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I think he means light particles have no mass... but they have momentum.

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I commuted to work on a bicycle for a little over 6 years, IN FLORIDA! However, there is very poor planning in Florida for bicycle commuters. I had a short commute in SW Florida, and still it was very dangerous dealing with cars that pay no attention.

Later moved to the Palm Beaches and kept commuting on the bicycle (longer commute), I was run over by a pickup truck and also smashed into an obstacle that really should not have been there.

My bicycle commuting days are over, but my question is, how can a state like Florida, with everything so spread out, provide better infrastructure for cyclists? Is there some sort of "Urban Bicycle Infrastructure Code" that can be used to push for this?

I really have no idea, I just wish I could continue to commute on a bicycle to work. I ended up getting a Chevy Spark with awesome gas mileage, but it still uses more gas than my bicycle.

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I'm early for a great AMA? What to ask you Vince!!??

What do you do on a typical Saturday morning?

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Holy shit! Hanging on to a pole while a fucking 8 to 10 meter wave slams the shit out of you! That is scary yet amazing!