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Thank you for stopping by, Mr. Goldblum (and Victoria for setting this up),
Not a question. Just thought you should know that every time my husband and I play 20 questions on a long car ride the answer is Jeff Goldblum. I think he’s obsessed with you.

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What was it like shooting "This is the End?" Just watched it last night for the first time and it is amazing. Who is most like their character? Is it you? I bet it's you.

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We worked together on the Pepsi Refresh Project. You were a great brand ambassador and I'm so happy you've had such success. Your show is a must-watch in my home and I have to ask: what's it like playing the straight-faced character in a group of...well...weirdos?

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Very cool. Thanks for your reply.

And any and all junk punches were deserved!

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Hi Doug! Thanks for doing this AMA. As a huge fan of the movie Hocus Pocus, any great stories/funny stories from the set you can share? You can't go wrong with Bette and SJP, can you?

Looking forward to Falling Skies!!