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I have a theory of why people feel like egglestone and I am really interested to hear your feelings on the matter.

Big Bang Theory, though dissimilar in style, has a similar appeal to the show The Office (at its inception) - there are a few crazy characters (Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute) who generate humor by being extreme caricatures of real-life people we interact with on a daily basis. Then there is a character that we can identify with (Ryan Howard the "new guy", and eventually Jim/Pam); we invest ourselves into these characters and see ourselves in them as the show goes on.

On Big Bang theory, I would argue that the 4 "nerdy guys" are all, in a way, the "caricature" type in the vein of Michael Scott. Therefore, the character who people can identify with is Penny. Non-nerds are happy to put themselves in Penny's shoes the same way that people might identify with Pam Beasley on The Office - she isn't the most successful or intelligent character, but she often one-ups the nerds with her practicality. People with nerdy friends love the show because they project themselves onto Penny and their nerdy friends/family onto the 4 guys.

This is why the show is unpopular among nerds. We can't (or don't want to) identify with the 4 nerdy guys. And we can't identify with Penny because she is the anti-nerd in the group. I also think that the laugh track kills the "nerd jokes" because the audience laughs at the follow-up explanation or counter-punch rather than the joke itself.

I commend you for reading this far if you have...

TL;DR Do you think that the lack of a relatable nerd on Big Bang Theory is what causes its lack of popularity among "actual" nerds (like on reddit)?

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Speaking of Deadpool, what is it like writing with Gerry Duggan? Do you two butt heads as much as you do on the Nerd Poker podcast?

What is the writing process like for Deadpool? Do you write it panel-by-panel, or do you create the major story arc first and then add in the quips as needed?

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Does David Wain have some really incriminating photos of Paul Rudd?