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I'm sure you realize that the purpose of the 2nd amendment was to arm the populace to fight any domestic or foreign threat, right? Not self-defense against criminals and certainly not hunting. Therefore, an appeal to a "need" to own a specific firearm based on how useful it is for those things is irreverent in context of the constitution.

To be fair, the AR15 is a pretty neutered version already of a "weapon of war." However, weapons of war are exactly what the 2nd amendment was specifically designed for. That's how a civilian population can fight domestic or foreign threats. Not with hunting shotguns.

If we don't feel we need / want the civilian population to be allowed to own weapons of war, then we need to change the 2nd amendment - not pretend it doesn't exist or says something else.

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Wow, this is my favorite comment of all time.

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Another question I had is this. When you consider the environmental impact of wind turbines, do you consider the amount of oil and oil products that are used in them? I believe they have multiple gearboxes in them which take hundreds of gallons of expensive gear oil that must be changed at regular intervals. I realize this is less oil than you'd use for other sources of power, but is this considered when looking at the impact of large-scale wind farms?

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How easy was/is it to keep the weight off? I'm sure you must have had to change your lifestyle in a major way from what you were doing before the show. Was it harder to lose the weight, or keep to the "new lifestyle" required to keep it off?

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Favorite lift (and why is it the trap bar deadlift)? Least favorite lift?