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Since you are dictating this to your son I am curious - Are you aware of the various assistive technologies available for blind users to use computers? If not, I work in web accessibility and would be more than happy to provide you with some information that can help enable you to use your computer. Additionally, many smart phones provide assistive technologies for blind users. The iPhone comes with VoiceOver by default which can enable you to use all apps and browse the web (Android has TalkBack but many of the people I know in the blind community prefer VoiceOver). If you (or anyone else in this thread) would like more information, please feel free to ask questions. I can discuss more in this thread or feel free to PM me.

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Can you tell us a funny joke?

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How do you feel about the current state of MTV?

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Hello! I'm a long-time fan of Mr. Trash Wheel and I'm super excited that Professor Trash Wheel has come to Canton to help keep the harbor clean.

Where and what does Professor Trash Wheel teach? Has Mr. Trash Wheel's taste in trash matured over time?

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Hey, beltzner! Check out the chick on Channel 9!