Hey everyone!

We are a team working at the Camp Debert Diefenbunker. A former Regional Emergency Government Headquarters Bunker for the Nova Scotia Government in Debert, Nova Scotia. Construction started in 1958 and the facility opened its doors in 1964. It was decommissioned in 1997. Since then, it has gone through various private owners, until recently purchased by Jonathan Baha'i at a tax sale. You can read more about the trouble we are having with our deed at http://savethebunker.com/issue-indepth . Pictures and information about our restoration projects can be found at: www.falloutcomplex.com .

This bunker is designed to withstand an indirect ICBM blast outside of one mile. It would have been stocked with 3 months worth of supplies, and been ready to be locked down at a moments notice. Recent years have seen neglect fall upon the bunker, until recently many functions of the bunker have been unusable. Our team has been working diligently to restore this bunker back to working condition. You can watch more about us on our youtube channel: www.youtube.com/user/JonathanBahai?feature=watch .

If you have any other questions, feel free ask us anything!

Verification: http://i.imgur.com/MjOlsmH.jpg

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Debert.Diefenbunker

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marmarina84 karma

I went to visit the bunker last year. When I was there, I was informed that it would never again be fully operational and even if it was, it could not withstand the blast from even the smallest nuclear bomb. So my question is, is this true? Also, if it is true, why go through the trouble of making it functional if it cannot be used for anything other than tourism?

FalloutComplex100 karma

I am not sure if you were here when we had control of it or not. Regardless, to answer your questions, the facility was never designed for a direct hit. It was designed for a near miss attack. This means that if a nuclear strike were to happen within 1 1/2 miles of the facility, it would survive with almost no damage inside.

As for full operations, we are already at over 80% functionality. Some of the functions necessary for fallout like radiation scrubbers for our air systems, are not a high priority at this stage of revitalization. However, we have gotten many systems back up and working we never thought would be working again. We are 100% confident this facility could become a fully functional fallout facility with just a little more work. Without any eminent threat of being nuked any time though, we are not fully focused on those items right now.

Would like to note that this facility does have EMP shielding that would withstand any solar radiation bursts. Which is a more likely scenario this facility will provide protection against.

marmarina29 karma

Will it still be available for tourists? It was one of my favourite things from my Ottawa trip last year. Also, are you keeping all the vintage shenanigans that were there?

FalloutComplex26 karma

Now that you mention Ottawa, I should note that this facility is another Diefenbunker, but the condition of it is very different. It's size is also smaller.

We are not likely going to allow continued tourist as some of our planned operations require security.

If by vintage shenanigans you mean like the control systems and boilers, and generators, the answer is yes and no. Some will be kept, and others will be updated. For example, we have plans to develop solar thermal solutions that will replace our boilers. Other systems that are still functional that we can interface with our new systems we will continue to work on. For example, we recently interfaced the old temperature sensors into a new digital display as shown in this youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQtxxBSSmlk&feature=share&list=PLvuQW_r8En0u1CA4PgNg-KxpjP6E7GVmy

nogami22 karma

We are not likely going to allow continued tourist as some of our planned operations require security.

Data centre...

FalloutComplex18 karma

The data center portion of the building is actually a building within the building. The Samson Node, as it was referred to, is a giant copper capsule basically which keeps all forms of EMP and radio signals from being able to penetrate it. At one time it handled NATO communications data. That space is small compared to the rest of the facility though, so we need to put the rest of the place to good use. Given the trends in server computing it will provide all the space and power we require.

fc3sbob8 karma


FalloutComplex14 karma

Nuts. August 17th 18th is the time to be here if you decide to change your mind.

thiscommentisdumb17 karma

What's gonna happen on the 17th and 18th??

FalloutComplex2 karma

More public tours fundraising for the Debert Military Museum. You are welcome to them!

TommyToad4 karma

You said you won't care for the public later on but you want people to come and give you money now?

I don't get this.

FalloutComplex2 karma

Don't know how you equate that to not caring for the public. I don't get that either.

christ0ph3 karma

Wouldn't solar heaters be effected by any change in the albedo? (nuclear winter scenario)

Also, did you know n-acetylcysteine and many other antioxidants are radioprotective,

Also, did you see the 2010 film "The Road" which features a bomb shelter scene?

FalloutComplex3 karma

Likely they might. But until then they are going to do wonders for our operational costs. No, did not. Yes, I recall the bomb shelter scene, and this place is a whole lot bigger.

mcrackin10 karma

Who the hell would put debert nova Scotia on a nuke to do list? Is there a military base there?

