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I'm such a huge fan. Will you be bringing your latest tour to the UK?

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great post. interesting about the vegetarian diet; I've never really looked into whether that is supposed to help. I've been a vegetarian for most of my life, so it obviously hasn't worked for me, but it'd be good to hear from anyone else who has switched to a vegetarian diet and seen positive effects.

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good for you. I get imigran on the NHS for chronic migraines too, as nothing else works. They're debilitating, but not as serious as yours. I was in A&E with one a few weeks ago, but mostly they're manageable. Don't know what I'd do without the NHS

don't have a question really. just wanted to say all the best to you

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I take propranolol in addition to the imigran. to be honest, I haven't found it to be that helpful for me, but my doctor has encouraged me to stay on it for the time being, as stopping suddenly is likely to increase the instances and severity of my migraines. I haven't even been on it that long.

finding the right combination of medications is really difficult. it's amazing how much variation there is from person to person in terms of responsiveness to certain meds

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Oxygen has never come up when I've discussed migraines with my doctor, but I'll definitely bring it up next time I go. and yeah, I'd gone through so many different treatments before finally being prescribed imigran that I honestly thought nothing would work. it's had a huge impact on my life