Hey everyone! I'm done! Thank you for all the questions! I'll post more pictures soon after Halloween with all the great ideas you guys gave me!

HI! My name is Angel and I'm a congenital amputee. A friend posted this picture of mine on Reddit (http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/1kxz9c/i_went_to_grade_school_with_this_girl_during_that/).

Lots of you had questions and/or requested an AMA so here I am!

My Proof: http://imgur.com/0onCEKN http://imgur.com/v6JbPOr

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aannggeellll1633 karma

I love it! I wish I looked that bad ass. http://imgur.com/PHJOEgz

reddit_like_its_hot1910 karma

Have you ever given anyone a bionic bitch slap?

aannggeellll2519 karma

Yes. Many people.

takethislonging1658 karma

I need to teach my children the lesson of always leaving a note. Do you think you can help me?

aannggeellll1620 karma

I hear teach my kids a lesson and think of arrested development. Is that where this is going?

MonkeyChowder1603 karma

OP from the photo thread said you used to chase the school boys that made fun of you and try to beat them up with your fake arm. Is that true? If so - hilarious. :)

aannggeellll2741 karma

Haha, very true! They deserved it! I also use to hit my brother when he made me mad ... but eventually I stopped because he learned to catch it midswing and hit me back. No one wants to be hit with their own arm.

MonkeyChowder2344 karma

Puts a whole new spin on "stop hitting yourself".

aannggeellll2733 karma

It's like you were there.

Apkoha1434 karma

When the inevitable war between man and machine happens. Which side will you choose?

aannggeellll2676 karma

I'm not deciding my allegiances too early.

capnmalreynolds1425 karma

What level of articulation and control do you have over your left hand with your current prosthetic and what future developments in prosthetics are you looking forward to?

aannggeellll1881 karma

The 2 arms I currently use are the iLimb Pulse and a cosmetic prosthesis. I do not own the DEKA arm, I'm just testing it. The iLimb pulse has several "grips" or hand positions I can cycle through. It is much more useful than my cosmetic but it's big bulky and heavy. Although, the DEKA arm is very large and I'd wear it every day if I could because of how many more things it is capable of. My favorite being the flexion and extension of the wrist which no other prosthetic has. I want a megaman arm ... and one that looks like ones from terminator or iRobot. I'm really looking forward to the current studies on nerve controlled prosthetics.

renaisstance747 karma

Is the power supply in the prosthetic, or is there like an external battery pack?

aannggeellll1162 karma

The DEKA arm has an external battery pack currently but they are hoping to remedy that before it is put on the market.

jorgander380 karma

  • How much do advanced prosthetics such as the DEKA one cost?
  • About the nerve controlled prosthetics - would you do it if there were a chance for temporary/permanent damage? For example, if the nerve endings rejected the artificial connection and you had to lose more of your real limb. I don't know much about neuroprosthetics, I just imagine that as a new science it is more risky than established ones.
  • Does it bother you if people stare or ask questions (i.e. when you're out in pubic)?

aannggeellll1669 karma

The DEKA is the omst expensive I've heard of being ~$400,000 but the high end ones on the market currently are around $75-100,000. The lower end ones are around $25,000.

Yeah, the nerve control stuff is scary and your thoughts are correct. I wouldn't be willing to test that kind of stuff for those exact reasons. But, i'm excited all the same.

Eh, usually no. I'm 24 years old, I've dealt with it my hole life. But occasionally i'll be having a bad a day and a stupid comment someone makes will annoy me for a second. The most upsetting thing for me is kids can be scared of me. The thing I hate is when kid asks what's wrong with my arm and the parent freaks out on them telling them to be quite and all this stuff but what they just did was make my arm a "weird" or "bad" thing for their kid. If the parent just reacted calmly and said "some people are different and that's okay" I feel like we'd have a lot less assholes in this world.

NotMathMan8211231 karma

Do you ever wear the baby arm around to mess with people now that you're an adult?

aannggeellll1206 karma

haha I might if I could. The socket is way too small for me to fit my arm in now.

