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how many times a week does your captain tell you to turn in your badge and you have to go rouge to solve the case and then have an epic shoot out and become the hero get the girl and a promotion keep it up and you will be section chief

o ya are you irish

PoeticLieSins80 karma

At least twice a month.


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Here's a weird question. I once read a while ago, a lawyer broke down Jay-Z's "99 Problems" lyrics. There's a line that says, "My glove compartment is locked, so is the trunk in the back, I know my rights, you're gonna need a warrant for that...". Is it true if it requires a key to be opened that you need a warrant to search it?

PoeticLieSins76 karma

That is true!

shanedabassman21 karma

What about padlocks?

PoeticLieSins58 karma

If anything is locked, it can't be opened without a warrant.

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What about the situation if you ask if he has anything dangerous? Subject says no, you ask "care to prove it?"... Legalish?

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I've asked if I can search people's vehicles if they really seem off. If they say no, I normall log the contact info in my notebook for future reference, if necessary.

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This is why I made this thread: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=fda_1375442766

Officers like her piss me off. The majority of us are not like that.

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Keep in mind, any answers that are constitutionally related are not so that you guys can break the law. Haha. It's so that you can know the law. We all have a right to know our rights, right?

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I've got a weird one for you, how do you keep your gun holster from chafing your hips?

PoeticLieSins232 karma

I wear pants.

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I am a 16 year old who Wants to be a police officer. What advice would you give me about becoming one?

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Keep your criminal activity to minor traffic violations. Even then, keep them few and far between. If you've done bad things but haven't been caught, do NOT lie about it when given your polygraph test. Departments don't want to knowingly hire liars. It works against your testimony in court. Be honest. No matter what it is.

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I thought polygraphs were supposed to be ineffective?

PoeticLieSins64 karma

They're not admissable in court, but can be used for employment. I think they're ridiculous.

PoeticLieSins23 karma

Oh, yeah. And good luck to you!

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Thank you. I will keep all that in Mind when i apply. Also, does family history come into play? My dads a real dick and the police around here didn't exactly like him before he moved. How would this influence my chances?

PoeticLieSins15 karma

It shouldn't (at least I hope not). There's cops whose families have all been arrested.

ConservativeVictory2 karma

Departments don't want to knowingly hire liars.

Aren't the police trained to lie to people though? You'd think they'd WANT liars =P

PoeticLieSins2 karma

No, they're not trained to lie.

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Had no idea this existed. Good to know.

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If you were to pull me over and my car happened to smell a bit like pot and I admitted to you that I have a bit. What will happen?

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A lot of officers share the same sentiment that small amounts of pot shouldn't be criminalized. Now, if you're smoking and driving, that's another story. In my state, you'll be going to jail for DUI. Keep in mind that the scent of mj is justification to search your vehicle. If you only have a small amount, I'll confiscate it and write you the ticket that I originally stopped you for.

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I recently saw a video where a guy got stopped at a DUI random check point. Yes, he was deliberately filming to make a point. He was polite but declined to lower his window more than a little for the officer. The officer then asked for permission to search his vehicle. Again he declined. They then said they would have a dog sniff his car. As the officer got the dog near the window he said something to it and the dog scratched the glass. The filmer later pointed out that the dog didn't sniff at all, which we saw on tape. He said this is how they gain entry to your car without probable cause. Have you ever used this trick, or heard of it being used?

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I saw that video as well. Those officers were completely wrong. But, also, the guy filming was not exactly truthful either.

The subject was right in that he did not have to exit his vehicle, roll his window down or allow it to be searched. That does, however, make most any LEO (law enforcement officer) suspicious. He claimed the dog purposely scratched his car and that the K9 officer gave commands to make the dog act as though there was something in the car. Wrong. When the officer says "here" or "check here," that's exactly what the dog is doing. Just checking.

When the officers used the dog's normal behavior to justify entering and searching the vehicle, that's when they should be kissing their jobs goodbye.

I've never used that "trick". I've never seen or heard of it being used in my department. However, it's clearly being used in others and it's nothing short of deplorable.

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Odd question - is a car wreaking of car freshener probable cause?

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How do you feel about the whole Edward Snowden/NSA incident?

