I was injured three years ago in a boating accident. Ask me anything! :) Proof :http://imgur.com/a/DbMUJ

Edit: thank you so much for all of your great questions, message me if you have any more. Nighty night sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite! :)

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Corrom72 karma

No one else will ask it: How do you masturbate?

twoods123483 karma

Honestly I just haven't in a longtime because I have no use in my hands. But if you have any ideas tell me!!!

NyanAttack54 karma

Oh my god I'm so sorry.

twoods123445 karma

It's something I have learned to get use to. It is really fun and frustrating trying to figure out how to do something in a completely different way.

Thigmonastier32 karma

I don't mean to pry even further, but my understanding is that usually men with complete spinal injuries can't ejaculate. So uh... can you?

twoods123411 karma

I honestly don't know! Never tried :p

ridik_ulass9 karma

get a noose around your bell end and tug it with your teeth.

something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YJzpaz0tmw

twoods123412 karma

Interesting.... I think I might be safer if I get some assistance attempting this. Haha :p

drstinkfinger29 karma

Ask your mom for help?

Honestly, I'm the first to this?

twoods123413 karma

Ewwwww. That is disgusting! I love my mom, but never!!!

varanone14 karma

They're going to tell you to ask your mom to masturbate you. Don't fall for it! It doesn't end well.

twoods123414 karma

O god! That sounds like the worst possible thing that could ever happen!

kitkatzchen9 karma

Since you asked for "hands-off" ideas... on the "high price" end of things, there's the Venus, basically a reverse fucking machine.

There's also the Cobra Libre, which is much more portable/hidable/affordable.

I'm not too familiar with male toys, so I bet there's some more stuff out there.

twoods12346 karma

Interesting very interesting... Thank you very much for the good ideas! :)

aresius3 karma

I distinctly remember an AMA done by another quadriplegic guy a long time ago, if I recall correctly, his answer to this question was that he rubbed himself against a pillow on the ground. Just saying.

twoods12343 karma

Interesting! Man people are full of ideas I never thought of before! :)

snortmypubes-9 karma

I think i would just rub my dick against shit. Or rub shit on my dick.

twoods123431 karma

Hmmm.. You might have something with the rubbing dick against stuff! But the shit on dick not sure if ill go for that one. Hahaha

sunsource51 karma

I can't imagine the strain that one must feel having to deal with living in an entirely new way.

I want to tell you, from the bottom of my heart, that I appreciate your continuation of your life. I have no idea how you reacted when the event occurred, but I know many people that would be willing to take their own lives if a thing of this nature happened.

Live on, my friend. You're young, and there is a whole world to experience.

twoods123440 karma

Thank you kind stranger! :)

worsttxmistake39 karma

What was the hardest thing for you to get used to? Does it still bother?

BTW it's great to see such a big smile on your face! Stay strong :)

twoods123447 karma

The hardest thing getting used to has to be unable to do simple tasks such as just brushing my teeth or eating. Or just going out and hanging with my friends. Thank you very much for your support! :)

Bopthemot33 karma

Longtime lurker but your smile motivated me to create an account. This is my first post and it is dedicated to you. :)

twoods12345 karma

Yay! This was first time creating an account too! Thank you so much for commenting! :)

HereHoldMyBeer24 karma

How hard was it getting used to other people having to do all of your.. personal hygiene?

My wife lost use of one of her arms after a stroke and it was hard for her to aclimate.

twoods123436 karma

It was very difficult at first.sometimes I enjoy it because I feel pampered when I really don't want to do anything. But it is very frustrating other times.

so81720 karma

If you don't mind, what specifically happened in the accident?

twoods123454 karma

Well I was with my 3best friends and my dad. Dad was driving and me and my friends were on an inner tube behind the boat. The tube flipped and one of my friends landed on my neck and the other on my back dislocating my neck. The X-ray of my spine was really cool! It was bent in ways it should not bend

so81718 karma

Damn bro I'm sorry about that. Are you still 'friends' with your friend?

twoods123466 karma

Most of my best friends stayed my best friends! I have made some really new good friends as well as losing old ones. But that's life if people can't accept a physical change in me then I don't need them in my life.

so81717 karma

Much respect bro! You are very inspiring, keep it up and I wish you the best!

twoods123422 karma

Thanks man! I hope you the best as well! :)

oOGeneral_RyanOo4 karma

I am afraid of tubing now...

twoods123437 karma

Don't be! It was a pure accident. If you live your life afraid you will never accomplish anything! I have been skydiving twice since I have been injured.

