Hello reddit, Beverly D'Angelo here. You might remember me from movies like...

Having said that, ask me ALMOST anything.

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SooInappropriate1007 karma

The shower scene in Vacation was the first time I punched ol' Marty Moose, if you catch my drift.

I hope that moment we shared together, over and over until the tape broke, is as special for you as it is for me.

beverly_dangelo777 karma

um yea?

floridawhiteguy393 karma

Are you a fan of FX's Archer? I think you'd be great as a guest secret agent / femme fatale / foil for H. Jon Benjamin's character...

beverly_dangelo491 karma

hope they are reading your post..

PounderMcNasty392 karma

I just wanted to say thanks for the boob-shot in Vacation. It made my teenage years a little more tolerable.

beverly_dangelo721 karma

yea it is a great memento for me too. Glad they were immortalized in their prime.

ImproperRageFace275 karma

Would you ever team up with Amy Poehler in a comedy?

beverly_dangelo583 karma

Instantaneously. I want to play her mother some how somewhere sometime.

beverly_dangelo265 karma

I want to thank everyone for their questions, it has been a pleasure- Gotta go now, but we can do this again xx bev Follow me on Twitter, may start tweeting one day.

Anglo-Saxon232 karma

My family and I have watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation on VHS every single year on Black Friday. I grew up watching that movie, and can probably recite it to you line by line.

What I want to know is if you've ever referred to your significant other as "sparky."

beverly_dangelo322 karma

Only one Sparky, Chevy Chase. We were doing the scene in the sleeping bag in the cabin in the first vacation and decided that we should have nick names for each other- and this would show the intimacy- I cant remember who came up with Sparky, but it stuck.

chiakris210 karma

Would love to hear about how you met Al Pacino...

beverly_dangelo253 karma

short story or long story?

chiakris176 karma

Definitely the long story

beverly_dangelo896 karma

I met him when did a screen test for " Sea of Love" in 1988. Eight years later, at Carrie Fisher's b-day party, we nodded to each other from across the room. I was flying to NYC the next day to see someone I had just met. I missed two fights in a row and ended up rushing through LAX to catch the red eye. Al was on the plane and asked me to sit beside him ( this was in 1996, pre 9/11 when you still could move around in first class) Five hours of telling each other our life stories. At a certain point I confessed that i didn't quite know what i was doing , wasn't so sure about the man I was going to see in NYC, didnt really know why I was taking this trip so impetuously- he said " I think its because you are supposed to be with me". I said that if that were true, I would need a really big sign. When we landed at 1 a.m. I went back to my seat and couldn't find my purse. No money, no I.D. no credit cards and no keys to the friends apartment I was meant to stay in. Al got special services to check the plane, but still no purse. 1 a.m. I was marooned. He said " well if thats not a sign, I don't know what is:- because the only way i could even get out of the airport was to go with him. I called the only person that I knew could take my call at that hour and asked her if I could come there, would explain later. Al dropped me at her apartment and said the only way that this " thing" that had happened between us on the plane would NOT be weird was if we a. never saw each other again, or b. saw each other immediately. I reminded him that I was there to see someone else. He made me promise to call him before I left town. I called him three days later and he asked me to stay. I stayed for a couple of weeks, falling in love, hard. We had twins four years after that, and broke up when they were three. So now its 25 years later and the beat goes on as co parents. and this is the short story.lol

beverly_dangelo574 karma

btw, in my haste, I had left my purse on the security conveyer belt at LAX. Al's office tracked it down and got it back to me. romantic right?


What is your drink of choice?

beverly_dangelo546 karma



Solid answer. Thanks.

beverly_dangelo1211 karma

liquid answer, not solid.

Simmo5150192 karma

Have you ever met the singer D'angelo? I imagine the introduction would go something like this. "D'angelo, Beverly D'angelo. Beverly D'angelo, D'angelo.

beverly_dangelo555 karma

and then we get married and name our first born D'angelo D'angelo.

edwuuurd171 karma

Hey Beverly,

Big fan! I would love to hear you talk about your beginnings as an animator at Hannah-Barbara. Do you still dabble in art?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

beverly_dangelo321 karma

I studied art at the a American School In florence in my junior year. My father was at the time a vice president of Taft Broadcasting and that company owned Hanna Barbera. I sent them my portfolio and got hired, left Columbus Ohio for that job the day after I graduated. I make these weird collages now. Just for myself. And I am known to do drawings of prototypes of strange weapons my son thinks up.

mtbsean167 karma

I absolutely die every time i see the scene in Vegas Vacation where you and Chevy are both dyed blue from the airplane toilet, and are walking through the casino. The look on your face is so priceless!!