PoeticLieSins200 karma

Edward Snowden is a hero. What the feds are doing to infringe on the citizen's privacy with no warrant is disgusting. As a P.O., we are to uphold the law, not bend it to our liking.

mutants4nukes35 karma

Wait.... a public servant that actually believes in the oath they took to uphold the law and the constitution... I smell some B.S. here. J/K

PoeticLieSins51 karma

I don't blame you.

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Where I'm from, if you don't get out of the car and walk to the trunk when you're pulled over, you basically may get shot. How would you react if you saw someone do this in a routine stop?

PoeticLieSins42 karma

I've watched reality cop shows down south where it's the norm to get out of your car and walk toward the officer. Where I'm from, that's no no. You're going to get yelled out and potentially have a gun drawn on you. I don't see the sense in making a subject exit the vehicle. That brings in too many variables that you just can't prepare for. Departments who make this their SOP seriously need to reevaluate.

patanwilson14 karma

Explain this more, it makes more sense to me that if someone is inside a car they could be hiding anything, whereas if they walk to the trunk of their own car you can see what they're about and if their hands are free of weapons.

Also, if someone did this and later they explained that they're foreign and didn't know any better, could they still get in trouble?

PoeticLieSins30 karma

When they're in the car, you can see them squirming, reaching, moving, etc. That automatically heightens your awareness. When they're out and moving, they could have them a gun on them that makes it easier to pull, small knifes or blades, they could run...just way too much going on that puts the officer at a disadvantage. If I see a guy squirming in his seat, I'm drawing my gun and demanding hands go on the wheel. If they don't, then it's show time. If they're out and draw a gun then, well, I hope I draw quicker than they do.

As for foreign/unaware people, I just tell them to get back in their vehicle. Non english-speakers generally understand when I point to their vehicle.

PoeticLieSins23 karma

I gotta get ready for work, reddit. I'll get back to the q's when I can!

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What kinds of things do they ask you about in the Polygraph?

PoeticLieSins32 karma

Everything, really. Be prepared to answer ANYTHING.

thunderbuns225 karma

so...... delete my browser history?

PoeticLieSins219 karma

Haha. It's a police department. Not the NSA.

Trojinn23 karma

Whats the funniest thing you've seen while being a police officer ?

PoeticLieSins49 karma

Some guy in a dept store had a hard on. He went to the women's clothing section and would intermittently shake it to keep it hard. Not AT anyone, just cuz he was in the clothing section. Pretty funny. He was wearing tight spandex shorts.

Lookinatwho22 karma

When was the first time at work you really got nervous about a situation

PoeticLieSins48 karma

When I stopped a guy that was high on meth and was being ambiguous about whether or not he had a gun in his car. That was the first time my asshole puckered a little tighter. I was also only three days off of break in. Didn't know shit.

puredemo14 karma

Would you have handled it differently today?

PoeticLieSins36 karma

I would have handled it COMPLETELY differently today. Not many days go by where I don't wish I for a mulligan on that one. It's also the first time my job made me call home to my kids to tell them I love them.

puredemo15 karma

What would you have done differently though?

PoeticLieSins37 karma

Stuck my gun in his face, opened his door for him and told him to get the fuck out of the car. Your attitude changes the more experience you get. Instead, there were questions of "should I draw?" "Should I get him out?" "What if he's not high (even though I "knew" he was)?" Stuff like that.

c_h_r_s21 karma

Have you seen End of Watch?? What did you think??

PoeticLieSins39 karma

Yes. That movie is accurate and realistic, all the way to the way they handcuff people. The best cop movie I've seen next to "Colors."

brutalpoonslayer18 karma

Do you ever get sick of or respond to all the annoying teenagers that yell out "fuck the police" or call officers "pigs" when they pass by? I think they sound incredibly stupid.

PoeticLieSins61 karma

They do sound stupid. I don't get sick of them. I think they're funny and they make me laugh. I had one asked me if I wanted some donuts while driving by one time. I told them I get off at 2300 and would prefer them to be warm.

lol_Revux5 karma

Where I live there is a Dunkin Donuts right up the street of the spot that Cops like to congregate when not on a call, I have been tempted in the past to go get a dozen donuts and bring them to the cars, do you think the Cops would take offense to this?

PoeticLieSins6 karma

Maybe, maybe not. I wouldn't be offended. I wouldn't take them, though.

ned_burfle16 karma

Are you concerned that what you see at work every day will change you?