FalloutComplex18 karma

Debert became a military base back during WWII. It was the staging ground for final training for Canadian forces before they took off the take down the Nazis. Its geographic location made it central for the atlantic region, and its distance from a more likely target (Halifax boat yard) made it ideal. The base now has been decommissioned though.

aesu9 karma

To be fair, it could just be a fridge from the forties.

FalloutComplex9 karma

Well we have some pretty big veggie and meat lockers in the kitchen. Feeding 350 people took a fair amount of food.

bonekeeper2 karma

Would like to note that this facility does have EMP shielding that would withstand any solar radiation bursts. Which is a more likely scenario this facility will provide protection against.

Turn a room into a datacenter cold storage for the world's important data and charge premium for that, use the money to finish the work.

FalloutComplex2 karma

Data archiving is certainly well suited for this facility.

TheNuclearBurrito2 karma

do the many systems include the Canadian nuclear arsenal ?.....actually thinking about it why does Canada even have bunkers who would nuke canada? even if they survived they would probably say thank you........eh

FalloutComplex2 karma

Canada played a much more frontal role in past wars. We have not found a nuke button yet though. Canada's primary weapon of choice has been polite kindness I agree.

murph_the_smurph37 karma

How much has it cost since you started?

FalloutComplex51 karma

We are up to about 45,000 so far...

Sanders1693116 karma

Bottlecaps? Or NCR Dollars?

FalloutComplex29 karma

How about Bitcoin?

ImDeadInside16 karma


FalloutComplex10 karma


1911colter10 karma

Which is about $4,309,745.15 CAD

FalloutComplex8 karma

:D Better!

dulbirakan3 karma

Nah Bitcoin won't work post-apo. The network would be down...

FalloutComplex5 karma

Still be up here! Perhaps should keep all your bitcoins here.

ComradeCube6 karma

So you lose it all if the previous owner wins the lawsuit?

FalloutComplex7 karma


SleepWithTwoEyesOpen25 karma

Can you elaborate on these 'security issues' you speak of which will lead to the closing down of tours? What will the facility be used for after it is restored?

FalloutComplex25 karma

Some of the plans have not been disclosed, and non-disclosure agreements keep us for discussing others. Current plans that have been publicly disclosed include the airsoft events, data center operations, renewable energy research and development, and product manufacturing.

The security issue would be allowing general public access to the facility. All of these operations will require and involve secure access to the bunker that will include biometrics which we believe would have privacy issues.

However, all that said, we may have events in the future where tours may be included. Those events would require a similar registration process which all attending would have to agree to.

No we are not cataloging DNA to create a mutant race to take over the world. Our research parameters won't go that far, as far as I know.

SleepWithTwoEyesOpen11 karma

Alright, but if your research leads to unleashing a zombie plague I won't be too happy.

FalloutComplex21 karma

Good news is we have blast doors to keep it contained. ;)

Asmodiar_30 karma

Isn't this the first line in every zombie movie ever?

FalloutComplex27 karma

I umm.. errr umm.. well.. umm..

SleepWithTwoEyesOpen14 karma

So you don't deny zombie research?

FalloutComplex17 karma

I am unaware of any current zombie research.

Blurgarian9 karma

That's what umbrella said...

FalloutComplex16 karma

You discovered our playbook. Now if I can just get these mutant dogs to stop barking, I can answer more questions.

lesi2022 karma

Whats your favorite thing in your job?

FalloutComplex38 karma

There are several of us on the team so I'll give you a few of our responses to this one.

Isaac: The history behind every door.

Justin (Electronics Tech): working with the vintage technology and power generating plant.

Colton: Being a part of the history of this place.

UncleTrapspringer19 karma

I thought there was another Diefenbunker in Ottawa? I visited it in highschool and it seemed pretty cool, I thought it was also a cold war era nuclear shelter?

FalloutComplex14 karma

Yes, that was a head quarters bunker. Besides that one, there were six other regional operation centers (ROCs). We are the only one that is left. All others have be 'decommissioned' in one form or another.

CmonSeaLegs10 karma

Was there ever one out west, in BC or AB? I know Dief the Chief didn't spend much time out here.

FalloutComplex12 karma

Yes there was. BC had one in Camp Nanaimo, and Albert had one out in Penhold. They were all pretty geographically diverse.

