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is the winner of the fifth United States season of the fitness reality television show The Biggest Loser, which aired in early 2008.

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I have heard of Kai's comments, I wasn't on her season so I don't know but what I can tell you is yes I would stop drinking water around 8 pm the night before weigh in and still worked out trying to get rid of excess fluid but if in the morning if my pee test showed dehydrated then you are forced to drink Gatorade before weigh in (which never happened to me)I was always on a 1200 Dr recommended budget, the producers NEVER told me not to listen to trainers and DR's and it is no secret that episode weeks are not always 7 days and often longer.

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Write down everything you eat and do. Try to make sure that you have a deficit in your calories if you are trying to lose weight, go talk to your school nurse or check with your Dr on what calories allowances you should aim for..... YOU can do IT!

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It's ok, it happens :) Luckily I don't remember

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Everyone is an adult and has the right to agree or disagree to participate in all events. In my experience the producers did not try to create drama in the activities but would insinuate different schemes in the interviews :)

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I wasn't playing a game but I did choose to train like a body builder to get to my lowest percentage of body fat as possible :) I believe I stayed healthy because I acknowledged that I preparing for an event and that eating chicken and greens was not going to be for the rest of my life :)

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I think FAT because when we have excess weight on our bodies it can lead to other medical conditions, you can strength train to help tighten in the process but most people that lose excessive weight have to get skin removal surgery or live with it. But the key is that they LIVE!

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me changing and going to the restroom :) other wise you hit it on the nail

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Is this John?

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Yeah it's pretty amazing! I personally think you shouldn't make too many life altering decision to soon after such an emotional experience so NO I didn't have a love connection plus in my season it was against the rules and I like to follow rules

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They would just ask if we knew of any alliances and it would make you think that there were some that you were unaware of, I just did what I could every week not getting into that part