That said, You have starred in a few of my favorite movies, and I just wanted to drop a line to say that I appreciate your art and talent.

I heard something about a new Vacation movie and am quivering with excitement.

beverly_dangelo216 karma

awwww. thanks!!!keep quivering

blarg-zilla165 karma

er...here goes:

when you created the character of ellen griswold, did you intentionally combine the sexual/maternal into the character?

beverly_dangelo433 karma

Ellen Griswold was based on my mother. My oparents were married for 62 years, til she passed away last March. I grew up witnessing a great love affair. I always thought of The vacation movies as a romance. I watched my mother combine being in love with raising a family...

Anna_Namoose153 karma

No question, just wanted to say I love your body. Of work. Body of work... You are truly one of my favorite actresses

beverly_dangelo205 karma


eye_fork147 karma

Which Rusty and Audry were your favorites?

beverly_dangelo410 karma

don't you know a parent is never supposed to reveal that?

JTfromOKC142 karma

aww man...so sad I missed this AMA

beverly_dangelo287 karma

next time , JTfromOKC

ME24601138 karma

American History X is one of my all time favorite films. What was it like on set?

I've heard that Edward Norton can be pretty hard to work with at times...

beverly_dangelo265 karma

Tony Kaye was and is a genius. He was the director cinematographer AND camera operator, so he would shoot anything anyone came up with. Edward did a lot of re writing on the spot and Tony always filmed it. Tony even put 800 k of his own money into it, that was how committed he was to this process of capturing everything an actor wanted. he invited Edward into the editing process too.But Tony's process did not end within the time constraints the studio wanted, he wanted to shoot more, edit more. At a certain point Edward himself wanted to get the movie done and released. There was friction about that. Its all settled now. PS I made another movie with Tony that he hasnt finished - and we shot it about 5 years ago!

husker16136 karma

What's your favorite Vacation film?

beverly_dangelo423 karma

First one. We were free. When a film is successful, there is a subsequent pressure to deliver the same thing again and again- this is different than creating something for the first time.

Alaskaty129 karma

Hi Beverly! Our family has a cult-like viewing of Christmas Vacation every year during the holidays. Such a great flick!

Ellen seemed like a pretty down-to-earth mom/wife. Do you think she would have really allowed Clark to build a swimming pool in the backyard with that bonus money?

beverly_dangelo189 karma

Oh yea.She remembered jumping into the pool in the first Vacation. That was a good night

jared_007105 karma

What do you think of Kevin Spacey's speech (Link to video)? It would be fascinating to hear your views on what you think the distribution model for media will look like in the future...

beverly_dangelo274 karma

you know what? My home town of Columbus Ohio was a test market because the demographics perfectly match the demo's of the whole country- and way back in the early 80's they tried a system that did allow viewers to pick times and content for viewing what they wanted to see and when. It worked. But I think that the internet will fullfill that idea and soon. Networks are old fashioned.

jared_00741 karma

Interesting! Thank you for the response.

But when you say "old fashioned" you obviously don't mean that entertainment executives still wear monocles and top hats. I wonder: why do you think they chose to ignore this for so long? It would be fascinating to hear your perspective because you experienced this shift in content delivery from the "inside" (so to speak). To regular entertainment consumers like myself this issue has been a no-brainer for quite some time!

(And maybe one more question because this is cool? As I look out my window in downtown Toronto I see the film festival absolutely take over the city - a completely different feeling from what things used to be like even a decade ago. I wonder, from the industry perspective, why do you think things moved from Venice/Cannes to Toronto? Is it just the timing of things, being the "primer" for Oscar season?)

