In the five years since I won The Biggest Loser, I’ve been traveling the country sharing my story hoping to help and inspire others. I’ve made it my mission to never again let my body hold me back from living a full life. I’ve done numerous triathlons, 5ks, 10ks. Last year I completed the Iron Man and now this year my goal is to do 13 half marathons. (7 down 6 more to go!) I also have my own show, Live Big with Ali Vincent on the Live Well Network.

I’m super excited to be on Reddit, so go ahead and ask me anything!


Edit- This was really fun, Thank you for all your great questions and be sure to check out my new season of Live Big With Ali Vincent this Saturday at 5:30/4:30 Central on the Live Well Network, here's a preview!

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ThomasRaith218 karma

I met you once at Dos Gringos in Chandler. I was super wasted and kinda yelled at you in a bad british accent. My friend then slapped me in the face. You looked frightened and left. So...sorry about that.

Ali_Vincent_119 karma

It's ok, it happens :) Luckily I don't remember

CitizenSam116 karma

There are reports of contestants on the Biggest Loser being treated really poorly. Can you speak to that? What lengths did the producers go to to insure dramatic weight loss (and drama in general). Did anything during your time on the show cross the line, in your opinion.

Ali_Vincent_109 karma

Everyone is an adult and has the right to agree or disagree to participate in all events. In my experience the producers did not try to create drama in the activities but would insinuate different schemes in the interviews :)

allye9379 karma

Kai Hibbard spoke out saying people were forced to exercise against doctor's orders, that trainers made you dehydrate before a weigh-in, that weeks were varying lengths, and that producers told you not to listen to the nutritionist but the trainers. She said she ate as little as 1000 calories and wound up with an eating disorder. I love the show and have found people like you and Danni Allen really inspirational, but I'd love to know about this aspect of the show, and how much truth there is to her statements.

Ali_Vincent_131 karma

I have heard of Kai's comments, I wasn't on her season so I don't know but what I can tell you is yes I would stop drinking water around 8 pm the night before weigh in and still worked out trying to get rid of excess fluid but if in the morning if my pee test showed dehydrated then you are forced to drink Gatorade before weigh in (which never happened to me)I was always on a 1200 Dr recommended budget, the producers NEVER told me not to listen to trainers and DR's and it is no secret that episode weeks are not always 7 days and often longer.

CitizenSam26 karma

Thanks for your reply! Can you elaborate on the insinuations during the interviews?

What was life like during the season when the cameras weren't rolling? What kind of restrictions were you put under?

Ali_Vincent_31 karma

They would just ask if we knew of any alliances and it would make you think that there were some that you were unaware of, I just did what I could every week not getting into that part

strongdad73 karma

Hey Ali - no question... (TBL alumni here)

Just wanted to say that you are a wonderful inspiration, and it's amazing to see how well you've done since the show!

Keep it up girl! Arizona BL pride!!

Ali_Vincent_60 karma

Is this John?

theMAYNEevent62 karma

When it got down to the final few contestants, were you all 'playing the game' or were you focused on losing weight/learning to be healthy? That's not meant to be antagonistic, just wondering.

Ali_Vincent_72 karma

I wasn't playing a game but I did choose to train like a body builder to get to my lowest percentage of body fat as possible :) I believe I stayed healthy because I acknowledged that I preparing for an event and that eating chicken and greens was not going to be for the rest of my life :)

xbox360_butter53 karma

I'm 16 and over weight what tips did you learn from the show do you think I could use?

Ali_Vincent_124 karma

Write down everything you eat and do. Try to make sure that you have a deficit in your calories if you are trying to lose weight, go talk to your school nurse or check with your Dr on what calories allowances you should aim for..... YOU can do IT!

RoseBladePhantom43 karma

So what didn't we get to see on cameras? It pretty much looks like exercise and tears all the time.

Ali_Vincent_71 karma

me changing and going to the restroom :) other wise you hit it on the nail

IntellegentIdiot37 karma

Hi Ali, I have two questions if that's okay

1) You get put in charge of fixing America's obesity problem. What do you do?
2) Congrats on winning The Biggest Loser, I was expecting someone else to win. My concern about weight loss shows, not just TBL, is what happens after it ends. A lot of participants gain weight afterwards. Could the producers do anything to prevent this? What about other former contestants, could they do more?