PoeticLieSins19 karma


california_cop16 karma

Congrats on a year... practically a veteran now eh? ;)

PoeticLieSins15 karma

Thanks! And wouldn't say that. Still got a lot to learn.

pspence7516 karma

I plan on enlisting in the Army sometime this year, after serving, what is necassary for me to transfer into law inforcement?

PoeticLieSins38 karma

Any military service is a plus when it comes to law enforcement. I don't recommending going MP because departments find this "programmed" individuals to be difficult to reprogram for public services.

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jmann967813 karma

How do you feel about the whole George Zimmerman thing?

PoeticLieSins76 karma

Was he right in shooting Martin? I believe so. Was he right in doing the things that led up to the shooting? No. Can't convict stupidity. Should he have been tried for maybe manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter? Definitely. I love stand your grand laws, but that doesn't give ordinary citizens the right to take matters into their own hands.

Mr-Blah13 karma

What type of skills would you like to see more in a police officer?

I'll give you an example: here in a major city they started training cops to communicate and detext a person with communication difficulties because sometime they are mistaken for mentally ill and can be agitated when a uneducated (on those matters)cop comes interrogating them.

So yeah. any skill you feel they should be training you for (more)?

PoeticLieSins29 karma

Yes. Communication skills, culture diversity training and maybe a little more health training. I've seen officers arrest someone for "resisting" when really, they were having a diabetic attack and couldn't respond.

potatoesmasher13 karma

If you're not traffic unit, then what unit are you?

PoeticLieSins20 karma

Just a regular patrol officer. Traffic unit cops are the ones you see running radar on the side of the road. They are there strictly for traffic code enforcement and don't answer (usually) other calls for service such as burglaries, assaults, etc.

potatoesmasher14 karma

Also, another question if you don't mind. I want to become a K-9 unit officer, because let's admit, those guys are pretty awesome (not saying you're not awesome), but how difficult is it to become one? Have you ever thought of becoming one?

PoeticLieSins21 karma

It's very difficult. Highly competitive. I actually wouldn't want to do K9 even though the job is pretty badass. I want to do robbery investigations. It's one of the few crimes committed where the victim is actually a victim. Crimes against children would be something else I'd like to get into.

Whisperacisthings24 karma

What type of crimes would you commit against children?

PoeticLieSins21 karma

Any crime. Abuse and neglect, mostly. Sexual assault, rape, physical or mental abuse, etc.

handsandfeet25 karma

PoeticLieSins23 karma

Hahahaha! Niiiiice one. Of course I took this as what crimes would you (as in people in general) commit against children. Well played, sure. Voted up for sure!

CriticDanger6 karma

The NSA wont find it funny.

PoeticLieSins3 karma

The NSA needs a sense of humor.

oldirtybadam13 karma

I've done a lot of drugs in my life and quit smoking weed a month ago, will the force care about that if I'm honest during my polygraph and don't do drugs anymore?

PoeticLieSins10 karma

Possibly. Depends on the dept and what you used.

4a4a13 karma

When you come across a random stranger on the street whilst on duty and in uniform, would you prefer that they stop to say hello and chat, or leave you completely alone?

PoeticLieSins44 karma

No preference. Some people don't like cops, some people do. I'm aware of this. I don't expect or think I deserve different treatment because I'm in uniform.

norbakdk11 karma

I'm from Denmark and pulling the gun here is very, very rare. Do you see American police officers as "trigger happy" or/and that they enjoy the power it provides? What is your view on this? Is the gun move always necessary? Are there situations where you thought "Okay, pulling the gun here might not have been the smartest decision"?

PoeticLieSins26 karma

I wouldn't say we're trigger happy, but it's definitely a different culture than you have, I'm sure. I've never pulled my gun out and second guessed myself later. The gun can go in the holster as fast as it came out.

wizzerd22920 karma

That last sentence is poetic, I'm gonna embroider that shit onto a pillow and give it to my LEO dad.

PoeticLieSins10 karma

Hope he likes it.

go_lobos11 karma

Speed monitored by aircraft is a scam right?

PoeticLieSins21 karma

I've only seen a sign that said that once. And by an airport. I don't imagine they would have a dedicated plan circling an airport. Plus, it sounds expensive as hell and they'd have a hard time getting vehicle/plate info. I'm gonna say: Scam.

Gocelings11 karma

What is the hardest thing about being an officer.