NotMathMan821728 karma

Well you don't seem like the type of person who would let something like that hold you back. I have some modeling clay you can borrow.

aannggeellll1069 karma

You're right. I might just go for good old fashioned duct tape.

aannggeellll17 karma

I feel like that looks pretty accurate,

BULLHORN__1173 karma

How does the bionic arm work? I.E. how do you control it?

aannggeellll1674 karma

The arm I'm wearing in the photo with the bow has 2 electrodes (sensors) that are placed inside the socket of the prosthesis. They sit against my skin and when I flex different muscles, the arm opens and closes. The DEKA arm currently also has feet IMU's (Inertial measurement units) which can tell when I hold my feet in different positions (toe up or toe down). This controls the different grips I can put the hand in (left foot IMU), as well as the movement of the wrist (right foot IMU).

siliperez548 karma

So you have to wear something on your foot too? What does that look/feel like?

aannggeellll1319 karma

They are tiny and square shaped probably like 2 inches by 2 inches. They aren't very noticeable and clip on to my shoes. They aren't heavy anything. The foot sensors (IMU's) control my wrist bending (and my grip change) and when you walk there is something the arm does called "walk detect" so the sensors stop working momentarily so the arm doesn't start bending but occasionally if I step too slow the wrist bends and then the arm goes into walk detect and I' stuck that way ... which can be annoying.

lawlschool881903 karma


It'll start trending in a few years.

aannggeellll1160 karma

can't wait.

SarcasticSquirrl887 karma

The mental image of you slapping your bionic hand and glaring at it telling it to 'behave' is hilarious.

aannggeellll1535 karma

This. happened.

p139220 karma

Are the toe sensors wireless? So someone could hack the signal and remotely control your arm without you knowing?

aannggeellll413 karma

Oh god. I'll let the gov't know.

m84m269 karma

Do you ever like, scratch one foot with the toe of the other foot then crush the drink can you're holding?

aannggeellll1065 karma

I bent down to pick something up and my wrist just started spinning sigh

aannggeellll1137 karma

Okay guys! I'm done! My hand is super tired. Thank you for all the great questions. The DEKA people are sending me the arm in 2 weeks to test for 4 months so maybe I'll have more cool photos fr y'all then.

CreamDream691075 karma

Ever give a guy a bionic hand job?

aannggeellll1411 karma

I knew this was coming eventually. I have not ever. And honestly, I don't really think t'd feel all that great.

Bkaps1003 karma

It honestly makes me picture a future Wtf post titled something like " bionic arm removes penis during foreplay."

aannggeellll919 karma

I feel like that headline is entirely probable if someone tried it out.

Sm314177 karma

Guarantee you could find someone on here with that fetish who would love it.

aannggeellll619 karma

Oh my god, they are everywhere. They are called devotees, I get 10+ adds on facebook daily from them.

rolypolyman323 karma

Stay classy, Reddit.

aannggeellll296 karma


i_crave_more_cowbell266 karma

that one there, that'l rip your dick off.

aannggeellll342 karma

100% agreed.

LordDeathGuy181 karma

These are the questions that true thinkers ask.

aannggeellll244 karma

Inquiring minds, right.

galarun160 karma

I'd be scared of a malfunction, resulting in me needing a prosthetic penis.

aannggeellll301 karma

Your fear is a rational one. I'd advise avoiding bionic HJ's

JROCK999928 karma

How did you find out your picture was on Reddit and how did you feel about it. Also do you know who put it up?

aannggeellll1908 karma

I woke up this morning to a call from my boyfriend. He's a Marine at training and one of the guys in his platoon happened to see it and tell him. I thought it was awesome, he thought it was awesome and we were both shocked at how long it took everyone to start making robot handjob comments.

The girl who put it up was in grade school with me. I'm a pretty easy going person so I think she knew I'd be okay with it.

elwray1989833 karma

I woke up this morning to a call from my boyfriend. He's a Marine at training

You crushed oh so many dreams with that line.

aannggeellll317 karma


blackflag20934 karma


aannggeellll36 karma

Quantico, he's at TBS

KnavishSprite904 karma

Do you ever incorporate any of your hands into fancy dress costumes?

aannggeellll2298 karma

I love dressing up! Halloween is the best. But, I also like to act so I've done extra work in several movies where I've played a zombie, wounded veteran, or a dead body. I also am in a haunted house every year.

http://imgur.com/I9JEhsV http://imgur.com/b7BvgJC http://imgur.com/W2qYrZ6 http://imgur.com/z3pX5zr http://imgur.com/a3ibs8s

aannggeellll545 karma

I like it!

