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Hey, Captain Curtis. First off, thanks for doing what you do. The Thunderbirds are a huge inspiration to many, even to an adorable wittle 20 year old like me.

  • What’s your callsign, and how’d you get it?

  • Best story from instructing in the Falcon?

  • Blue Angels and Thunderbirds get into a dogfight. Who wins and why?

  • If you had a choice, would you have chosen a solo slot over one of the four-ship ones?

Thanks again. I love your show. The sneak pass is the best, and while you weren’t on the team yet, here’s a picture I took of the pass last year. Try to convince other T-Birds to do one of these! Stay safe, and hope to see you all in the air soon!

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My callsign is "Jaws". While it sounds cool, I recieved it from doing something 'novice' in the jet where my peers laughed at me!!!! It was a funny story.

Oh, c'mon, don't leave us hanging!

Thanks again for answering these questions. Have a good one.

(For anyone interested in a list of tons of callsigns and their stories...)

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Hi David, thanks for doing this! There are a lot of people who distrust and dislike atheists just because they're atheists. According to studies, we're the most distrusted minority in the country.

What is the best way to change the public negativity toward atheists in the United States?

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Hey Lt Col Moseley, thanks so much for the AMA. I've seen the T-Birds multiple times both at Nellis and my home town, and the show is awesome. Also, last year, I was able to meet and talk to Gen Moore; he's an awesome guy! Thanks for all that you and your team do, both enlisted and officer. It's a huge inspiration, not just to cute little kids, but also to cute little 20 year olds like myself.

Anyway, questions:

What's the story behind your callsign?

Have you flown any other aircraft aside from the F-16? A lot of pilots seem to like the -16; any specific reasons you like it? How does it compare to any other aircraft you've flown?

Do you fly on your free time?

Thanks again. Stay safe, and I hope to see you all performing again soon!

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Maybe I embellished that statement a little

Freakin' pilots...