PoeticLieSins25 karma

People expect you to do something for THEM, when sometimes there's nothing that can be done other than giving resources. And not knowing if this will be the day I don't come home.

timothyLGND10 karma

what do you have to say about racial profiling? i am from St. Louis where arrests are 15 to 1 blacks.

PoeticLieSins19 karma

It happens, but sometimes not on purpose. Are you in an area with a high concentration of blacks? There's a number of things that can skew those numbers.

arbyq500011 karma

Are you in an area with a high concentration of blacks?

st louis lol

PoeticLieSins12 karma

Not defending profiling, but doesn't that make sense if there's more blacks, more blacks are getting arrested?

free_tobuscus10 karma

Why does a sheriff by me always put a 12 gauge in his car? Why does the sheriff have a 12 gauge?

PoeticLieSins16 karma

Some departments standard issue shotguns and ARs.

vault200810 karma

What's the worst thing you've come across?

PoeticLieSins37 karma

People who are high on PCP. They have superhuman strength and feel no pain. It's gonna be a long day when contacting those people.

cygnus3119 karma

How do you react when a person you've pulled over tells you that they are carrying a weapon (legally)?

PoeticLieSins9 karma

Tell them not to make sudden movements. It's no big deal.

JPow9079 karma

I heard that cops have a "Blue code" which basically means if you see another officer breaking laws you won't do anything about it. Is this true?

PoeticLieSins15 karma

There is a "cop culture" that this sometimes happens. It's sad.

JPow9075 karma

Have you ever seen another officer break a law? And if so did you do anything about it?

PoeticLieSins8 karma

Not personally, no. But yes, I would report it.

Because_Bot_Fed8 karma

How much can I really speed and get away with? From you, and from people you know, and from your experience?

Also how do I avoid getting a ticket for going ~9-11 over? I usually shoot for 10 over, I realize 9 over is safer because of brackets, but I'm just hedging my bets that a cop wont pull me over for 10 over when that's pretty much what most of the road is doing, give or take.

PoeticLieSins9 karma

You're using terminology (brackets) that I'm honestly not familiar with. I don't pull anyone over for speeding unless it's 11mph or more. Most officers do 10. If you're pulled over when you're seemingly going just as fast as everyone else, you're the unlucky one.

Because_Bot_Fed5 karma

It's the fines you get. Like 1-4 over is a bracket, 5-9 over is a bracket, 10-14, etc.

Unless that's a state thing, or a thing I made up or thought I heard somewhere.

So most officers do 10, meaning I'd be well advised to readjust to 9 over and learn to like it?

PoeticLieSins5 karma

You could do 10 and be fine in most cases. That's the threshold, but not a guaranteed stop. Nine would be safer.

G-manP8 karma

You should edit your original post and add some of the FAQ's there i.e. Only the traffic unit has quotas. So far I've counted that question 5 times.

PoeticLieSins12 karma

Yeah. That's really the only FAQ. Good idea, though.

TheDrunkBaconGod8 karma

In an earlier question about small amounts of pot, you said you would confiscate the small amount and write a ticket for the reason they were pulled over. I was once told that if a cop confiscates any type of illegal substance without making an arrest, the cop is then in possession of that illegal substance. Is this true ? What do you do with stuff you confiscate without making an arrest ?

PoeticLieSins21 karma

Well, you don't want to be telling everyone you confiscated pot. Haha. You just trash it.

Virgolibra16 karma

And where might said trash can be?

PoeticLieSins5 karma

Upvoted. I lol'd.

OldManHenry1 karma

So you destroy evidence?

PoeticLieSins5 karma

If you want to arrest everyone on for possessing a minuscule amount of pot, go right ahead. There's bigger fish to fry.

Shark_Beard8 karma


PoeticLieSins14 karma

Call an ambulance. Request a blood draw at the hospital.

PoeticLieSins8 karma

That's it for the AMA. I need to have a beer and watch a stupid horror movie. It's been fun, even for those I didn't necessarily agree with. Hope I provided info and insight. Have a good night, reddit!

panamafloyd7 karma

Quick question about the industry: my g/f is a Detention Officer, and she finds that she actually likes it. She's thinking about "upgrading" to patrol (County Sheriff's dept.). Any advice?

PoeticLieSins15 karma

That's where a lot of cops get their start. Good for her.

airguerdan7 karma

Do you have a ticket quota?

PoeticLieSins17 karma

I don't. Traffic unit does.

puredemo7 karma

How tired are you of domestic violence runs?

