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It amazes me that so many people are convinced /u/Kerily is a boy when her photo shows her wearing patterned leggings.

Do you look like either of your parents? Or share any features with them? If so, have you told them?

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Firstly, you do some amazing work! You must have helped a lot of children and families over the years. Thank you.

Can I ask, what qualifications did you need to get into your line of work?

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You're only fourteen? You come across as being so incredibly mature, especially with how you're coping in the aftermath. You're quite the badass! You've got an amazing future ahead of you.

When my mum was recovering from cancer, she found watching British comedy shows helped her feel better. Were there any television shows or movies that helped you during your recovery? Or something like books or video games?

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Obviously you've been extremely dedicated and have managed to keep the weight off, which is amazing, by the way. You're a true inspiration! But other contestants haven't been so lucky. Do you think the show could have done more to ease them into a normal routine, as opposed to not having anything else to worry about asides from dieting and working out?

What I mean is, after leaving the show, contestants have to juggle real life, families, work and chores along with exercising and eating healthily. You clearly managed to do this easily, but others haven't. Do you think the show could have done more to help people in that respect?

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You poor thing. It's really fortunate that your paediatrician found it so early on.

Have you had your surgery? How did it go?