Ali_Vincent_31 karma

1) Great question..... I would start by leading by example and then through education and work on providing more resources to get healthier choice costing less than unhealthy choices and possibly a tax credit for getting and stay with in healthy # verified through chamber of commerce's or post offices :) I feel like I running for 7th grade class president when you promised silly things like koolaid in drinking fountains 2)The producers are not there to hold our hands for the rest of our lives, we all get amazing opportunities just being cast, I don't no of anyone who is worse off after being on the show personally

NJBeach41426 karma

I am now down 42lbs and already have loose skin. I can't imagine how bad it will look when a lose another 100. What's worse, the loose skin or the fat?

Ali_Vincent_71 karma

I think FAT because when we have excess weight on our bodies it can lead to other medical conditions, you can strength train to help tighten in the process but most people that lose excessive weight have to get skin removal surgery or live with it. But the key is that they LIVE!

WackoSlacko25 karma

Congrats on your success!

I've "heard" a statistic that more couples have formed on TBL than on the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows...

Have you seen this occur, and also, did this happen w/you?

Also, how close are you w/your former fellow contestants?

Ali_Vincent_39 karma

Yeah it's pretty amazing! I personally think you shouldn't make too many life altering decision to soon after such an emotional experience so NO I didn't have a love connection plus in my season it was against the rules and I like to follow rules

everythingisopposite15 karma

Thanks for doing this. What are your tips for keeping weight off since that's where people seem to have the biggest problem. I lose weight but always gain it back.

Ali_Vincent_20 karma

I think it's important to do activities that you enjoy so that you continue after you reach your goal and try not to change anything that you don't want to do forever in your eating habits

takeyopantiesoff14 karma

What was your favorite moment on the show?

Ali_Vincent_23 karma

Having the heart to heart with my mom, it was a great break through for our relationship

Aruu12 karma

Obviously you've been extremely dedicated and have managed to keep the weight off, which is amazing, by the way. You're a true inspiration! But other contestants haven't been so lucky. Do you think the show could have done more to ease them into a normal routine, as opposed to not having anything else to worry about asides from dieting and working out?

What I mean is, after leaving the show, contestants have to juggle real life, families, work and chores along with exercising and eating healthily. You clearly managed to do this easily, but others haven't. Do you think the show could have done more to help people in that respect?

Ali_Vincent_13 karma

Absolutely and with every new season they are learning how to support former contestant and doing what they can but it is our lives so we have to figure it out.

McPick11 karma

What are your thoughts on Tara Costa being sued for gaining back weight?

Ali_Vincent_15 karma

What I didn't hear about that, I'll have to call her ;( I think it sucks unless she signed a contract saying she would maintain a certain weight

mouseears0711 karma

Knowing what you went through on the tv show... would you recommend your Biggest Loser experience to someone needing to lose 250 lbs or would you suggest trying to lose the weight at home instead?

Ali_Vincent_18 karma

I honestly wouldn't recommend the Biggest Loser to anyone I love..... because I want to protect them from pain. On the other hand you have to experience fear and pain sometimes to create change. I would NOT recommend waiting to lose weight for any show. Start being aware of what you are eating and how you are moving and make small changes, they will add up!

sturmey11 karma

I'm both inspired and a bit disheartened when I watch Biggest Loser. I know that it takes a lot of effort to lose weight regardless of the size you start at. I am working at getting healthier and I've done a lot to change my lifestyle partly from shows like yours.

I am curious about the workout schedule that Biggest Loser has. I know I'm not going to work out like that, or try that drastic a lifestyle change as a short term solution, but how much time is spent in the workout room on a show like that?

I would guess that it's an "job" during the filming, but is it 8 hours a day, or more?

Ali_Vincent_11 karma

MORE whenever we are not needed for filming challenges or temptations or sleeping or eating or icing we are moving

Crowbars211 karma

How was life different from when you had a higher weight compared to life now?