Amadorus813 karma

Holy shit that's awesome.

aannggeellll714 karma

Thank you :)

galarun604 karma

Wow never thought about it but I bet haunted house operators love you :)

aannggeellll738 karma

Yes they do!

FunkyHenryGale409 karma

I worked a haunted house with a guy who had both arms amputated. He was the BEST to work with, since he'd make the perfect distraction. He'd play like a mannequin, people would come in and go "Is he a real person?" "No way he's real, look, he's got no arms!" Then I'd come charging them, and he would move towards them. They never saw it coming.

Also, mind me asking what haunted house you work at?

aannggeellll450 karma

I know right! They used to tell me I was green screen ... "bitch, you know how green screen works."

13th Gate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

emmy141259 karma

Is that last one your spin on Cherry Darling? I like it! All the costumes look fantastic, no wonder you love halloween :)

aannggeellll488 karma

Yep! Thanks so much! I'm planning on doing an Elysium type costume this year with the DEKA arm.

MRPL0W111 karma

Have you ever considered doing Ash from Army of Darkness?

aannggeellll63 karma

Every year! but his shirt is like rags and I feel like I'm cheating if I wear a shirt under and I can't convince myself to do it.


When did you lose your arm? And how?

Edit: I made an incorrect assumption when I read "amputee," not fully understanding that congenital meant "from birth." For this, I apologize.

aannggeellll1355 karma

I was actually born without my arm. I am (as far as i've heard) the youngest in the world to be fit with a myoelectric prosthesis. I was 6 weeks for my first passive arm and 4 months 10 days for my first myoelecric.

el_gupto828 karma

What is your favourite Radiohead album?

aannggeellll2077 karma

You want me to say the king of limbs, don't you.

ThatsWhatSheepSaid744 karma

How does it feel being armed and dangerous?

aannggeellll845 karma

I'm going to say I'm a big fan.

VelvetEvoker727 karma


aannggeellll779 karma

HEEEYYY! The one I have is actually still experimental but it truly is the best arm I've ever worn. The wrist is amazing. Arms that are on the market that are good are like the bebionic 3 (super interested in that one), the michaelangelo hand by ottobock, and the iLimb by touch bionics. If you want to be in the study here's the info

Study: Clinical Evaluation of the DEKA Arm

Researchers at the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital, are inviting individuals with an upper limb amputation to participate in a research study to test a new prosthetic arm. This exciting new study is a result of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) "Revolutionizing Prosthetics" Program that was announced in 2005.

The purpose of the study is to test the new DEKA Arm System (socket and arm). Subjects in this study will be fit with the new DEKA Arm, and will spend time training to use it. During about 21 visits, veterans will be asked to answer questions about the use, wear and comfort of this new artificial limb. They will also be asked to perform simple tests to see how well the arm works.

Volunteers will receive compensation for each completed visit and travel reimbursement. All information remains confidential.

The study is being led by Dr. Linda Resnik of the Providence VA Medical Center. The Principal Investigator at James A. Haley Veterans Hospital is Gail Latlief. The arm is produced by DEKA Integrated Solutions Corp., an affiliate of DEKA Research & Development Corp.

For more information about this project, please call Dr. Linda Resnik at 401/273-7100 ext. 2368 or Dr. Gail Latlief at 813/972-2000 ext. 7137.

VelvetEvoker324 karma


aannggeellll320 karma

lol you and me both. "hey I saw an arm on dateline last night"

I'm like yeah .. I know.

lioniber663 karma

Has your arm every malfunctioned?

aannggeellll1457 karma

YES. When the pinch pressure increased and they added another electrode/sensor when I was in 7th grade - I was testing out the pinch on my leg. I used to do this so I'd know how hard I was pinching something. Well, I messed up and my arm when full pinch (~15 pounds) on my inner calf. I screamed in the middle of class. It's still several of my friends' favorite me story.

Link68759661 karma


aannggeellll522 karma

So. Annoying.

0xD153A53627 karma

I'm interested in the philosophy of cybernetics and I was wondering do you identify yourself with the idea of a cyborg? Does that word create a positive or a negative image in your mind, and why?

The prosthetic in the archery pic looks badass...

aannggeellll1212 karma

I'm in graduate school for psychology and I really like your thinking. I've been looking at stigma (pos/neg) with words like nub/stub/stump but cyborg isn't one I've thought of. I think cyborg is positive to me. It draws thoughts of advancement and innovative design.

re_dditt_er532 karma

Does the fact that you don't have blood pumping through your forearm confer to you extra stability and accuracy?

aannggeellll771 karma

This photo shows the first time I've ever shot a bow! I had never been able to before due to the limited mobility of other prosthetics. I'm not sure about extra accuracy (I did hit the target [not dead on] every time until it got heavy from holding it out) but I think possibly stability.

