakinKardashian88 karma

Order from most to least likely to be arrested: Tobias Funke, Brian Spukowski, Saul Goodman

BrianPosehnhere151 karma

Saul, Brian, tobias

David_Cross137 karma

We agree. We're good with that.

apu7482 karma


I love your comedy and honestly think your stand up is one of the best, "ANSWER THE TELEPHONE" cracks me up just thinking about it. I just wondered if you have ever considered acting in more serious roles? I always feel like those with comedic roots can somehow draw from a darker place (tragedy/comedy two sides of the same coin perhaps?) when transitioning.

TL;DR Why aren't you Batman?


David_Cross144 karma

Sure. Would love to do more dramatic stuff. I suppose it's up to me to write it and then cast me in it since that's how I'll most likely get considered for that stuff. Also...I AM Batman!!!!!!

captainkhyron76 karma

Hey guys,

I just wanted to say that my friends and I are all huge fans and most of us own the Mr. Show DVDs. We just watched them recently and they're still gold.

No question really, just thanks a TON for the laughs!

David_Cross86 karma


yougot99problems71 karma

Question for David: How often do you think to yourself how lucky you are to have Amber in your life?

David_Cross239 karma

Oh man, once an hour every day at least. I mean when she's out of town. Seriously. I am so very lucky. She's an amazing woman. And also one of the funniest people I've ever fucked met.

SSIntimidator70 karma

David: My wife is quite taken by you, can I just ship her out there and get it over with?

David_Cross177 karma

Ship her? Is she Asian and in need of a green card?

HammerAttack67 karma

Brian... Any plans for anymore Comedians of Comedy stuff? I know everybody's careers are in such different places now, but do you think you guys could ever get the group back together and tour or mini-tour? Also, could somebody get Zach back on stage regularly? I know he does sets here and there when he has time, but I would love to see him doing stand-up again.

BrianPosehnhere108 karma

That's really a Patton question. I will forever be down to go out with them again.

SuperBump65 karma

Brian, you've got 45 minutes to live. What album do you put on?

BrianPosehnhere298 karma

Either Dare To Be Stupid or Ride the Lightning.

yodapwnsall6965 karma

David, how do you truly feel about Artie Lange at this day? I have always heard you two hated each other during Mad TV for his drug use, and he hated your writing.. but you both kinda "made up" on Stern... How do you REALLY feel about Artie?

David_Cross186 karma

I don't "hate" Artie Lang. Never did. Ever. I believe he had a shitty experience with me at an early Mad TV writing session (I was a consultant for the show for a month during its early days). It certainly could be true but then again, he was a self-admittedly, fucked-up alcoholic and drug abuser so who knows exactly what happened. More to the point, the people who hate me, Opie and Anthony and Artie Lang types, don't like me because they think I don't like them but I just don't think they're all that funny. I don't "hate" them. And clearly people disagree with me. They could be great guys. I have no idea. But I don't use up my "hate" quotient for comics who don't hurt anybody.

elaric63 karma

David, are squagels an acceptable meal for a first date? Can you do kegels with a squagel?

P.S. Why do you hate America so much?

David_Cross163 karma

I love America! It's where I get all my Squagles!

ableminnow54 karma

Hi Bob! In honor of your new book and Saul's colorful metaphors, I'd love to know 1) your favorite work of fiction, 2) your favorite word in the English language, and 3) your least favorite word. (Mine are Voyage in the Dark, "jerkwater," and "yummy.") I teach writing and literature to undergraduates and promise to incorporate all three of your choices in future lesson plans. (P.S. Very excited for Thursday's show! Hi David and Brian!)

David_Cross66 karma

(Bob here, I'm waiting for my password to reset)

1) Favorite work of fiction... Swing Hammer Swing

2) "Indeed"

3) I don't have one. I'm good with English. Don't get me started on French.

bdoz13849 karma

Y'all got fake poo?

David_Cross109 karma

Yes. Sure. Why not. Next question.

Fallooza48 karma

i want to thank you all for entraining me over the years.

i got my user name from mr show and a tattoo.


http://www.flickr.com/photos/96874358@N00/7010279177/ it wraps all the way around my arm. i can post more/better pics if you guys would like me to.

...24 is the highest number

BobOdenkirk50 karma

YOU CACCIOLI!! YOU SPADAGADOUCH!! You a crazy FAZOLINI! I love it. I am so knocked out...listen, Pm /u/chooter your email address and she'll set it up so you get a free book AND audiobook.

