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laith-the-arab41 karma

Where in palestine you from bro? Hope your family is safe despite the recent shit.

laith-the-arab11 karma

That's good, I hope the new settlement expansions don't affect you either.

I'm from Urif, just west of Howarah. The settlements will soon demolish my hometown.

Stay safe brother

laith-the-arab7 karma

Hey Rucka, been a huge fan for years! I ran into you in Detroit once, near the combo center! Hope you remember me.

Which parody is your favorite? Why else do you have coming up?


laith-the-arab4 karma

Yep, I'm pretty sure. I think you were filming, I can do whatever I'm white

laith-the-arab4 karma

سلام، انت في سوريا الآن؟

Salam, are you in Syria now? How do you have net? If you could PM me I'd really appreciate it.

Anyhow I pray for you guys every day, god bless the FSA. Keep up your good work, bashar needs to go. Please stay safe and continue to do your work.