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I played that the other day, fun game! I got really stumped.

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can confirm. Just got a $45 bill for my ambulance ride from a few weeks ago.

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my mother was a 911 operator for 20 something years. I remember we used to live next to our towns ambulance base, which at the time was owned by my grandfather, and my father was and still is a paramedic as well as all of my uncles. My mom used to have a CB Radio setup in the living room where she would dispatch ambulance, fire and police with me as a baby on her lap. Later she went to a more modern call center. I remember when I was a kid I got to go there for take your child to work day and I was amazed at the computers and technology involved. My mother who knew nothing about computers had at least 5 monitors on her desk, all running Linux/Unix and I believe one of the computers was a silicon graphics machine running IRIX, it was possibly used for maps and looking up addresses, I'm not sure since it was 20 years ago.

I got to sit in the back room at a computer with head set and listen in on calls, I remember listening to my mom give instructions to a soon to be father who's wife was going into labor and having the baby right there. It was amazing.

apparently she was in the background of an episode of Rescue 911 and got to meet William Shatner. I was super jealous she got to meet captain kirk :(

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Hey! I really love sidequest.

I just wish that apps could live in the regular menu's with an icon besides "Unknown Sources". That's my only comment because the app is so good. I assume you have no control over that though?