Mattyrig5 karma

The one at the Penhold Base was eventually razed because the Hells Angels were attempting to buy it for their clubhouse and the thought of a standoff ever occurring was unsettling. Or so the story goes... Do you know which Diefenbunker it is that has been transformed into a super secure computer server room? I always thought that that was an ingenious use for an anachronistic landmark. Good on you guys for helping to keep history alive in Canada.

FalloutComplex4 karma

This is the one you are referring to. Though the claims that were made of its transformation were exaggerated to say the least. We found no evidence of transformation, but we found plenty of mold: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofxK4l5pWIw&feature=share&list=PLvuQW_r8En0u1CA4PgNg-KxpjP6E7GVmy <<< CBC News story about it.

shawa6662 karma

CFB Valcartier's was used as a dormitory for the RCAC in the 90's. Spent a dozen of nights in there.

FalloutComplex2 karma

Yes, we had some cadets here for a time back in mid 2000.

FalloutComplex6 karma

Yep, the main Diefenbunker is in Ottawa. It is a four story bunker, almost double the size of the one we have down here. The biggest difference between the two, is that we were classified as only a provincial emergency government headquarters. And in that respect, it's the last running privately owned provincial shelter.

teaching-man13 karma

Is this part of the Dharma Initiative?

FalloutComplex6 karma

Not that I am aware of. There might be an opportunity for it though.

The_Evil_Within11 karma

Can the County be sued for the costs related to their unwillingness to grant the deed as required by law?

FalloutComplex22 karma

They are aware of the risk. All of the decisions are being dictated by county lawyers who advise the county. We are now facing more legal costs, and more court time than is necessary. How lawyers could advise to go to court and drag this out for months and get paid more in the process is really surprising. Oh wait, that makes perfect sense.

The_Evil_Within11 karma

How lawyers could advise to go to court and drag this out for months

The legal strategy could be to simply wear you down until you can't afford it any more.

A win by deeper pockets, rather than a legal victory in a court room.

FalloutComplex10 karma

You could be right. After getting my first legal bill we are starting to consider fund raising options to fight the battle. Our next court date is October 17th. We are planning to do another update on save the bunker later today. Right now there are tours coming through the bunker.

Logical_Psycho16 karma


FalloutComplex1 karma

While it's privately owned, the spirit here is not really one of pure capitalism. Just trying to do something that is worthy of a place like this.

Also as far as funding goes, there is always investors. Though the owner has not entered into any agreements with several parties who have expressed interest.

Rawtoast2411 karma

I visited this place on my grade 8 trip (7-8 years ago) and had a blast! (No pun intended) The tour guide had said that they used to store gold bars there. Is that true?

FalloutComplex16 karma

They sure would have stored gold bars inside the bunker. There are two vaults, one on each floor. The larger one on the top floor is the Bank of Canada vault. The 1300lb steel doors for the vaults were actually removed and left to sit there while the bunker was being decommissioned. We have installed the Bank of Canada vault door back onto it's hinges, and it is operational again. There is a super small safe inside of the Bank of Canada vault that could have been used for gold - or plutonium (Considering it was super expensive back in the day). Sadly we do not have the combination to that safe, and there is no way to get it open; it was designed to directly withstand a nuclear blast.

-I'll try and find a photo of the small safe tonight.

Savai11 karma

Do you ever feel that your employers may have a REASON other then superstition for buying an old nuclear war shelter?

FalloutComplex8 karma

The owner seems pretty straight forward. Being a Baha'i, he seems to have a pretty positive outlook on the future. No idea what other REASON you might be referring to. Care to elaborate?

rebootyourbrainstem24 karma

If Hollywood movies taught me anything, it's that people who buy cold war complexes are always some sort of supervillain. Did he ever ask you things like "hmm, do you think the power system could be modified to feed a 1 terawatt deathray?"

FalloutComplex20 karma

Umm.. he did ask about fresnel lens. Should I be worried?

Rauwerda699 karma

I know this might sound a little far fetched but I once heard that there was a fallout bunker somewhere in Alberta that the Hells Angels had been using for large grow operations, do you think this is true?

FalloutComplex10 karma

Actually not far from what happened! Someone else posted a link to that story. Might be part of why we are the last ones standing. Guess nobody has anything to worry from a Baha'i in control of a bunker. :P

Dale_A_Gribble5 karma


FalloutComplex3 karma

We are a lot of things, but not hippies I assure you.

thefamiliarfez8 karma

Any problems you ran into right away?

