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Just remember that some of us stare because it's fantastic.

I work in assistive technology/neural engineering, so I'm always getting caught staring at nice wheelchairs and prosthetics. It's like a guy staring when he sees a nice car, except they are much cooler than a car.

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If things are something people actually want, they will pay for them.

*citation needed

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The signals from any person's brain will vary with time, lighting, fatigue, and many other factors. Each day, the signals could be very different, so the computer has to learn to understand them.

(There is a lot of machine learning/adaptive filtering involved in the signal processing portion of such a system.)

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Is your head usually in that position? If so, is that caused by bone/tissue damage incurred during the attack, or possibly by years of atrophy and seating issues afterward?

I know this is a strange question, but I worked in a seating clinic for people with quadriplegia for a while, and your positioning doesn't seem ideal. (But I'm not a PT or OT, just an engineer.)