Thanks so much.

beverly_dangelo329 karma

No I dont mean networks are " old fashioned" in the sense of wearing moncles and top hats, (though that image is delightful) What I mean is that the concept of dictating what the audeince can see and when is antiquated- we are living now in a time when we have the mans to seek out and find what we want to see, and when on our own, with a personal computer. Networks make their money from the cost of advertsing time during any given program, and THAT is why they want hit shows, If 10 million people are watching a sit com, then 10 million people will see the commercial for toilet paper. Networks cater to the holy demographic of age 18-35, as a rule. Why> because studies have shown that that age group has not yet decided on their " brands" and will be open to advertised products. The more people that watch a show, the more costly the air time, the more valuable the stock in any given network. A 30 second commercial on air during the super bowl will reach potential buyers in greater numbers than an idiosyncratic show about art, period. But Networks will often keep a show on the air that garners emmys , even if the numbers are low, in order to attract talent that is looking for support- its like a circle. I think networks are running scared, doing a zillion pilots a year, picking up and then discarding them after even less than six episodes- that is how much trouble they are having securing the veiwership that existed only 10 15 years ago. Cable, though it gets maybe fewer veiwers in general is now more in keeping with a culture that wants what they want when they want it, by having on e, demand features and repeated showings of episodes during the week, not just the " opening night" And the internet trumps all of it. I really beleive that within a very short time, we will be using our existing television sets simply as monitors for content we stream through home computers. I think the present challenge is how to monetize the net. technically, anyone can have an online series ( hello youtube) but sooner or later the people prvidingthe content need support to make the product. Yes, you can put commercials in front of content or alongside on a website etc, they can force us to watch a commercial before we get to whatever it is we want to see/know- but I think even this will change. I think it is just a matter of time before the powers that be in network television crack the code, or mutate into something else. I am kind of rambling, sorry! better stop this thought ha ha

I lived in Toronto from 1970 to 1978- vibrant city with a collectively high conciousness. Artists are drawn to it. And where TRUE artists go, commerce follows.

DrNism0105 karma

For what its worth, you were hotter than Christie Brinkley in Vacation

beverly_dangelo191 karma

You're sweet but it wasn't a competition.... it was a movie, not a sports event with scores at the end.

NotActuallyScottBaio77 karma

Has anyone ever told you that you have a sexy overbite?

beverly_dangelo256 karma

everyone except orthodontists

Superfluous42073 karma

If you had to pick one. which Vacation is your favourite? And how crazy is Randy Quaid?

beverly_dangelo135 karma

  1. I think the first one- first time for everything is the best. And we didn't anticipate all the success or longevity, we were innocent!
  2. Don't ask me, I just work here!

PDXbruncher69 karma

Hello Ms. D'Angelo! Your personality shines through your responses and you seem like a class act. Thank you for being a strong woman in the business!

beverly_dangelo122 karma

thanks ( flexing muscles)

Frajer66 karma

What was Chevy Chase like to work with?

Was American History X a hard movie to make emotionally?

beverly_dangelo176 karma

American history X: The subject matter and the content of the scenes I was in resonated on a deeply personal level, so in that way I was " full"- like all acting it is a matter of delivering your internal landscape to the external- in this case not hard because I was inspired. Chevy: Chevy is THE BEST. We are good friends and always seem to fall into Clark and Ellen on and off screen. Kind of a psychic Astaire and Rogers- but I hope that doesn't sound like bragging, we just fit.

YourWebcamIsOn64 karma

Dark's Mom! Laurleen Lumpkin! Some of your finest work, thanks!

How does it feel to know that every person in the world sees you onscreen every christmas?

beverly_dangelo113 karma

1.wow you ARE a fan! thank you! 2. everyone in the world?? well I love that.

YourWebcamIsOn45 karma

"Everyone" meaning everybody that matters, and that is, people who watch Christmas Vacation. I never judge people, except when it comes to that film ;)

How did you get involved with Nowhere? That movie was full of so many random actors.

beverly_dangelo31 karma

I met Greg Araki and wanted to work with him. I would love to see more of his films get made.

chillbill6964 karma

You were in High Spirits, one of my favorite underrated movies. What was it like acting with a ghostly Liam Neeson?

beverly_dangelo107 karma

Liam was absolutely wonderful. He was just starting out and was definitely compelling to watch and work with. We slaved over the waltzing- it was fantastic to dance with him literally and figuratively in those scenes.

