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What was it like being on Arrested Development? How awesome is the new season going to be? How much of that awesomeness is directly related to your presence?

EDIT: Also, favorite guest star to work with on Workaholics? Any chance any of those characters could return?

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Hey Serj,

I'm an Arizona fan, and I noticed a while back that you're listed as part of the boycott against us due to SB 1070. Now that the Supreme Court shot down a good chunk of it, are you still boycotting us? If so, I would assume the boycott extends to System as well. Am I correct in assuming this?

Thank you very much!

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Have you ever considered becoming the singer of a heavy metal band?

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For Bob:

Since discovering Tim and Eric and making them successes, have you been flooded with people sending in their comedy stuff hoping to achieve the same success? If I were to send in stuff, how likely is it that I'd get noticed?

For David:

Any news on more Arrested Development that we haven't heard already?

For David and Brian:

If you were a side character, new or already existing, on Breaking Bad, who would you be? I think it'd be funny to see David as Huell.

For Brian:

How often do people pronounce your name "Brian Poison"?