FalloutComplex11 karma

First problem was getting power going. Breakers require a 24v charge in order to hold supply. All the batteries in the place were dead. With the help of someone who used to work at the bunker when the military ran it we were able to get it up and running again. The moment power came on the first system to fire up was the compressor for the pneumatic systems and wow was it loud. We then had to turn our attention to that system right away because it had not been maintained properly.

thefamiliarfez6 karma

What was up with the pneumatics?

FalloutComplex13 karma

The pneumatic pressure from the compressor was completely off from where it needed to be according to the military helper. The compressor itself had about 2 gallons of water removed from its tanks. Once we got the proper pressure going all the sensors and readouts of the various controls started to work. Well, not all. Many had been disabled, mangled, or needing repair.

Xmatron8 karma

In the event of the apocalypse, can I take shelter with you?

FalloutComplex4 karma

No you cannot. Security was mentioned earlier. However, opportunities for leasing space may come up. Interest in this is questionable though and we may not pursue it.

smulbus8 karma

Is it cool down there?

FalloutComplex12 karma

Yes, it tends to stay cool. Heating it takes extraordinary amounts of fuel from the boiler. However, it never goes below 48 degrees due to the geo-thermal effect of the structure.

smulbus11 karma

Ha. I mean is it very interesting to be down there? I've always wanted to see a cold war bunker. Thanks anyway.

FalloutComplex12 karma

The reality of Cold War sets in when you see all the preparation they put into trying to save lives if the nukes ever did launch.

smulbus5 karma

What's the most interesting thing you found down there?

FalloutComplex7 karma

The blueprints have been fun, but we keep finding paper clippings and full papers from the 1960s that were interesting to read. Back then a paper cost 6 cents, and was a much thicker quality.

DeanKong7 karma

Were any of you alive during the Cold War and if so was it terrifying basically being trapped between the two superpowers? I mean in the event of a nuclear war essentially all their nukes would be flying over Canada airspace.

FalloutComplex8 karma

No, all of us are younger than that. Though there are still many others who live around here who are ex-military who lived through it.

MrPandaman76 karma

What about the Diefenbunker in Carp, Ontario?

FalloutComplex13 karma

That's our brother from another mother.

Skybird_EE6 karma

Electrical engineer and cold war historian, here. First off, nice facility! Any chance you could post more pictures of the bunker's control monitoring switchboard (the one your standing behind in your picture)? I'm interested in comparing to what I've seen in US installations. Also, are you keeping those awesome GE switchboard meters or going digital?

FalloutComplex5 karma

We like the analog of it all. We have more picture on our facebook page. We will have it all interface to a network eventually so that we can control systems from our Galaxy Tabs.

KevinPeters5 karma

Have you ever played Fallout?

FalloutComplex2 karma

No, no time for games when we got a bunker to revitalize.

cfx115 karma

What would you consider airsoft then? Just asking.....

FalloutComplex3 karma

We run the games, we don't play them.

MarkEasty5 karma

Can't believe how your local government are handling the situation, signed the petition, good luck.

FalloutComplex5 karma

Thanks Mark! Appreciate the support!

ReclaimingFebruary4 karma

Is it dangerous? Is there possibly any radiation or any harmful materials in the bunker?

FalloutComplex8 karma

It was designed as a fallout shelter, not as a nuke silo. So there are no dangerous radiation materials here other than some very small samples that were used to calibrate radiation sensors. Your microwave is more dangerous than those. Environment Canada did a test on air quality in here back in 2006 and they determined the air in here was actually more clean than outside. Fun fact, the bunker only requires 1% of outside air to remain breathable for its denizens inside.

Conroe7774 karma

How many people can the bunker hold?

FalloutComplex5 karma

The bunker was designed for 350 people to survive. Most would have been government, and some military. Sorry civilians and women, you lose! Yes, only women in the original plans for the bunker were the Premier and the Commanders secretaries. Remember this was the 60s.

Gentleman_Spy4 karma

Do you think that, in the event of a nuclear war, these bunkers would have done much help to the initial survivors in the long run?

FalloutComplex8 karma

Yes. Eight years of engineering went into building this and other Diefenbunker facilities. These were designed for near miss scenarios. When fully operational with trained staff, this facility would have absolutely been able to operate for a sustained period of time in the event of fallout.

yndrome3 karma

I met an older fellow at the Chateau Laffayette (a bar in Ottawa for those who don't know) who claims to have walked Diefenbaker's dog. Can you confirm that he had a dog that was walked by a person whose sole job was to walk it? This guy was really drunk, but he said it with such conviction part of me wants to believe him.