Upstream1558 karma

Vacation Movies are the best. Are the rumors of a reboot true? Where Rusty is the father?

Is Wayne Newton dreamy?

beverly_dangelo125 karma

rumors are true,but dont know start date. Wayne Newton was fascinating, seriously, approaches legendary- When I went to his house in vegas, he pointed to the group of penguins in his personal managerie ( why does every star in vegas have their own zoo?) anyway, he called the penguins " the boys" because they looked like an orchestra full of tuxedo'd musicians. He married a girl from Ohio, my home state, so he gets props for that too. Plus he plays like a zillion instruments.

Upstream1537 karma

Have you been asked to reprise your role as a grandmother (sorry!)?

beverly_dangelo100 karma

yes, it is inevitable!

rbnxe56 karma

Kill, Marry, Fuck.

Chevy Chase, Jeremy Piven, Al Pacino. Go!

beverly_dangelo229 karma

fuck em all?

whasupjohn51 karma

Loved you in the Vacation series, you'll always be forever enshrined in my families mind as the woman who put up with Clark W. Griswold =)

Seriously, how fun was it to make all those movies? Do you still get residuals? Do you ever watch the Christmas Vacation movie with friends / family during the holidays? Thanks again for this AMA.

beverly_dangelo95 karma

thank you and you're welcome. yes, the Vacation franchise is the gift that keeps on giving. Have watched with my kids, so they would understand why their friends parents talk about the Griswolds...

redvag50 karma

Also, does Al Pacino yell like Al Pacino around the house?

beverly_dangelo88 karma

around who's house?

redvag38 karma

Back in the day? I picture him yelling that it's raining and you sort of blocking him out. Anyway, thanks for answering all these questions. I look forward to the new show.

beverly_dangelo51 karma


kufflink48 karma


beverly_dangelo84 karma

one of Milos Forman's ( director) requirements was that no one could audition for the film if they had been in it. And I had never even seen it ( the play before my time, basically) I was in love with Milos. There I said it. I considered myself as only a singer at the time, but realized that the only way to continue with Milos was to become an actress. I had to audition 14 times to prove myself!

slickanus40 karma

You have a scene of sorts in Annie Hall where you and Tracey Walter are acting in a fake TV show that's on in the background. How did you get that part, and was there any more material than what we saw in the movie? What was it like shooting a gag clip to go into the background of a movie - did Woody shoot it himself?

beverly_dangelo72 karma

interestingly- the scene I was in was shot on video tape- and this was in 1976, way before anyone else even thought of it. He wanted that grainy quality , he wanted it to look very TV. genius. No, he did not operate the vid camera, a technician did,


You are awesome. Just wanted to say that.

beverly_dangelo93 karma

you said it and I'm proud of you. xx

chillbill6935 karma

You may have already answered this, and if you don't want to answer it again I understand, but I just got here and don't feel like scrolling through all the comments.

How do you feel about them changing your kids on ALL of the vacation movies? Did you find it annoying or humorous?

beverly_dangelo98 karma

repeat: parents are never supposed to say which child is their favorite, ahem. But we always wanted to put in a line where Chevy or I would look at the kids and say " you've changed"

redvag30 karma

First, I think you're great, you have such a sexy singing voice. Why not go the prof singing route? Albums, vegas shows?

beverly_dangelo84 karma

Thanks- I got into acting because I was a singer- broadway musical of hamlet, and then first big films were musicals ( Coal Miners Daughter and Hair- so I sang my way into acting I had a 4 album deal at one time very early on. But at that time ( 83) you had to make a choice- no real hybrids of recording artists and actors ( like now) Also I left Hollywood in 1981, married an Italian duke and was based there for years- and frankly I didn't like pop music from about 1978 tip, well, including now. I am always looking for authenticity, a lot of stuff at the moment just sounds so manufactured to me. Don't get me started

_GeekoftheWeek_29 karma

Hi Ms Angelo, I'm a huge, HUGE fan of you and Chevy Chase. I basically grew up with you guys on-screen and I love the chemistry you have together. What is it like working with Chevy, and also, what is life in Hollywood like for someone as talented, classy, and downright sexy as you?

beverly_dangelo83 karma

hmm- always a matter of figuring out if the screwing you get is worth the screwing you get.

fisch0927 karma

What was the best part of working with Chevy?

beverly_dangelo91 karma

the part-y

ILvane26 karma

Babs, what's the haps?

beverly_dangelo43 karma

same old same old

Godfodder25 karma

Oh my freaking goodness! This is AWESOME! I have always wanted to tell someone involved with the film just how much Christmas Vacation means to me, and here you are. Wow.