Ali_Vincent_9 karma

There are the obvious changed that I physically know my body won't hold me back anymore so now I get to see the other ways I hold myself back or allow myself to try exciting scary things. It's more honest

khuteibe10 karma


Ali_Vincent_19 karma

First step is checking in to see where you are at so that you can make a plan to get to where you want to go. Check in with a Dr, get an assessment with a trainer, and weigh and measure yourself so you can know your results

BridgetteBane10 karma

I have 2 of the Biggest Loser videos (bootcamp and yoga)... It's pretty obvious they didn't have a very rehearsed filming for them. What was the experience like for you?

Ali_Vincent_11 karma

I love that part of it they wanted you at home to feel like we were all doing it for the first time so that's what we did, they showed us once then recorded the next time all in the same shoot

NymN_9 karma

How do you feel about overweight people claiming they can't lose weight because of genetics?

Ali_Vincent_20 karma

I think that there are some issues that have to do with genetics but will, desire, and action can counter act most things!

Ali_Vincent_8 karma

sorry I lost the question but here is the link to the person that wanted before and after pictures

nell_tiak8 karma

How have you managed to keep up the routine of staying healthy?

Ali_Vincent_11 karma

I always pick at minimum of 3 physically challenging events each year to help motivate me throughout the year to train, you can see these on my show Live Big With Ali Vincent on the LI\ive Well Network

Ali_Vincent_1 karma

choosing everyday

bbrob8818 karma

I am a 49 yr old woman wanting to loose 60-70 lbs but I find I am afraid that if I do my body and skin will sag which holds me back. At my age is it possible to be tone and fit after being over weight for 10 years?

Ali_Vincent_12 karma

The healthy you are the longer you will have to work on finding ways to shrink it up!

brains4breakfast7 karma

Can you share your favourite recipe(s)?

Ali_Vincent_7 karma

There are so many you can find some on the under my show Live Big With Ali Vincent page. I like easy so lots of rubs for flavor and mixes of quinoa salads ;)

ESPNmotherSHIP6 karma

Did you think the show would be as popular as it is when you were filming it?

Ali_Vincent_11 karma

Absolutely not! I didn't even watch the show before being on it so it wasn't popular in my circle of friends, Survivor was but not TBL. I think the fact that there was a writers strike helped boost the popularity of the show.

catiebug6 karma

I think what you've accomplished is amazing, I truly do! But with your post-Biggest Loser life/career being dedicated to evangelizing fitness, competing in events, etc, you may not have had the same chances to lapse back into old habits as non-winners who went back to a relatively 'normal' life (though I'm sure you see temptation every day).

Do you keep in touch with any of the non-winners who have gained some weight back? What advice or support do you give them (or anyone else who has lost a lot of weight) as they move away from the hardcore 24/7 approach to fitness and have to fit it in around 9-5 jobs, money/life stresses, motherhood, etc?

Congratulations on everything!

Ali_Vincent_10 karma

I changed my career so that I could help my self stay in touch with my challenges. Everyone has the same opportunity to do so not all people want to. It doesn't make it easier or harder. What does not support lifetime success is going back to your life prior to the show and change nothing and expect a different result. I keep in touch with lots of past contestants we all have our ups and downs. I do not dedicate my life to fitness :) If I did I would have a rock hard physique!

ivarwaters6 karma

Do you ever get people who think you "should have just stayed big and beautiful"? How do you react to that?

Ali_Vincent_14 karma

I tell them that for me it was more about how I felt about myself and I wasn't happier at the heavier weight and I physically couldn't do what I wanted to

Pestty135 karma

How much preparation is done the day before weigh-in? I have heard stories of massive amounts of dehydration and almost zero food for the day leading up. Also, putting contestants in a very diuresis state to get any and all liquids out of the body. Are any of these rumors true?

In short, what sort of types and tricks to the producers/trainers do to make that number as low as humanly possible?

Ali_Vincent_8 karma

Let's get one thing very clear to everyone the producers can't make us do anything, they have nothing to do with our weight loss.

I would get up and run because running makes me have to poop and I didn't want any excess weight affecting my weight on the scale and I quit drinking water at 8 pm the night before and we weigh-in in the morning like 5 am

ThorsNutsack5 karma

How does it feel to be hot now?