FalloutComplex2 karma

We have operational logs dating all the way back to the early 1960s. However, we could not find any records of Diefenbakers dog walker. We may have to add your story to the list of Diefenbaker lore though.

fleshi3 karma

Could this also withstand a zombie apocalypse?

FalloutComplex8 karma

Yes, it is built for biological fallout as well.

oxeygen3 karma


FalloutComplex7 karma

Why not?

laith-the-arab3 karma

Ah you guys posted on r/Airsoft a few weeks ago. This will be an Airsoft site correct?

FalloutComplex6 karma

Yes, we had a game a few weeks ago that was a hit. CQB Airsoft is one activity we have going on weekends here at present. It is only one of several things going on here. Thus why it is called a 'Complex'.

laith-the-arab3 karma

Ah sounds awesome. Best of luck to you guys

FalloutComplex2 karma


2713100608530491153 karma

How much will it cost to visit?

FalloutComplex8 karma

Tours are going on right now as a fund raiser for the Debert Military Museum. Tickets are $15 for adults, ages 4-12 half price, and under 4 free. Another tour happening tomorrow, and then another weekend in August 17 18th weekend

FalloutComplex3 karma

Right now for this weekend, we are having tours between 10AM and 2PM both today and tomorrow. Tours cost 15$, and are run by the Debert Military Museum (https://www.facebook.com/events/397474527031014/?ref=22). We will be running airsoft games almost every weekend, with some incredible missle launch and bomb props that we are working on. Tickets for the airsoft games usually run around 25$. Come on down! (This may be the last time that tours are run here because of security issues.)

DerpsTheName3 karma

Sorry if its a stupid question, I saw it on /r/airsoft that someone was restoring/using a bunker for an airsoft field? Is that you guys? I imagine bunkers aren't very common

FalloutComplex4 karma

Yes, that is us.

DerpsTheName2 karma

Cool! Thanks for doing the AMA and good luck :)

FalloutComplex2 karma

Thank you!

Raslapagun2 karma

Canada had a cold war??

FalloutComplex1 karma

Yup, we were right in the thick of it too.

Two-Tone-2 karma

Will you guys actually actually one day show us the inside of the massive water tank? I was rather sad hat we did not get to see the inside.

FalloutComplex3 karma

We still have work to do on the sensor array in there and we do have to do maintenance, so yes, maybe one day.

Coldproof2 karma

No way, I was just reading about this place last night!

I was wondering, how do you handle air quality? CFS Carp has an active system I think, but that's a bigger place. If you were to just leave everything off, would you run out of air?

Secondly, did you get paid for the usage in that recent movie (forgot the title, something about nukes)? Either way, you should try to get some film makers as contacts in the future :)

FalloutComplex3 karma

No way, I was just replying to another post about the movie that was done here! :)

CFS Carp had a modern system installed, where we have all original. If you leave everything off, you can still breath, but then you start to get a lot of mold.

That low budget film was very low budget, and what we got out of it was mega small. We were just happy to help out, and maybe just maybe other better offers might come along.

realkanadian2 karma

Didn't some crazy old motherfucker own it for 2012?

FalloutComplex2 karma

Since the current owner is not a crazy old motherfucker, we will have to say yes.

theshawning2 karma

What about the Diefenbunker out in Carp?

FalloutComplex1 karma

It's awesome! It's our brother from another mother!

FalloutComplex2 karma

Here is a photo of the engine room at the Debert Diefenbunker! I'll be adding more photos to this album as the AMA progresses if people want to see more parts of the bunker.


threadfish2 karma

you spelled its wrong

FalloutComplex5 karma


Jelting232 karma

How does that facility compare to Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs?

FalloutComplex6 karma

This facility used to communicate with Cheyenne Mountain. Compare? Well, we got Maple Syrup.. case closed.

vande7001 karma

how's the progress coming, ey?

FalloutComplex2 karma

We think it's coming along pretty good, though there is still much to do.

AreYouKarl1 karma

Are you Karl?

FalloutComplex1 karma

I am not Karl. But good luck finding him! :)

TalkingBackAgain1 karma

How would you like to be set up with an honest to betsy nuclear warhead for your bunker?

FalloutComplex0 karma

Umm, don't think CSIS will like that.

Vacu-clean1 karma

Will it be fully functional/stocked and be able to protect a group of people from a nuclear holocaust?

FalloutComplex1 karma

Potentially it could be. Will it be remains to be seen.

back4thefight1 karma

I clicked this thinking "please be the Diefenbunker. Please be the Diefenbunker." Was not disappointed.