Okay. Thanks so much for having a huge role in how special it is to me and my family. We watch it every Christmas, quote it all year long, and we even have the moose mugs for egg nog. I firmly believe its one of the greatest comedies of all time.

beverly_dangelo38 karma

I think you're a little carried away, but I'll take it! Thanks so much, enjoy the mug..

redfeather125 karma

I would like to say that you are one of the sexiest, classiest women on the screen. You are very talented and have worked with some amazing people. Thank you so much for all you do, and thank you for this AMA.


1) What are your biggest influences?

2) What is your favorite role from the past, Not the current project, but from your past?

3) What makes Bounty Killer something to go see, besides you being in it?

4) When filming American History X, was there any point that you realized you were making a ground breaking poignant film that was so very socially conscious? How do you feel about the impact of that movie?

Thank you again.

beverly_dangelo60 karma

1.Billie Holiday, Rosemary Clooney, Miles Davis,Muddy Waters, Ronnie Hawkins,Patsy Cline, Milos Forman, Sid Krofft, Bruno Bettleheim, nature, water especially. Just realized everything everyday has an influence on me. 2.THE MIRACLE. A film written for me by Neil Jordan, brilliant Irish director. Maybe six people have seen it. 3. Christian Pitre and Mathew Marsden. And if you like the idea of CEOs being taken down for their irresponsibility, its your ultimate revenge flick. It is a thrill ride. Bigger the screen and louder the soundtrack the better. 4. I knew from the moment I met Tony Kaye that I was entering into special and impactful territory, just by following his lead. I am very grateful that people were affeted by the content, beyond appreciating the film itself. 5. Your'e welcome!

Trash-picker25 karma

Thanks for the skinny-dipping scene in Hair! That said, I think you are amazing and deserve every bit of your success. I think that your fellow actors should treasure working worth you as well.

beverly_dangelo101 karma

I think it is much MUCH harder to be naked emotionally than physically. I didn't have a problem with nudity, but I never had any " gratuitous nude scenes", there was always a logical situational reason. And its not like I've played characters that existed soley as sex objects. Actually, I wish I would be asked to do MORE nudity. Seeing a woman naked at my age would be revolutionary.

xines23 karma

Watching the 'Dinner For Five' episode you did. I noticed you smoking a cigarette. Are you still smoking or have you quit?

beverly_dangelo89 karma

quit. And am miserable about it.

FeedbackLoopAgain23 karma

Thank you Beverly for all the joy and laughter you bring to the world. Will always love your work and I'm sure that many of our grandchildren will as well. Your work will long outlive any of us.

beverly_dangelo48 karma

ya think? I'm grateful if even one generation laughs... ! Thanks so much.

sheeps_with_fish23 karma

Do you watch Christmas Vacation every year around Christmas time?

beverly_dangelo90 karma

Finally watched it with my children this past year. but its not a tradition, that would be too " sunset blvd"

SeasonXero22 karma

Considering your are so gorgeous, can you please tell me something something a little nerdy about yourself so I and my fellow can stop blushing as we type these questions.

And how is it that I was born in 1984 and you still look two years younger then me

Bounty killer Rules

beverly_dangelo59 karma

I am a computer geek and I read all time.

if I look younger it is trick photography.

