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Why is only one person in jail for the financial crisis?

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It was interesting. I went with this Italian woman I was casually seeing. It was her idea actually. It was sort of a multi-story mansion. The ground floor had a bar and dance floor and people (mostly clothed) hanging around.

The second floor had a big public area with a bed where a hot young chick was tied up and getting banged by everybody.

On other floors and on the sides of most of the big rooms were little rooms or corners where people were going at it.

The chick I was with was a little shy so I bent her over a couch off to the side and was banging her. A french guy tapped me on the shoulder in the middle of it and asked me if he could have a turn. I tapped the italian chick on the shoulder and relayed his request. She said no, I told the dude no, and went back to banging her.

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You should get this out to the media so at least the Sherriff gets shamed.

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Has the NSA approached you yet about getting access to your servers?

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What can you do to stop state employees from asking for bribes? When my child was born in Tirana I had to pay the nurse a bribe.