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TIL: Only human imagination can create something Ronda Rousey would fear. Individual humans got nothin' for her.

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2) Tom Cruise was amazing, he pushed himself to get a fast time and he was incredibly down to earth.

Cruise was actually a member of my club in the US (SCCA). He had done a film with Paul Newman, and Paul convinced him to try motor racing. Tom was fairly quick, but a bit aggressive. Only video I can find at the moment is some fan's thing on the grid at a club track in the Southeastern US. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUbuyLjuzqs

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Quick question about the industry: my g/f is a Detention Officer, and she finds that she actually likes it. She's thinking about "upgrading" to patrol (County Sheriff's dept.). Any advice?

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Wow, that was fantastic. I actually haven't done any voice work in 25 years (local DJ making commercials), but the man hits the nail on the head. (Doesn't he? :D )

Unfortunately, becoming a pro doesn't seem like it's possible for me. I started smoking cigarettes again when I left radio. But when I hear Jon Bengamin, that temptation comes back. Is there any interest in the industry for those of us who are a little "raspy", or has Jon cornered the entire market for that sound?

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Thanks! I have to ask a "follow-up" question, though. I've heard many ex-Navy guys also say that as much as they loved the A4..they'd rather be in an F4 in combat, just because of the sheer speed an F4 could achieve. Is that true?

Full disclosure: I am not a pilot, just an 'aviation buff'.

EDIT: Further disclosure..I grew up in eastern North Carolina, we used to visit Norfolk quite often (closest "big city" to us). My friends & once observed a Carrier leaving port, and commented upon how big the ship was. There was an off-duty Navy flier that overheard our conversation..

"Yeah, kid. It's a really big ship. But it's a really small airport."