SeasonXero15 karma

thanks Beverly, if you have time later please mention what you enjoy reading more fiction or non fiction

and when it comes to it being trick photography, I don't believe you :) Have a wonderful evening and good on you for doing this for Bounty Killer, I met them at the montreal premiere and want nothing but thw best for them

beverly_dangelo37 karma

non fiction. Historical. biographies and auto bios. I'm sure you understand how special Christian Pitre is and how gifted Henry Saine is I will pass along your good wishes

beverly_dangelo26 karma

also thanks for the compliments on Bounty Killer

larjeft21 karma

BABS! Entourage is one of my fav all time shows. Cast is simply phenomenal.. from the main 4 to you, Jeremy, and Gary. What was it like to work with the talent of Jeremy in a role like Ari Gold... which seems to be so well written and perfectly cast?

beverly_dangelo31 karma

see above!! That set was a testosterone rodeo with brilliant actors , I loved it.

Storjie21 karma

what was it like working on The Simpsons?

beverly_dangelo75 karma

the best, like playing in a sandbox with a bunch of geniuses. I met Matt groenig at Frank Zappas house and shortly after that, Lurleen Lumpkin was born. (Special rest in peace to Frank, all time great of greats)

kristopherw2820 karma

so are you excited for the possible new national lampoon vacation movie please tell me you are are going to be in the shower again

beverly_dangelo63 karma

I'd do it but I'm afraid it might change the franchise from a comedy to a horror film.

GailsSnailTrail20 karma

Hi Beverly! Thanks for taking some time to answer some questions! I have two 1. You started as a singer, but did you ever/do you play any instruments? 2. Do you prefer more serious roles, or comedy roles?

beverly_dangelo40 karma

  1. I have rudimentary skills on piano, used to write songs on that. I played the flute in school. Always felt like my voice was a brass instrument that i was playing.
  2. I feel like my appproach to acting, my own " methodology is the same whether it's comedy or drama. Always a matter of finding the truth. Oddly, I have found more tension on comedy sets that dramatic ones, maybe I doing it all wrong!

grinr18 karma

I in fact do remember you from all those movies. You and Adrienne Barbeau both have that magic will-grab-your-eyes-and-won't-let-go charisma that cannot be forgotten.

Ok, so what was the craziest thing Gary Busey said to you while filming Bounty Killer? (or any other film, while we're at it.)

Double-down question: You get greenlit for anything you want, budget set at 100 mil, what's your project?

beverly_dangelo66 karma

I didn't work on the same days as Gary did. But our paths have crossed forever. I first met him when I was prepping for Coal Miner's Daughter- I showed him the script and he said " first, underline all the VERBS- that's the key to your character" I had actually been singing Patsy Cline songs in the band I was in in Canada, and knew a lot about her a long time before she was "discovered" in Coal Miners daughter- but his advice was solid and i was grateful Then he was in Entourage and now Bounty Killer. If you stay alive, everyone meets up over and over again. And what's with the 100 million dollar question?? If I had that I am not so sure I would put it into a movie. My thing is finding the cause and cure for Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, i would give it to JUVENILE ARTHRITIS ASSOCIATION. It is a disease that affects 300 thousand kids at any given time, but has so little funding for research they cant cure it. Go to http://www.juvenilearthritis.org/ and find out more!! ( pretty please)

bfilmmaker17 karma

I'm a big fan of yours! (I especially love the movie Lightning Jack). What's going on with the new Vacation movie, and what's Bounty Killer?

beverly_dangelo55 karma

new vacation movie is in rewrites. BOUNTY KILLER IS JUST SO COOL. Post apocalyptic roadwarrior hybrid of animated and live action kick ass guts glory and chicks with guns... apologies to the Academy. and its funny, yougotta see it on the big screen if you can. Otherwise, its on ITUNES and VOD starting today

topps_chrome17 karma

How prevalent is HGH use amongst aging hollywood celebrities?

beverly_dangelo25 karma

no idea. Too scary for me to even think about.

throw10away16 karma

  • Do you still sing in your jazz band?

  • What was it like working as an animator/cartoonist?

  • What animations did you work on?

  • What do you think of animated shows/movies today?

Thank you for this AMA

beverly_dangelo31 karma

  1. Have not sung with " Blue Martini for a while, but we played a vineyard opening in napa Valley a while ago. we swung it!
  2. I was an inker and painter, then background artist. Very cool.
  3. Wacky Races, and other sat. morning fare- this was in 1969 ( cobwebs on this memory!)