BrianPosehnhere16 karma

What a fazool! Fucking amazing!

barf_cat46 karma

Most criminally underrated comic still performing?

Dead and overlooked?

David_Cross113 karma

Jonathon Winters should've gotten more love. Alive? Maybe Jim Jefferies?

oldwhitelincoln41 karma

I have this friend, you see. We lived together for six years, or something, and he absolutely LOVES you guys. Always had some Mr. Cross CD or Mr. Show DVD lyin' around. I saw you were doing this AMA and, while aforementioned friend does not "Reddit," I thought it kind to offer him my services of posing a question to y'all in honor of his great love and respect for your work.

I asked him for a question and his response was as follows: "Ask them how the butt works."

So, Mr. Odenkirk, Mr. Cross and Mr. Posehn, how does the butt work?

David_Cross200 karma

Jesus, get to the fucking point! The answer is...NOT WELL, IT LEAKS

poopinAround35 karma

David and Bob: I loved you guys on Tim and Eric awesome show! Are there any more collaborations with those guys in the works?

Brian: I recently started listening to nerd poker, and it makes me want to get into d&d! You guys are hilarious. Keep up the good work!

BrianPosehnhere59 karma

thanks, we're having a blast. Hope we don't die.

Luvod26 karma

I just want you guys to know that I have been a huge fan of your work since Mr. Show. So thank you both for the excellent work. My question is: What is your favorite memory from your career? Hopefully this gets up to 24 likes!

David_Cross23 karma

Ron Howard bought me a sandwich once. Tuna.

RndmHero23 karma

Are you guys still close with Maynard? I loved his appearances in Mr. Show and Run Ronnie Run and I saw Bob on the Blood Into Wine DVD as well. Also, was the name Puscifer created in this sketch?

BobOdenkirk45 karma

We know Maynard and think quite highly of him. He's one of the smartest and most interesting people I've ever met on this earth. Yes, the name Puscifer came from a MR SHOW SKETCH! Wow. We may see him in the next year at a certain event he is planning up. That's all I can say for now. But somebody should do a documentary on HIM...or he should write a goddamn book. smart guy

BrianPosehnhere21 karma

Puscifer was Maynard's pitch.

gatomercado21 karma

To all 3: What is your all time favorite skit from Mr Show? I personally love 'The Altered States of Drugsachusetts'. Mr Show means a lot to me, as sad as that sounds...

Also can you kick me down with a pass for Festival Supreme? I can bring weed. Please and Thank You!

'Who Wants Bananas?'

David_Cross36 karma

For me it's, Pre-Natal Pageants. Also, once again, Mr. Show predicts the future! Toddlers and Tiaras etc... In fact there was a website thing somewhere that someone was compiling an ever-increasing list of "Mr. Show Predicts The Future" stories. It was up to about 16 examples last we checked.


I've always wanted to try comedy but I'm really shy and get nervous in front of crowds. I live in NYC but don't exactly want to take improv classes. Do you guys have any advice? (pretend I made a clever Mr Show reference here and flattered you guys into answering)

BobOdenkirk66 karma

You can write funny twitters. Steven Wright famously used to stand with his back to the audience and read his comedy bits into the mic. Why don't you start like that? If you get some laughs you'll probably eventually turn and face them...they're not so bad after all.

Stevenerf14 karma

Brian, how much do you love Ground Control Arcade in Portland, OR? I saw you visit there on the Comedians of Comedy TV show. I found that place to be a highlight of my visit to Portland. I hope you found the same.

BrianPosehnhere20 karma

Love it, was just there on Friday.

jakeisbill11 karma

Hi David, and Bob, and the other guy. Where did you get the idea for the Megaphone Crooners.

David_Cross36 karma

(Bob here) How do you know the megaphone crooners and not know Brian's name? I saw a documentary on PBS about Al Jolson, and it was really funny, because the people being interviewed who knew Jolson kept talking about what a horrible person he was as a person, and then they would praise his talents, and then they would cut to a clip of him singing or dancing and it would be as bad as me signing or dancing, and he had NO good qualities. So it made me laugh.

(David here) it was also the first year of the MONSTERS OF ROCK tour...

(Bob here) Paul F. Tompkins was also writing the exact same bit, and he wrote the original script for it, so he gets some credit too.