FalloutComplex2 karma

Happy to please.

evertrooftop1 karma

Hah! The only one you're aware of

FalloutComplex7 karma

Haha.. nice one. There are a few communications bunkers still in operation actually.

Sadokist1 karma

I've been to the Bunker in Debert. It's really cool! Are banks still storing information there now that you guys are doing the full restoration, or have you guys gotten rid of the server hosting side of it?

FalloutComplex3 karma

Banks were never storing information here. Sorry you were mislead. However, we are working on making it a functional data center that will be fully managed.

strider37001 karma

There is a decommissioned diefenbunker in my town. I've been told they are a nightmare of asbestos was the reason they were shut down. Is the one you're working on any worse then your average 1960's building in terms of it or other hazards?

FalloutComplex3 karma

That is not the reason they were shut down. Back in the 80s the DND undertook and extensive asbestos remediation program. In that, they eliminated all the dangerous asbestos, and left what was not hazardous. There are still fire-boards, and asbestos floor tiles as well as insulated pipes. We have plans to eventually remove them all, even though they pose no hazard, it is likely going to be necessary eventually with the changing standards.

quaste1 karma


FalloutComplex4 karma

The guy that started this already left. Wish I knew. I am going to call sleep deprivation. He had not slept in about 30 hours. We lose track of time in the bunker.

Cthulhu821 karma

I'm 15 and from Ottawa, I never heard the whole story of the Diefenbunker. How does it go?

FalloutComplex3 karma

If you google Diefenbunker you will find a lot. To make it simple though, Diefenbunkers are a series of bunkers that were commissioned by Prime Minster Diefenbaker back in the 1950s during the Cold War Missile Crises.

Silversalt1 karma

What is the average temperature inside the bunker?

FalloutComplex2 karma

During the summer it usually stays around 65F. In the winter it goes no lower than 48F

Allochezia1 karma

I don't know if this has been asked, but what is the "frame" made of? How thick are the doors and walls? How do you deal with negative air pressure, or do you? Plumbing? Communications? Cellular signals? Source of outside water, purification? So many questions.

FalloutComplex3 karma

3 foot concrete covered in nearly 3 feet of earth. Building runs in a positive air pressure when handlers are operating. Currently two fiber links. Cellular dies after you come in. Dedicated well pumps in well houses provide all the water to the facility both domestic and cooling. Purification is done through a treatment process which we plan to update.

Joephes1 karma

I remember reading about the Diefenbunker when I did a report on Canada's involvement in the cold war in grade 12. is it classified as a heritage site these days?

FalloutComplex2 karma

Carp is, but this facility did not qualify for historical protection due to lack of interest a number of years ago. Petition was attempted, but not enough love.

YourTormentIs0 karma

Might be a stupid question, but do you still have ARPANET lines installed in there?

FalloutComplex1 karma


Interesting question. No, there was never any ARPANET operations here. ARPANET never made its way here. It was quite popular in the US back in its day though.

omegaaf0 karma

I live in Ottawa, lets get together for a smoke and talk more about this :P

FalloutComplex0 karma

We don't have any smokers here. Sorry. We can talk over tea though.

jackbalt-2 karma

Why would you want to restore this even?

FalloutComplex1 karma

Because we can. It's an amazing place.

PiIIlow-3 karma

what color is your hair?

FalloutComplex1 karma

Brown with a touch of grey. More pepper than salt athankyouverymuch.

PiIIlow0 karma

blond with a lot of brown here, am I transforming to youe?

FalloutComplex1 karma

Cannot compute.

PiIIlow1 karma

well, over time my hair will torn brown and eventually grey, I was born full blonde, now I am mostly brown haired, am I transforming into you?

FalloutComplex0 karma

If you are, you may want to see your doctor.

Brad_Wesley-3 karma

I'd just like to say that your website sucks. I saw your AMA and thought "wow, that's cool, I'd like to see some pictures"

So, I click on your site and get a wall of text. NOBODY is going to read that. So I figure, well maybe there will be some pictures on the "about" page. Nope.

So I clicked away and won't go back.


FalloutComplex6 karma

Sorry about that, that link was for the trouble we are having with recieving our deed. The link for pictures and information on our restoration can be found at www.falloutcomplex.com

ala-akbar-8 karma

Ok then what is 4 billion times 47 thousand?

FalloutComplex5 karma

188 Trillion?

Hup234-9 karma

Why should I care?

FalloutComplex5 karma

It's a part of our history. Our being humanity.