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Logistical question.

Without an anus, doesn't "shart" incidents become more than likely?

Will you have to time ypurself to be on the bowl or will you retain your "retaining" capabilities?

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I feel like this 4 comment string about pregnant women's poop stats belong in a sitcom, somewhere...

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Everyone complains about everything. Nothing is ever done fast enough. Everything is our fault. No one wants to pay for it.

I feel like this isn't specific to Parks and Rec. but the 21st century...

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Just a side note:

You could hold on to that hate for your whole life and it wouldn't make a difference except keep you angry. I learned that from a family member who lost her husband in a car crash to a drunk that refused to acknowledge his actions...

Hate doesn't help with anything. It's a natural gut reaction, but it's not usefull in any situation...

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You need to write a movie.

I'd watch that.