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Does it please you to know that today, strangers from around the world can ask you nice questions hoping to learn from your wisdom, and that so many offer you good wishes for your happiness?

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Are you a fan of FX's Archer? I think you'd be great as a guest secret agent / femme fatale / foil for H. Jon Benjamin's character...

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As an older gay guy who's had his share of hookups with M FAs over the decades, I'm curious:

What percentage of <30/M FAs would you guess are not gay? It seems to me the great majority today aren't.

Or maybe my gaydar is going bad faster than my hearing or vision? =)

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Do you think the average TSA worker is as low-skilled and unmotivated as has been portrayed in some reports?

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I'm sure you put in ridiculous hours sometimes. Is there anything in particular which is a favorite of yours, like tending to livestock births or fixing machines or just driving around on a scenic day?