2Right3Left1Right895 karma

Would you consider getting an arm with some kind of built-in crossbow?

aannggeellll1488 karma

I WOULD LOVE ONE. Will you make it for me?

2Right3Left1Right1089 karma

I just got my engineering degree and robotic prosthetics is one area I'd be really keen to work in, there's basically nothing I would rather do than build weaponised prosthetic limbs for people. But I've got no experience yet so you might want to wait a while...

Edit: OK I've replied to this with a shitty design I did so you'd all leave me alone, I just have to hope employers don't see it

SaberViper558 karma

This is how super villains/heroes are started.

aannggeellll818 karma


aannggeellll41 karma


Geminii27474 karma

If you could have an arm made up with an additional unexpected function (built-in flashlight, built-in-cellphone, secret storage compartment etc), what would you ask for?

(And now I'm imagining one which turns into a crossbow...)

aannggeellll781 karma

Definitely some type of internet access. Can it shoot lasers? Will you make it for me?

Kensin1006 karma

internet access would be awesome, you could WI-FIve people.

aannggeellll152 karma


24spiders468 karma


aannggeellll1034 karma

Oh god. I could write a book. I was bad though when I was little so I used to try catch people off guard. I used to hide my arm in my teachers' desks in school. I used to throw my arm in the pool during adult swim. Usually when I catch people staring, I like to slowly move my arm behind my back until they realize and look up a my face and I just smile at them.

I always have to get "wanded" at airports and then the pull me aside and test it fr explosives by using this sheet they rub against my rm and then run it through a machine

Pizzadude968 karma

Just remember that some of us stare because it's fantastic.

I work in assistive technology/neural engineering, so I'm always getting caught staring at nice wheelchairs and prosthetics. It's like a guy staring when he sees a nice car, except they are much cooler than a car.

aannggeellll445 karma

Yeah, I feel like I can tell the inquisitive from the rude by now :) but either way I'd love if they just said hi!

renaisstance464 karma

do you have superhuman grip strength?

aannggeellll748 karma

The grip is pretty intense. The standard is 15 pounds of pinch pressure and this arm exceeds that. I can't remember the number exactly but it was strong enough for me to carry a 40 pound bag across a room with it. Of course my shoulder was really sore after that.

davethinking421 karma

How does it stay on your arm when lifting heavy objects straight up? Thanks for doing this, the answers are all very interesting!

aannggeellll899 karma

The socket fits relatively tightly but mostly I use suction. I've done it since I was very young so I don't know entirely how to explain it but I do know that in the 4th grade this boy swung me around by arm trying to get it off and it almost dislocated my shoulder Eventually I had to release suction. He's the only person to ever pull my arm off but technically I don't think that counts.

tastes_a_bit_funny389 karma

Assuming I get my arm severed, how much will one of those beauts run me?

aannggeellll623 karma

Hah! Well, the one in the picture (DEKA arm) isn't on the market yet and from what I heard each finger on that arm is close to 100 grand. An iLimb, which is one of the most advanced is ~80 grand. They are so expensive but my insurance covers 80% of the cost which is pretty damn good.

will1994346 karma

Ever seen Full Metal Alchemist? I can't wait for the day where we have prosthesis at that functionality.

aannggeellll283 karma

I have not but I've seen iRobot. I can't wait!

ares7319 karma

How is it going through airport security?

aannggeellll622 karma

It's not terrible when i'm wearing my cosmetic arm but the DEKA arm is not allowed to go through security or on planes because it is a prototype. They have to ship it.

Freya-Freed310 karma

Did you paint those nails, or are there exchangable nails with different colours?

aannggeellll756 karma

I painted them! And, despite what everyone is saying - my other hand IS painted and I painted it using the DEKA arm.

Karmanology269 karma


aannggeellll484 karma

Actually, a couple! Like my arm I used for cheerleading in high school to hold my pom poms

MadMat23261 karma

Do you believe that bionic arms will ever be more functional than human arms? If so, would it be ethical for people to elect to have bionic arms?

aannggeellll453 karma

more functional? I think it's possible but I don't know why they'd invest the money into a program to do that. They are getting closer to just meeting the standards of a human hand but still way off so if it is possible - it's a long way off.

