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barnacledoor930 karma

aww, man... so nasty. now i just imagine all Chuck E Cheese carpets are soaked in piss and orange cleaner.

barnacledoor632 karma

God that's so nasty. They're willing to be disgusting and unclean just so they avoid giving the image of being disgusting and unclean.

barnacledoor488 karma

This goes for Bob and David: In your upcoming live Mr Show gigs, which fans do you think will be more annoying, the Arrested Development fans or the Breaking Bad ones?

barnacledoor155 karma

Would you bring your kids there after having worked there or do you just find it too nasty?

barnacledoor58 karma

Woo! Thanks for the answer. As a Mr Show/Arrested Development/Breaking Bad fan, I love you both.

Oh and I love Brian too. I just don't see the Just Shoot Me fans coming in and shouting out quotes. ;)

EDIT: poor Brian. I'm referring to his character Kevin in just Shoot Me and almost everyone is quoting David Cross who was only on a handful of times. A real bad luck Brian.