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Sir, spend the $60 and get an authentic, corded Hitachi magic wand:


Chicken not required, but next time bring her some too.

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What do you see as the best possible solution to this investigation?

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You have been in over 30 movies and several TV shows. Why do you think the National Lampoon franchise was your most popular role?

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Thanks for the reply! For a followup, when do you think the media will grow a spine and start calling a spade a spade? No offence intended, but with the last 2 years of barrages of scandal and obvious corruption, why has it taken so long for the media to call out liars and cheats? The continued journalistic integrity, such as trying to relate both sides, only works when both sides are debating in reasonable good faith.

Keep up the good work. We're all hoping the best for the future, but it keeps getting dimmer and dimmer each day.

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Do you discover information that you think Mueller might not have and then provide it to him?