MyNameIsThe8 karma

Since? O.o

twoods123412 karma

Hell ya! I love it! I'm going to try and go every for the rest of my life! :)

Dusted_Hoffman19 karma

Do you find it hard to run errands?

twoods1234208 karma

I actually find it very hard to run! Haha :p

Slimey_tomatoNZ22 karma

Hahaha I love that you have such a great sense if humour!

twoods12345 karma

Hahaha thanks! And omg are you British? Or just weird like me and spell things with ou? Like humour?

Slimey_tomatoNZ2 karma

Haha nah I'm from new zealand :-)

twoods12349 karma

Even better! Not in a creepy way or anything but I love English, Australian, Norwegian, New Zealand, basically foreign accents! And foreign people! :)

frthplnt18 karma

I mean no insensitivity, but these are questions I've always had in the back of my mind when meeting quadriplegic people but I feel are inappropriate to ask...

When you are out and about in public, what do you wish more people would help you with and what do you people try to help you with that you feel is just patronizing?

Do you resent the person responsible for the boating accident?

twoods123431 karma

I don't feel as if people are patronizing me when they try and help they just don't understand. With me I kinda enjoy people asking questions such as this or when people try to help because I try and usually make them feel awkward and just try and lighten the mood and make them laugh.

Also my dad and best friend we're involved in the accident so no not at all I love those guys more then anything.

frthplnt13 karma

An awesome outlook, making people a little uncomfortable is hilarious (except on TV for some reason...). A followup:

What are your goals for the rest of your life, since a full-length triathlon and professional soccer player are probably out?

twoods123426 karma

Those are actually two goals I really wanted to do! I'm currently going to school to get a mathematics degree and hopefully become a teacher one day. :)

frthplnt16 karma

As an engineering major who hated his ODE class, I respect the hell out of anyone pursuing a math degree on purpose. Best of luck in your studies!

twoods123415 karma

Thanks bro! :) props on the engineering degree!! :)

alle04417 karma

Based on the kind of engineering TAs I had in college, I would gladly welcome anyone who can clearly speak proper English into the teaching faculty. Working limbs or not.

twoods12344 karma

I understand your pain, my economics teacher last semester was of African decent and most of the class had to ask her to repeat herself numerous amounts of time. We all eventually gave up and taught ourselves.

molchewie17 karma

I have a blind uncle who used to run a company specifically for paraplegics and quadriplegics. They did anything from doorbells, ramps, wheelchairs and their controls, and so on. Is there anything you can think of that maybe isn't available that would help your daily life?

twoods123427 karma

Yes! I actually have been trying to figure out how to hook a dog leash up to my wheelchair for my service dog. I have been trying numerous ways to figure it out and it's just not working great. Also I can't figure how to go on a beach easily with my wheelchair wheels

twoods123436 karma

Omg! I love you! This is a genius idea! This is exactly what I have been looking for! :)

sayankotor5 karma

I don't know where you live but there are several beaches in New Jersey that supply beach wheelchairs for free, and also several beaches that have a board walk down to a flat wooden deck so that w/c users can get out on the beach. I believe I have seen beaches like that in Delaware too. The chairs can be bought but like anything else that has to do with quadriplegia they are expensive.

twoods12343 karma

Dude that's dope! That's a ways away from me I live in Washington. And our beaches are like rock and suck! But do you think they will have that stuff in Hawaii or California?

Owone16 karma

Are you gonna start playing murderball?

twoods123422 karma

Yes! I have been talking to the local team! It looks really fun!

Minsc_and_Boo_2 karma

Murderball is badass

twoods12343 karma

O fuck ya!! Some of the guys on the local team are crazy!

Craftistic12 karma

Great smile, Torre. No question for you, just wanted to give you a high five and thanks for coming by ;)

twoods123413 karma

Thank you so much! high five bro!!

energy4anarchy11 karma

Hey man, I'm bored and just clicking through a SHIT load of posts tonight...

I just saw your AMA!

Let me say man, despite the accident, from way down here in Australia... i sincerely hope you have a long, fulfilling and successful life!

Seems a lot to promise someone I know, but weird to say, I clicked your photos and that smile on your face just kind of made me feel good... and I instantly knew, by the photos, you're a good guy who's taken a rough turn!

Dude, we'll likely never meet or cross paths... but sincerely, all the best man!

twoods12342 karma

I really hope we cross paths sometime! Australia Is a place I've always wanted to visit so it is possible! And I'm really quite happy that I made you feel good! :) Thank you so much for your support! :)

goodkicks10 karma

Do you find it hard to be in / get into, a stable relationship because of your condition?

twoods123425 karma

Why yes I do. It definitely has been much more difficult to try and approach random girls. But I have been able to have a few relationships.

shrodikan18 karma

have a few relationships.