Are you in a large city or small town?

PoeticLieSins27 karma

I don't get tired of them. Those people need help. And we provide it, even if it's just getting the abuser away from the victim. Now, the repeated cases, those bother me. People are scared to change their lives for the better.

PoeticLieSins14 karma

Also, I'm in a medium sized city. 400,000 residents.

WifeOfMike9 karma

Some of them don't have anywhere else to go. When you have calls like that, are you able to provide information to the victim regarding help in the area?

PoeticLieSins13 karma

Yes. Giving them resources is priority #2, after medical attention. They do need help, and sometimes a little push to get out of their situation.

free_tobuscus7 karma

Can an officer stop you on the street and demand he search you?

PoeticLieSins19 karma

No. Huge violation of your rights. They CAN frisk you in certain instances. Google "Terry Stop."

joshrkc7 karma

Did you tell any lies during your polygraph test? How many questions were there?

PoeticLieSins9 karma

No. And there were about 50 questions, each of them worded a little differently for about 150 questions total.

FranzVonSoxhlet6 karma

How can you prove that you're honest?

PoeticLieSins18 karma

I think if you read my comment where the person asked about weed in the vehicle, you can see I'm pretty understanding. Understanding people don't seem to be dishonest. Also, I've had thousands of dollars worth of property in my possession, some of which I recovered on my own, and have not had a single thing go missing.

I was threatened with a reprimand if I did not change a report to suit a sergeant's desires. These changes would have contradicted what actually happened. I refused. There was no reprimand when I told him I'd go to our chief about it.

puredemo13 karma

There was no reprimand when I told him I'd go to our chief about it.

How is your relationship with him since then?

PoeticLieSins12 karma

Wasn't my sergeant then, and isn't now. You have to work with people you don't like, though. Just do your thing.

Shadowhost6 karma

you say honest police officer. have you seen some dishonest things from your fellow officer?

PoeticLieSins12 karma

Not first hand, from the people I work closely with, no. Thank god.

Snarlz426 karma

  1. In light of all the videos of cops on power trips being assholes like the one you linked, how often do you come across fellow cops like that? Do cops get away with abuse of power often?

  2. How would you (or do you) react to people like the ones in videos at checkpoints that refuse to answer questions and do the "am I being detained?" "Am I free to go?" Loop?

PoeticLieSins9 karma

1) haven't come across an officer who as acted like that. It's not the norm, honestly.

2) I treat them the same as anyone: with respect and not violate their constitutional rights. If I was in that officer's position, "No, you don't need to roll your window all the way down as long as we can hear each other. No, you're not being detained. Yes, you're free to go." Without harassment.

Spimothy6 karma

Is there really a quota of speeding tickets cops need to write before the end of the month?

PoeticLieSins15 karma

Not just speeding. Traffic tickets in general. And yes, for the traffic unit.

Gravy-Leg__5 karma

Is the quota to generate revenue or make the city safer?

PoeticLieSins19 karma

Good arguments could be made for both sides.

jnoble_055 karma

I also, am going in to Law Enforcement. (my school entitles it LEJA) LEJA will be my major with a double minor in Homeland Security and Envr. Science. I might possibly go for a double major, and make Homeland Sec a major along my LEJA, any advice for school, internships, future jobs, or anything? Thanks for your time and thanks for protecting and serving!

PoeticLieSins9 karma

What you plan on doing is way above my pay grade! Haha. Sorry.

Wumbonis4 karma

My Dad has been a police officer for around 20 years now, and he has some very strange dreams and thinks it is because of his years on the force. Do you or anyone you work with experience very, and I mean very unusual dreams?

PoeticLieSins8 karma

Not unusual dreams, but certainly frightening ones.

Code6Charles4 karma

I've been a P.O. for more than a year and have basically seen it all

You sure as hell have not, boot.

PoeticLieSins2 karma

Do you know where I work? I sure as hell have, arrogant ass. Once again, "basically." And I never have said I know everything. I'm glad you can take a word from a movie and make it your own. Good job.

kilroyishere894 karma

What medical conditions will more or less bar someone from becoming a cop?

PoeticLieSins9 karma

Not being able to walk, run, jump, speak or perform any of the essential functions of a police officer.

banksyyy4 karma


PoeticLieSins5 karma

Yes. And what do you mean?

iwanttofork3 karma

How would you feel if you were asked to wear a camera?

