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I am not sure if you meant threats or, like, rewards. So I will answer both.

I didn't catch the typo in op's comment so I thought you treated threats as rewards. I was impressed with the size of your balls.

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The channel should be "This guy sucks" if youtube's algo doesn't ban it...

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Look into lift repair tech.

They make good money and the world will never run out of lift to do maintenance on because we are building more and more high rises... ;)

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That right there.

It's a fucking problem that not only we aren't surprised (that would mean it's a rare occasion) but that our reaction is to trivialise the issue.

Drugs alcohol and hormones don't justify this.

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Every news agency has "cold meats" article premaid in the event of a public figure dying. they get updated regularly on a frequency linked to their current health status.