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1- When they are asked a question they don't know the answer to, and they respond "I didn't learn that, we don't use that at work, only in school" instead of "I don't know"

2- Most hiring managers are actually more interested in soft skills, professionalism and attitude than they are technical skills. Even if they are giving you a technical interview, they are evaluating soft skills more (the way you answer, how you act when you don't know the answer, etc.)

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Did you have hearing protections during those situations? If not, did you notice long-term effects of noise exposure (hearing loss, Tinnitus) ?

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There are a ton, here's one I can think of:

"What are the most important attributes a candidate needs to have for this position? What do you value the most?"

Maybe also:

"What worries you the most about me for this position?"

Then you can answer why that you're not that bad at that thing.

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In the companies I work for, they have a minimum standard for communication/attitude. They would refuse a 100x coder if those things were subpar. The reason is the coder will need to interact with customers and the company has to protect its reputation.

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Honestly, get some side projects going. You can make a simple, somewhat useful side-project in a couple days of work. If you spend a week or two making a few of those, and you get a better job as a result than if you didn't, your future self might end up 2x as wealthy due to those few weeks you spent. Why? Career growth compounds, especially early on, getting a good early start accelerates your career.