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They didn’t vet it and just placed it up high.

And here I thought that was just standard policy for the current administration.

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Honestly, now I think about it a bit more, it'd probably actually work to have a persona of being a big spy/police/military/service fan, and having a display cabinet of replica or retired badges from various services, with the authentic badge in a concealed drawer in the base of the display. If anyone accused you of being in the CIA, you could say "Ooh! I have one of those!" and show them the display cabinet version while you gush over its history and enthuse about "Do you really think I could get in? That would be soooo cool..."

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If you could have an arm made up with an additional unexpected function (built-in flashlight, built-in-cellphone, secret storage compartment etc), what would you ask for?

(And now I'm imagining one which turns into a crossbow...)

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I wonder if RR-the-actor would be willing to swing through next time he's in the NY area, purely for the sake of amusement? Get him made the patron saint of Whitney Point, or something.

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Any chance of selling the business to someone else, or subcontracting an artist to do all the work while you take a 10% commission?