Ali_Vincent_11 karma

better than feeling skinny ;D anyone can be skinny I want HOT..... so THANK YOU!

graized4 karma

Hi Ali! I'm a huge fan! If I ask super nice, would you send me an autographed copy of Believe It, Be It, please?

Ali_Vincent_2 karma

would LOVE to "like" my Facebook page and we have give always all the time and you can send request through that channel so I can get your info

SomeSayDontBlink4 karma


Ali_Vincent_3 karma

lots of hip hop and country :)

Anotherd814 karma

Can you tell us more about what you mean by "insinuate different schemes in the interviews"? (Congrats, btw!)

Ali_Vincent_5 karma

They like to confuse you in interviews and plant seeds that maybe others are forming alliances with out you :)

Hegulator4 karma

How easy was/is it to keep the weight off? I'm sure you must have had to change your lifestyle in a major way from what you were doing before the show. Was it harder to lose the weight, or keep to the "new lifestyle" required to keep it off?

Ali_Vincent_8 karma

it is everyday for the rest of my life, once I acknowledged that it got easier, I didn't change anything I'm not willing to always to when I was loosing so although my numbers have changed my habits remain the same :)

Aschebescher3 karma

Which one is your favorite leg?

Ali_Vincent_5 karma

Not sure what you are referring to but my left leg because I have a birthmark :) or the Swim leg of a triathlon

rusty__shakleford3 karma


Ali_Vincent_4 karma

lol That doesn't surprise me, Roger was a huge fan of the show and had been trying to get on it and because he was an athlete it doesn't surprise me he had a strategy. Mom and I were clueless to these strategies but I did hear he was the only one after the fact. Roger should have won my season but he only does what he thinks he has to, where I do what I think I have to and then some :) I love Roger and Paige


Hi Ali! I have to say that in all the seasons I've watched, you were by far my favorite winner -- I know it's TV, but your kindness and positive attitude just felt so genuine!

My question: I recently lost over 50 lbs. using a fitness app to count my calories and walking a ton. Now that I'm working again, I want to keep the calories off, but I just don't have the time to walk literally miles a day. Given your busy schedule, what do you do to motivate yourself to keep exercising and eating well even when you don't have the time? Do you have one 'go to' exercise that you do in between scheduled activities? Thanks!

Ali_Vincent_3 karma

Carry a jump rope and always have tennis shoes with you so you don't get an opportunity and are stuck without tools. You have to do more super setting in your workouts to get more bang in less time, I'm doing giveaway through a FB party on Saturday in conjunction with my show and jump ropes are one of them

koske142 karma

How does it feel to be a loser?

Ali_Vincent_5 karma

Like a WINNER!

graized2 karma

Hi Ali. Yours was the best season by far. Your accomplishment was so amazing, particularly given the fact that you were adamant you would be the next Biggest Loser, even when you were unfairly voted off in the first game-play moment of the season. I just wanted to gush about how awesome you are and how much I've wished you were my sister since 2008.

Do you feel like the show is starting to lose steam? The missing Fall/Winter season last year and the extremely truncated season this year make me worry there might not be much left.

Ali_Vincent_4 karma

As far as I know they are going back to 2 seasons a year is what I heard from a little birdy

MorphineBear1 karma

Is there any specific workout DVD that you would recommend for people overweight? I own a Jillian Michael's DVD already but it's not aimed at people who need to lose a lot of weight. Thanks!

Ali_Vincent_2 karma

All the Biggest Loser DVD's are a great start or just walking or swimming is good too

Rt13oss1 karma

Do you keep on contact with the contestants from your season? Do you meet up with other biggest losers? What is the strangest off camera thing that occured?

Ali_Vincent_1 karma

I do keep in touch with some, in fact tonight I will get to see some that I haven't seen in the 5 years at my premiere party for season 3 of Live Big With Ali Vincent. strangest thing that happened off camera was when my mom rolled from the gym back to the rooms as a joke to Bob

Rt13oss1 karma

My wife wants to know if Bob and Jillian were different in real life than on the show? Did you learn anything about either of them that surprised you?

Ali_Vincent_1 karma

Not really they are just people good at their jobs :)

Rt13oss1 karma

How is your mom? You two wre my favorite team. Has she kept the healthier life style?