Falconalpaca15 karma

What was it like working with Edward Norton in American History X? What was it like? Any good backstage stories?

beverly_dangelo32 karma

I know what you mean when you say " what was it like", but really, every actor is so unique,every film is unique, and noone and nothing is " like " anything else! but to be less cerebral about it, he was great. It was an honor to watch someone come so powerfully into their own as an actor- he got a well deserved Oscar nomination for everything he put into that role, and into that film.

r3dk0w15 karma

You have been in over 30 movies and several TV shows. Why do you think the National Lampoon franchise was your most popular role?

beverly_dangelo35 karma

The first vacation was actually r rated and conceived of as a kind of satire. But I think what happened is that people identified with it instead of standing outside of those characters. More than that I just don't know, but I love that it is alive in so many peoples hearts

larjeft14 karma

Saw Bounty Killer again today (first time I saw it at Christian's house :). Such a fun and well made movie in so little time. What makes you decide to take on a role similar to something like Bounty Killer? You are someone I like to consider a "worker." You really take an opportunity and go with it. I feel like many actors and actress' are super picky. What is the defining factor in why you take on a specific role.

beverly_dangelo41 karma

Actually Henry Saine was in the art dept. of Entourage- and I started out as an animator and when I saw his short of Bounty Killer I was into it. Then Henry and Christian came over, and that was the beginning of a real love affair, i would have worked as a P.a. on that film, luckily I got to play a role.

DarkOctober11 karma

Hi Beverly D' Angelo!! ** waves over excitedly ** I saw that your mom was a violinist, did she pass any of that talent on to you, or were you not interested in it?

beverly_dangelo26 karma

my whole family was musical. I didn't have the patience or desire for Violin, I was not drawn to classical music. Actually, I was more interested in grahic arts- my first job was with Hanna Barbera Cartoon studios, in LA. I came here at age seventeen and California was amazing culturally- I realized I had been singing all my life, and my voice led me into a fantastic life..

yojumbo10 karma

If someone gave you a ton of money- say, 100M if needed- do you have a "dream project" you'd like to tackle?

beverly_dangelo35 karma

protocol would mean I 'd have to ask you what your dream was first

cakeslol9 karma

i have always wondered this but in shower scenes and stuff are you actually naked or is there a type of nipple cover you wear

beverly_dangelo61 karma

the only thing I put on for the shower scene in vacation was the water and an attitude.

elentilforest8 karma

Were there any special kinds of roles you've always wanted to do but never got the chance? Like a super futuristic sci-fi movie or something.

beverly_dangelo28 karma

I am always up for something new.

Skeeders7 karma

Beverly, I just wanted to let you know how much I admire you and your work. If there is a National Lampoon movie to come on, I won't watch it unless you are in it (the quality went down the tubes after you and Chevy), and you were extremely moving in American History X. No question, you are AWESOME!

beverly_dangelo13 karma

thanks Skeeders!

-NewtGingrich-7 karma

Which actor would you never want to work with?

beverly_dangelo15 karma

haven't met one yet.

quasio7 karma

it seems like there used to be a longer shower scene in lampoons vacation and every time i watch it now i feel robbed. did they cut some of your shower scene? by the way your rack was the only reason to watch european vacation.

beverly_dangelo16 karma

Shower scene is the same length, but based on your post,it may seem shorter to you because you've already seen it 500 hundred times.

MachoNinja6 karma

We are having breakfast for dinner, would you like to join us.

Also, I love you.

beverly_dangelo8 karma

why do you sound like someone I know?

w0ls0n5 karma

Out of all the Vacation movies what was your most favorite scene to shoot? What was it like working with Chevy Chase?

beverly_dangelo7 karma

scroll scroll scroll to get the answer! No fav scene but I've responded a couple of times about how much I love working with Chevy- don't want to repeat, I'm starting to sound like I am obsessed!

Fatbug5 karma

Is Chevy Chase really a jerk? I always see interviews from the actors in "Community" talking about how hard it was to work with him.

beverly_dangelo35 karma

No, Chevy Chase is not a jerk, period. I havent seen interviews of actors dissing him, but if I did I would wonder who died and made them critics.

icameforthecookies5 karma

A Bieber, a Jonas, and a Hansen kid...