God me beat. Damnit

lovehate61516 karma

I mean he is super cute and seems like and awesome dude, so he actually is very datable regardless of the spinal cord injury :P

twoods12346 karma

Thank you very much! :) it's always nice to be called attractive by a stranger! ;p

twoods12348 karma

Hey dude all you have to do is have confidence and be your self and the right people will come along in your life! :)

il1k3c3r34l8 karma

This might be a goofy question, but how do you stay in shape? Since exercise is mostly out of the question is it a change in diet, or just good metabolism?

twoods12343 karma

I'm kinda lucky because I was a vegetarian for two years before I was hurt. But now I eat less than I did before and use my exercise bike at least 30min per day. And I try to take my service dog on walks everyday as well. :)

Yianor7 karma

Quadriplegic or Paraplegic? Did you have someone help you set up those shots?

I might be wrong, just wondering.

twoods123420 karma

Quadriplegic. I had my friend take the pictures on my iPad.

Derykmeyer7 karma

Do you believe is extra terrestrial life?

twoods12349 karma

Yes! I believe we have been visited many times and that the government is trying to cover it up.

alien_beach6 karma

hey man nice to see youre positive. i cant imagine what life would be with this condition. are you depressed about it? how do you type btw? gl

twoods123416 karma

I have an iPad. Also I have dragon naturally speaking for my laptop. :p

Emphursis2 karma

Sorry if it seems insensitive, but I'm genuinely curious. I assume you're using speech-to-text on the iPad, but how do you press the button to start dictating/post the message?

twoods12345 karma

I'm actually able to manipulate my hands so I can use my thumbs to type on my iPad. :)

ETNxMARU6 karma

Do you enjoy pizza? And If so, what toppings do you like?

twoods123422 karma

I love pizza! I actually just got done eating some! :) I usually like green peppers and onions as toppings. What about you?

snortmypubes12 karma

I had pesto and duck on a pizza last night. Would not recommend.

twoods123423 karma

That sounds...gross. Why would you try that??

He254 karma

How exactly does sex work?

twoods123421 karma

I have yet to figure out how that will go down. If you know any hot chicks willing to try hit me up!! Haha :p

ProbablyJustTrolling7 karma

Dude, you could get mad pussy. Imean that, I'm not a liar nor am I empathetic. I wouldn't say I'm jealous of you but still, mad pussy.

twoods12342 karma

Dude how???

ProbablyJustTrolling8 karma

While I am not the Genghis Khan of poon, I have discovered a few universal truths. Among many things, women love wounded birds. Vulnerable men are approachable and they pity them. But this alone is not enough.

I would tell you to milk your vulnerabilities, but you're in a wheelchair, that's done for you (not an insult). They've opened up their hearts to you before you make eye contact. And since you're a good looking dude with a bomb-ass name, they're gonna find you cute. NOW you need to be approachable and identifiable.

People don't approach the handicapped because they don't want to make them uncomfortable by appearing to give them unwarranted attention. You need to show that you are above your insecurities (as I assume you are, posting a picture of yourself in your chair on a popular website showing your face). I met a guy once who tricked out his chair with spinners and LED underglow lights, it was awesome. Don't try to blend in and act normal, because with all due respect, you aren't. Get yourself out there and disarm people with your charm. Get on the dance floor and bust a wheelie and wave around some glowsticks.

Now that you are vulnerable, cute and approachable, you need to be sexy. This one is easy at this point. Turn the conversation towards sexuality using humor. "I can't feel it, but i'm 75% sure you're giving me wood." Definitely somehow work it into conversation that you CAN achieve an erection. The fast lane approach will work for you since you have them so off-guard that it won't seem creepy.

Poke fun at them, make fun of yourself. Use your disability but don't make it a major part of the conversation. "You are not your fucking wheelchair." -- Tyler Durden

twoods12345 karma

Dude! You are king! I'm definitely gonna take this advice to heart! And I'm gonna use it!

medbrewer5 karma

Hey, med student here. We had a paraplegic who volunteered to answer some questions for my class. This is what he told us and was confirmed by a spinal cord injury physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor:

Him and his girlfriend still have sex but she usually does most of the work. He needed to use Viagra to get an erection.

Also not certain what sort of sensory losses you have, but he lost feeling about half way down his abdomen. So sex became more of a mental pleasure than a pleasurable feeling. Although, in some people with sensory lose the region between feeling and not feeling can actually become a pleasure zone.

