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I don't know why but it makes me happy that you knew that and could share with us.

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"Odd manuevers" makes me think of outlandish behavior to confuse and discourage the pirates, like flinging poo, wearing cocktail dresses before 6pm, and even perhaps the occasional game of Tickle the Bosun...

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Not a tech but I do work at a cable company- I've seen notes on accounts that our techs have refused to enter homes because of the floor being caked with cat feces... Ew.

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Forewarned people tend to freak out in front of customers, trash property, or just outright steal. I've seen complete shutdowns before where all the business did was leave a note on the door. It was at a restaurant beside mine, and they didn't even call people in at the same time, they just let their employees show up as scheduled throughout the day to read the note. 90% of them walked across the hall to ask us for applications and we hired as many on as we could. Total dick move from that company to not even have someone there in person.

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How has not seeing, tasting, or smelling food affected your diet?