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massive cash earning wang

Plenty of them aren't even that big. A combination of expectations, camera tricks, and the female in the scene being tiny make a moderately-above-average piece look like a giant.

Kinda like how 5'7" Tom Cruise always looks taller than everyone else on screen.

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I met you once at Dos Gringos in Chandler. I was super wasted and kinda yelled at you in a bad british accent. My friend then slapped me in the face. You looked frightened and left. So...sorry about that.

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I am the guy who accidentally stole your karma by posting your video. AMA.

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We need to stop subsidizing


Time to end billions of dollars in these subsidies


Instead, let's subsidize


So close, but you blew it

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What would prevent such a body from being inevitably filled with former NSA staff with a predisposition towards the agency?