Who do you let your daughter hang out with, which one do you allow her to listen to, which one dies?

beverly_dangelo15 karma

She has good taste in music, I would trust her to decide who she would listen to. Would never kill a musician, just on principal,

xines5 karma

Hi Beverly, Big Fan.

My boyfriend and I are planning a trip. I suggested driving. He thinks it would be 'easier to fly'. I disagreed, I think 'getting there is half the fun'!

Any advice for us?

beverly_dangelo23 karma

If i had the time i would definitely do a road trip for the sake of it. Unless you are going to Fiji Islands or something

murderousthoughts4 karma

I enjoyed you in that segment in Aria by Julien Temple. Was it difficult to do because it was all one long take?

beverly_dangelo5 karma

Well actually there were some cuts, but doing it in long long takes added a tech degree of difficulty, heightened everything and added life. Buck Henry made me, uh, wet my cave girl sarong laughing between takes. Hope that doesn't ruin your memory, I'm glad you saw it. 90 minutes of opera with ten brilliant directors- I loved that film.

Johnnyiso4 karma

Just want to say at age 11 hair became my favorite movie

beverly_dangelo6 karma

so that makes you ninety and I'm glad!

pixelinaa4 karma

Big fan!!! thanks for all the great movies you've done. Excited that I'm going to go watch the Bounty Killer tonight. How did you like working with Henry, Colin and Jason?

beverly_dangelo9 karma


beverly_dangelo9 karma

everyone on that film- the best people

beverly_dangelo9 karma

and MATTHEW my hero

the_dude_upvotes4 karma

Looks like you're still around so I was going to ask about your experience in Once Bitten. But then I remembered I always got you confused with Lauren Hutton ... not in anything else mind you ... just in Once Bitten.

So since that's a bust, tell me about working with Lauren Hutton & Burt Reynolds in Paternity.

Disclaimer: I may or may not have known nothing about this movie until I googled Beverly D'Angelo Lauren Hutton and found this for sale on eBay

Other than that, thanks for being generally awesome. I loved you in the entire Vacation movie franchise, American History X, Entourage, and not Once Bitten :)

beverly_dangelo8 karma

I LOVE that confusion of yours, what a compliment. I think Hollywood didn't know what to do with her, so easy to be knocked out by her beauty but she was so good in so many films, American Gigolo really bears re watching just to see her act.

DFWTS4 karma

What's for dinner, Bev?

beverly_dangelo15 karma

low carb.

DFWTS4 karma

Don't you ever miss bread?

beverly_dangelo8 karma

do you mean $$ or carbs?

DFWTS5 karma

I mean carbs. Or do I? Let's pretend it's Schroedinger's Question and that it's both.

beverly_dangelo6 karma


JamesLiptonAsks3 karma

  • Your favourites and idols*

  • The thing that isn't mainstream but one should check out

  • Most gratifying experience

  • The epiphany that you never forget

  • Your dinner party or most embarrassing story

*(suggestions:quote,movie,tv show,book,fictional character,rule of thumb,song/musician,artist,philosopher,scientist,director,historian,author,historical figure,mentor,comedian...)

beverly_dangelo4 karma

1.Carmen Amaya- fantastic flamenco dancer and innovative artist 2.Bounty Killer 3.managing to give birth to twins at age 49. 4.what goes around really DOES come around 5.that story is too embarrassing to tell.


Are you a fan of Naruto?

beverly_dangelo7 karma

I know Naruto is HUGE. Also with die hard obsessed fans. I am defintely a fan of the theme that he is trying to be the best ninja- but want to ask if you are a Naruto fan and looking for others..? There are about 125 million fans ( at least) world wide!

mitchmanfitz73 karma

I heard Chevy Chase is hard to cooperate with! Is that true as far as you have seen?

beverly_dangelo9 karma


thegrassyknoll1 karma

How did you wind up playing Sally in Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay?

beverly_dangelo14 karma

They called, I said yes. Its not like I hijacked them

MartinSchou1 karma

Which actors, directors, writers, producers, cinematographers, etc. that you haven't worked with yet, would you love to get a chance to work with?

beverly_dangelo3 karma

list is too long to fit in this space!