Racist_sloth253 karma

Which one is your favorite?

aannggeellll399 karma

That's hard because I love the DEKA arm (which isn't pictured) but it weighs 6 pounds and is close to 3 times the size of my real arm but it helps me so much. My cosmetic arm,which looks real and is lighter, is the easiest to wear.

thenotsowisekid236 karma


SkyrimToTheKnee248 karma

You're pretty. :3

aannggeellll191 karma

Thank you! :D

spaceboogers239 karma

It's really cool that you're doing an AMA!

What is the grip strength like with the various arms you've used? Could you life a 10lb dumbell? 20? 30?

Also do you find that being an amputee impacts your dating life at all, say in comparison to your friends?

EDIT: OH! And does being an amputee affect your "handedness," or can you learn to use either hand dominantly?

aannggeellll432 karma

All great questions! The grip strength of "bionic" arms has gotten much stronger over the years. The basic "myo" was 15 pounds of pressure (finger to finger when closed) and with the DEKA arm I was able to carry a ~40 pound bag across the room during testing. Now as for dumbbells - that involves shoulder strength too which I have very little of but just like up off the ground I could do that.

And yeah, I think it does/did. Guys, and people in general can be uncomfortable around amputees because they haven't had much contact with them so guys don't just come up and hit on me a lot because well - I guess they think me having one arm is weird so usually I get hit on by people who've had a chance to get to know me.

But i'm in a long term relationship and guys can be rude to him when he tells them I have one arm. Like "that's really nice of you to date her" ... like he's doing me a favor. It's funny to me most of the time. I think people are just afraid of what they aren't familiar with.

I'm actually *supposed to be left handed (and i'm missing my left). My dad and half my family is left handed. I got my first "bionic" arm at 4 month 10 days old. It could only open and close but that's enough for a baby so I used my left arm for as long as I could before needed to switch to my right for more fine motor skills.

npoetsch229 karma

I have no idea why any guy wouldn't want to date you. Your guy is lucky. You're a beautiful girl and I think the arm actually looks awesome on you. There are plenty of guys who would date you in a heartbeat. I know I would.

aannggeellll163 karma

Thank you! :)

m84m228 karma

"that's really nice of you to date her"

Is he like....dude, I'm dating a badass terminator, we don't need your pity, we fucking rock!

aannggeellll87 karma

HE IS! Thank you :D

rublind204 karma

Do you get a lot of awkward stares from people? How do you deal with it?

aannggeellll501 karma

Yep, people stare a lot. Always have. When I was little I used to run up to them when I noticed and be like "I was born without my arm, I can take it off, want to see?" But, I'm pretty much use to it by now. Even rude comments usually roll right off me.

REDEdo48 karma

Would you mind if a kid asked you about it, or does it annoy you?

aannggeellll82 karma

I love when people ask! Asking great!

speed144172 karma

How did you come across working with DEKA?

aannggeellll247 karma

I was looking at the amputee coalition website and there was an opportunity to be a part of their research. They are partnered with the Dept of Veteran affairs

Iamswitters172 karma

Do you ever call yourself Team Other Barry, I mean Angel?

aannggeellll128 karma


T_at166 karma

Were you actually born without the lower half of your arm, or did it need to be removed?
I know someone who was born with a stump just below his elbow, and vestigal fingers. He's a seriously impressive guy - architect, softball player, and better on a motorbike than I'll ever be.

aannggeellll235 karma

I was born without my arm just like your friend. I'm working on picking up cool hobbies like him as well!

Inostroza160 karma

how do you type?

aannggeellll423 karma

With just my one hand mostly. Occasionally I'll use my residual limb (if my arm is off) or my prosthesis to hit shift or ctrl. I type 60+ words per minute. I had a great computer teacher in school who started me doing touch typing in 3rd grade.

edubinthehills138 karma

The tube from the "bionic arm", where does that go to?

aannggeellll262 karma

It's actually just a thick wire that is running to a large battery pack. The government is just designing the arm not the power source so that part will stay "ugly" until a company buys the technology to distribute.

NecroGod125 karma

When I was in kindergarten there was a girl with a prosthetic leg. She would get made fun of in the playground because she was different and it always made me feel really uncomfortable because she was always nice to everyone and never seemed bitter, she just wanted to be a kid like everyone else.

