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The one at the Penhold Base was eventually razed because the Hells Angels were attempting to buy it for their clubhouse and the thought of a standoff ever occurring was unsettling. Or so the story goes... Do you know which Diefenbunker it is that has been transformed into a super secure computer server room? I always thought that that was an ingenious use for an anachronistic landmark. Good on you guys for helping to keep history alive in Canada.

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What was the flaw which lead to the Cigar Lake mine flooding?

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Cool. Thanks again. And lastly, Go Stampeders! Riders suck. Unless you are true to your roots and are a Bombers fan, in which case we could get along.

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Thanks for the detailed reply. I used to be with the Coiled Tubing department of Sanjel Corporation when they were contracted to the Cigar Lake mine in an attempt to reclaim the mine somehow, by pumping down cement I believe. I was never sent up there for that project, so I'm not too sure.