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Is it true Alzheimer's patients don't die from it? Instead they live as long as they normally would only impaired?

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One thing I haven't seen addressed concerns people who may have already had the covid virus but were never able to be tested.

Should they be vaccinated?

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I'm gonna resist saying "Well aren't you special" because I realized I did it too. But I bet it was partly a matter of luck for you too. I lived at home and went to the school in my home town. Not everyone can do that. I was able to get full time jobs in the summer and work study during the school year. Here again, not everyone is able to do that either. And here is the biggest reason I owed very little. I was lucky enough to go to school before tuition rates started to rival home mortgages. Just because you and I were able to make it work for us doesn't mean everyone can. Surely you can see that.

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What's with this Boomers vs. Millennials language? Why are you turning this into a generational conflict? “Everything will be better once all the old people die off” is a lazy policy. It takes attention away from actually addressing the problem and instead fosters the millennials -as-victims mentality.