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I've been using a color temperature program F.lux that changes the tone of my screen(s) over the course of the day which purports to help with sleep by modeling appropriately colored light.

Is this hogwash? It does seem to work for me, but I've been thinking placebo effect. How does light affect sleep?

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Is it possible to play without ever having PvP happen ever under any circumstances? Sorry to be so heavy handed, but a lot of people think a little PvP, or PvP in certain zones, or PvP at certain times of day is ok - my group won't play any game that doesn't have the option to play 100% PvE.

Also, great job, a major accomplishment! Congratulations!

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Odin wins on account of knowing the future, and not being constantly distracted by human women.

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I saw you and John Malkovich at the Cherry Lane theater in a performance of True West one hell of a long time ago. I was only a youngster then and didn't appreciate just how amazing that opportunity was. John said in his AMA it was one of his two favorite performances - where would you rank it?

Thank you for years of inspiring performances!

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If its broken you can't just throw it away.

I'm no negotiator, but I'll speak to this a bit. (All just my opinions, take it for what it's worth.)

Relationships are built and die on a relatively linear spectrum that I describe as "communication <-> trust <-> intimacy <-> sex." There may be more, it's not a law, but this model has helped me and others for a very long time. You communicate with a stranger to potentially build trust. Enough communication and trust and you have a friend or confidant. You trust them long enough without fail and continue to communicate and you build intimacy. Enough communication, trust, and intimacy and you have a best friend. Enough intimacy, trust, and communication and you can find yourself at sex - the ultimate communication of trust and intimacy.

Now, if your relationship has failed, it likely failed (like most do) at the first stage - communication. At some point the trust was lost (or was never there) and the rest fell away necessarily. You say you have a failed relationship and you "can't just throw it away," but I would seriously consider whether or not you had the relationship you thought you did in the first place. If you didn't, you aren't throwing anything away, you're waking from a dream and it's time to splash some water on your face and enjoy reality as best you can. If you did however, and you want to try to rebuild the relationship, the only way to do that is start at the beginning. Communicate. Build trust. Find intimacy.

It'll be hard, because broken trust is irreparable. You'll have to accept that you'll never fully trust them again, and they'll have to accept that as well. It makes communication much harder and of course intimacy will suffer as well. It can be done, but you should again seriously consider whether or not this is really what you want and whether or not it's realistic with the partner you have in mind. A partner you do not know or trust and who in many ways will be more challenging to be with than a stranger.

I wish you the best of luck.