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Hey David, thanks for doing this AMA! I saw It's a Disaster about a month ago and thought it was brilliantly hilarious. Do you have any plans on more film appearances?

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How do you plan on making colleges and universities, many of which are privatized, tuition free?

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Rules for thee, but not for me

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Hi Neil, thanks for taking the time to do this AMA. Got a bunch of questions but I'll put them all into one.

Are you still what that girl you ended up going in a relationship with that you mentioned at the end of your book The Game? Also how many women have you slept with would you say since you first got into the seduction game, a rough estimate?

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Any reason you guys chose not to go the Early Access route? Having read multiple reviews it appears that a number of complaints is that the game doesn't feel polished and appears more of a beta.