Ali_Vincent_1 karma

Fantastic check her out on my new season of Live Big With Ali Vincent on the Live Well Network Saturdays at 5:30/4:30 Central

IHASDCW1 karma

how many calories did you burn a day while on the show?

Ali_Vincent_1 karma

When I was on the show the calorie burn was excessive because that's all I did, it doesn't really matter how many I did because it only applies to my body :)

Dudwithacake1 karma

No question, just saying thanks for being such an inspiration to others.

Ali_Vincent_2 karma

hmmmm, Thank you! warm fuzzies

lkasdfjl1 karma

after seeing the calorie quiz on your show, i can now say to my girlfriend "ehh, the can of coke has fewer calories than that salad.. i think i'll just have that."

thanks for the inside joke!

Ali_Vincent_1 karma

lol it does indeed but keep in mind not all calories are created equal and she's probably getting more out of hers ;)

RedSly1 karma

I am a lot over weight and have tried to loose weight with little effect, so I was wondering about sighing up for the newest season. How did you get picked?

Ali_Vincent_3 karma

I stood in line at an open casting call in AZ, just be yourself & good lucky where ever your journey takes you

le_trout1 karma

During filming did you view the audience as collectively being supportive and watching in a positive light, or did you view them more negatively as if they were a condescending collective? Or perhaps something entirely different?

Ali_Vincent_4 karma

During filming we are sequestered so we don't have an opinion of people watching and then after you get both people that support and love you and people that judge and hate you.

arthurvandelay_1 karma

Did you have any health issues after losing that much weight?

Ali_Vincent_1 karma

Luckily no, I'm all good

Day_Triipper1 karma

Can we get some before/after pictures?

Ali_Vincent_1 karma

Sorry I couldn't find your question earlier. Here is a link to my before/after pics.

phedupwme1 karma

what do you think Mothers do that give the wrong idea to their young daughters about body image?
also, my doctors do not offer any guidance about exercise and I have some very serious health problems . How can I know the exercise is not harmful to me when it feels like it is?

Ali_Vincent_2 karma

Always check with your Dr when something hurts but try to tell the truth and distinguish pain with injury, pain is something you can work through injury is something to take up with your Dr.

I think with kids it's important to just advocate moving and cooking healthy food together..... DO NOT tell your kid they need or should loose weight

cicalino1 karma


Ali_Vincent_2 karma

I'm right there with you, I realize that it is daily choices and I choose to be healthy. For me it's important to keep the conversation going so that I stay connected to how I am feeling in my body ion any given moment. My show Live Big With Ali Vincent is about just that you should check it out on the Live Well Network


How can I start eating healthier if I'm lazy? It's to the point where I have healthy stuff delivered to me but I'm still to lazy to prepare and cook the stuff. How do I move past that?

Ali_Vincent_0 karma

You just choose to, you have to find a way to create value for you being healthier

NoShitSherlock_0 karma

No question. Just wanted to tell you that your transformation is amazing and I admire you for being able to maintain your weight loss. It's sad that so many contestants seem to pile it back on after filming.

Ali_Vincent_2 karma

You can never know what people encounter just send them good thoughts!

allye93-1 karma

What sort of diet do you follow now? Danni Allen was recently in Woman's World and her diet was surprising. How do you know how many calories to eat? I'm always confused when there are calorie calculators because it tells me to eat 2000 calories! The whole calorie deficit thing is confusing too. You (and your mom) have been such an inspiration for me (and my mom).

Ali_Vincent_2 karma

2000 calories is the national acceptable budget for nutritional labels that is why most people base it on that and most people who have weight issues eat a lot more than a daily budget of 2000 calories :) our bodies naturally burn calories which is out BMR so to maintain a weight with that budget isn't that hard :)

Wh0rse-2 karma


Ali_Vincent_1 karma


TheFupaFighter-3 karma

Why did you get so fat in the first place?

Ali_Vincent_5 karma

wow..... I wrote a book lol..... I didn't really realize how big I got I gain weight 5 pounds at a time over my adult years just a little here a little there before I knew it I was at a weight that felt uncontrollable and I didn't know how I got there