Did you ever feel short changed in friendship when you were younger or find it hard to talk to people?

aannggeellll174 karma

That girl sounds a lot like me. I love people, still do. I just wanted to be friends with everyone but kids were mean. Kids are mean. Eventually they grew out of it but there were a select few who were nice to me. It was never hard to talk to people though hah I loved talking to everyone.

vtjohnhurt97 karma

Do you ever arm wrestle with other people that have prosthetic arms for therapy (or fun)? Have you ever played rock, paper, scissors with your prosthesis?

aannggeellll230 karma

We played connect four the other day. And then we fist bumped.

jand201395 karma

How do the different types of prosthetics attach to your real arm?

aannggeellll126 karma

There are arms that you can literally swap attachments onto a socket but I don't have any like that. All of my arms are permanently connected to the socket (where my arm fits in)

Leiderdorp83 karma

Might sound strange, but have you ever lost or forget a prosthetic somewhere?

aannggeellll106 karma

Oh but I have. Especially as a kid. It has been stolen twice as well.

Jbones15975 karma

How precise is your control when holding items? Can you hold the bow steady? Have you tried testing the articulation of any type of prosthetic limb while using firearms?

aannggeellll213 karma

The control is the best I've experienced but not to the extent of a human hand. I was able to hold the bow steady initially but after awhile the 6 pounds of the arm got heavy and that didn't go as well. As a rule of the study, no handling firearms while wearing the arm - >:) but hypothetically I could hit a clay pigeon on my first try with a shot gun.

misterkittah55 karma

I would totally recreate the scene in Terminator 2 at Miles Dysons house if I had that arm... totally badass

aannggeellll55 karma

Haha I wish it looked like that arm.

Xylense46 karma

How hard can you punch someone? I bet it'd be awesome with a bionic arm, and maybe eventually you can punch through walls with superhuman strength.

aannggeellll95 karma

The arm weighs ~6 pounds. It's like swinging a bat at somewhere. I'd be down for superhuman strength

RicardoTheGreat44 karma

What's the purpose of the baby arm? Was it merely cosmetic?

aannggeellll65 karma

Yes, the arm pictured was only cosmetic but I do have "bionic" arms I wore as a baby. They had a really simple open close with no varying degrees of open.

SpartaKick31 karma

How many high fives could give in quick succession?

Do you think you could beat this guy? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hilzRYECK24

aannggeellll107 karma

I'm up for the challenge. But i'm more of a thumbs up professional. http://instagram.com/p/cowTJyoTSQ/

leighk5111 karma

How functional is your bionic arm?

aannggeellll24 karma

The DEKA arm is the most functional arm I've ever used. I've never been able to give a thumbs up or eat using y prosthesis before.

Zanowin11 karma

So most people that lose a limb have that ghost limb syndrome thing....where they think their missing body party is still there and they can feel it....

...but since you were born with out the arm from the start...do you experience something similar

aannggeellll12 karma

Nope! But it is still possible for congenital (from birth) amputees to have phantom pain, I just don't

[deleted]7 karma


aannggeellll6 karma

damn me & my big mouth. The worst one.

Mirrorflute886 karma

Is your bionic arm stronger than your normal arm?

aannggeellll13 karma

Stronger how? What you have to realize is when i'm holding my left arm straight out with my prosthesis on, the weight is pushing against the end of my residual limb. and hen I carry things, even though the arm can hold however many pounds because of pinch pressure, I still have to use suction to hold my arm on. Also, my left shoulder is pretty week. The arm might have the capacity to be stronger but I don't think it is because of the other issues.

grinr4 karma

A. It is super fucking cool you are a cyborg. Just sayin'

B. What have you done that's leveraged your super-power? Picked up something too hot or too cold for human hands? Is it water proof? Do you have a cat and is it much easier to wash them without fear of being clawed into ribbons? How long does the battery last?

So cool.

Thought of another one - you can deal with spiders and other scary bugs NO PROBLEM!

aannggeellll4 karma

Haha yes I do the picking up too hot and too cold things all the time. The bionic arms are usually "water resistant" but not water proof. It s much easier to bathe my ferret without fear. The battery lasts around 14 hours, depends how much i'm using it.

Watch_Frogs3 karma

What is your favorite color?

aannggeellll8 karma