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Could you give us an idea of which schools / regions this plugin will service? Is it US only, only specific schools, etc? Couldn't find the information your website.

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Thing is, nobody seems to realize that in a post-9/11 age, short of an explosive, there's almost nothing that can be done to seize control of an aircraft ever again.

Say you get your big machete on-board as a bad-guy. What are you going to do next? Threaten a passenger? Sure, you might be able to kill or maim a few people before the entire frikken aircraft jumps you and pummels you into dust, but you will never get access to the flight deck.

So all of the security theatre about knives and sharp nailclippers is useless. Concentrate on explosives or something that might take down a plane, but that's about it.

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Besides their show, I still think it’s super classy of Penn & Teller to wait in the theatre lobby after their show until every single audience member who wants to meet them for a chat or autograph has had a chance to do so. They don’t charge for photos or autographs either (besides a ticket for their show of course).

Wish more performers could give their audience a bit of time like this.

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Silica not silicon. Different stuff completely, and it's non toxic anyway.

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We are not likely going to allow continued tourist as some of our planned operations require security.

Data centre...