PoeticLieSins10 karma

I welcome it.

Brother_budro3 karma

What is your stance on people who conceal carry?

PoeticLieSins10 karma

More power to you. Just do it legally and tell us if we make contact with you.

darthgarlic3 karma

Is Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny here too?

PoeticLieSins12 karma

I see what you did there...

LDYo2 karma

To get into the US police force you have to take a polygraph test, for real? That's ridiculous haha.

PoeticLieSins2 karma

Tell me about it...

MagiciaNamedGob1 karma

I have a question about the polygraph, hers a quick background:

I'm just about done with my BA in Psychology, I was a Fire Cadet for over a year, I've worked in Government for the past few years and have a valid finger print clearance card. I took a few courses at my CC in LE a couple of years ago before pursuing Psych and really enjoyed it. My only concern is, I've smoked multiple times over the past few years. Would it be even worth taking the polygraph? It's the only drug I've done, and minus a couple of speeding tickets have a clean record. Any advice?

PoeticLieSins3 karma

How long ago was it? If departments turned down everyone who smoked, there'd be very little cops. I've smoked.

MagiciaNamedGob2 karma

As of right now the last time was 6 months ago, I don't mind giving it more time as I've still got 2 semesters of school left and am employed. What would you recommend out of curiosity? I looked on a local pd site and they didn't say anything about it specifically

PoeticLieSins2 karma

Most of them don't, just that you need to pass a drug test. But two years is the norm for "statue of limitations."

SuperNixon1 karma

I have a question about quotas. Is it true that even if your state doesn't have them, it is looked upon poorly if you do not have enough tickets? That it would affect your eval?

Also, thanks for the AMA.

PoeticLieSins2 karma

I guess it could, in a way. If your supervisors see you aren't being as productive as your peers, they're going to want to know why. I guess it all comes down to this: don't be lazy and do your job.

Grindstone50k1 karma

Say you respond to a DV call. There are two males involved, one much older than the other, both adults. The younger has a very bloodied nose and mouth the older has a slight scratch on his shoulder. The older is about twice the size of the younger. The younger is the one who called in claiming he was assaulted. The older claims he was assualted first via the scratch. The younger has neatly trimmed nails with zero blood or other markings. The younger is the leaser on the house and the older is a subleaser through the younger. The younger meets you on the street, with the older still in the house. The younger, in a calm and somewhat collected manner greets you and gives you his story as soon as you approach. He identifies himself and complies thoroughly with all requests. He requests to have the older male removed from the property at the very least.

How do you respond?

PoeticLieSins3 karma

First, this doesn't seem to be DV as there's no blood relation or "relationship" between these two men. (at least you haven't mentioned it)

If it was DV, the person who has taken the most damage is usually, not always, the victim. A slap or scratch doesn't justify an ass beating.

Next, you can't make someone leave their place of residence without a court order. You can ask.

If this was DV, someone is going to jail regardless. If not, does anyone wanna press charges, or hash it out like civil people?

Also, call an ambulance so medical treatment can be provided.

Is this a test? Haha

Pubtemp1 karma

I heard that police have a unwritten "quota" to do arrest; to show that they are making the public a safer place. On top of that within the police there is also an unwritten threshold, by that I mean your team all tends to arrest fairly the same amount of ppl on average...no one goes "above and beyond" the unwritten limit. This way it won't make members look bad who didn't make the quota...therefore the numbers are always kept at a achievable medium.

What are your thoughts on this?

PoeticLieSins2 karma

I think if you could be doing more, but you're not to make your peers look good, you need to reevaluate yourself.

puredemo1 karma

What is the pension / retirement like in your area?

How does overtime work? Are you hourly or salary?

PoeticLieSins4 karma

Pension/benefits are ok. I can't complain. Overtime is minimal due to our great scheduling system. We do work off duty where you can make $30-$40/hour. Basically doing nothing.

Gravy-Leg__1 karma

Have you ever been talked out of giving someone a ticket?

PoeticLieSins5 karma

Yes, but generally I have my mind made up about giving a warning or a ticket. The subject's demeanor is going to decide whether or not it sticks.

this-again1 karma

Why don't good cops (you say you're one) do anything about the bad?


PoeticLieSins4 karma

We do. It's just not news worthy so you never hear about it unless the media can slant it.