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kristopherw2859 karma

great show love you guys but i was wondering how much actual writing is involved in the show do you guys just get a plot and just go from a to b what has your favorite thing to improv on the show

kristopherw2820 karma

so are you excited for the possible new national lampoon vacation movie please tell me you are are going to be in the shower again

kristopherw288 karma

Hey donal i just wanted to tell you that terriers was a greats show sad they got cancel and also the tao of steve was one of the first movies that got me introduced to your humor my question is out of all you shows which one did you like the most and my wife says hi

kristopherw285 karma

Hey Robert did you ever think that the phrase "for me to poop on" was going to be a big hit like it is?

kristopherw284 karma

When ever I see you on something I get excited like you in the Goldbergs because you make things fun and take made home tonight is a great movie and you made it even better. can we be friends?