Not sure how applicable this is to you, but hopefully some of it is helpful. If you have any more questions I highly i courage you to talk to your PM and R doc. Although it may seem embarrassing, they probably have already heard the question from someone else.

twoods12346 karma

I do feel awkward talking to doctors about my situation. I know they are there to help, but it just seems so awkward. Also about my situation. I have sensation in all my body. But I am unable to pass the needle prick thing from my chest and below. And thank you for the tips!!

Slimey_tomatoNZ4 karma

You're pretty cute! I'm sure it won't be hard to find a girl to help you figure it out haha

twoods12343 karma

Thank you! I really hope I do! :)

FatAssJack2 karma

Do you have any sensation down there? Can you still get it up?

twoods12343 karma

I do actually! I am unable to watch porn and have it go up, but it do get hard randomly.

schizoidvoid4 karma

I've been friends with quite a few para- and quadriplegics, and I've found they tend to have a bit of a dark sense of humor about it. I'm really hoping you can laugh with me on this one, because I don't want to go to hell alone.

Do you like LMFAO? Sorry for Party Rocking is one of my favorite songs, and I've had the phrase "sorry for hardly walking" in my head for months now. I know this could totally work and I just threw together a few lyrics.

I be up in the party, layin on my back all prone,

I got a baggy for my potty and an IV of patron

Got them hotties gettin naughty with my oral mastery

Wish the dudes in the club would quit stepping over me

I wish you well man. I read some of your answers and it looks like you can laugh, and I'm so happy for that. I'm with the comedians on this one - laughing about something may not make it go away, but it puts it on your own terms.

twoods12342 karma

Omfg!! Hahaha I'm dying over here!! :p that is amazing!! Don't worry we all are going to he'll in or own ways and ill be there right next to you brother! :)

jebus083 karma

How are you typing this?

twoods12342 karma

I have figured out a way to be able I use my iPad so I can type. :)

TheGreenAgrees3 karma

I have an uncle whos quadriplegic and although it took him a long time he is now living an essentially normal life with two (adopted) kids and a wife but even now ( almost 40 years later) he's still constantly looking at different clinics and surgeries that will help him, do you think you will retain that same hope? Also if they found a way to replace your legs with cyborg legs, would you do it?

twoods12345 karma

Yes! I would try anything to be able to walk again! Especially cyborg legs! Dude that would be fucking awesome! I would try and become like a superhero with those things!:p

hansololee3 karma

Do you look up to fellow quads like Christopher Reeve? If not, who are your role models?

twoods123416 karma

I look up to him as an actor when he played superman, but i do not have any in wheelchairs. My main idols are Edwin van der sar, Eric Clapton, flea, robin van Persie, and batman

discodiscoman2 karma

A Manchester United fan eh?

twoods12344 karma

Glory glory man united! My dream is to go to old trafford to watch them play! :)

discodiscoman1 karma

I'm a Chelsea fan haha so I hate you a little bit ;) Van der Saar was a world class keeper, as for RVP, well I'll keep my opinion of him to myself. The way you're living your life is very inspirational, I hope you get to go to Old Trafford to see them play.

twoods12342 karma

I'm sorry for you man. But I just gotta say we are number 1 :p you have some great players in hazard, David Luiz, and Oscar!

O and Torres... Had to go there! :o Thank you very much for the compliments and I hope you have a good life as well! :)

nebelhund3 karma

Are you planning on a future career? Are you in training for anything? (Sorry if its a stupid question, I have no clue.)

twoods123412 karma

No there are no stupid questions! I currently am pursuing a mathematics degree at hope to one day become a middle school math teacher. :)

MuscleMansMom3 karma

I know I should know this, but what differs between a parapalegic and a quadriplegic?

twoods12348 karma

Actually I didn't know this either A quad is someone who is impaired in all 4 limbs while a para is 2 limbs

bastard_thought2 karma

Is it possible to have opposite paralyzed limbs on each side? Left leg and right arm? Or vice versa?

twoods12341 karma

Maybe! I think that would suck! Also they would have a really funny limp!

Papa_Palpatine1233 karma

You sound as though youre taking this all in stride and doing well. Bravo!

I am curious, how are you responding on this AMA?

twoods12341 karma

Thank you so much! :) I always appreciate people telling me that! I'm actually able to kinda manipulate my thumbs so I am able to type using my iPad. :)

ridhaha3 karma

Superman or Batman?

twoods123427 karma

Batman all the way!!!

retep15152 karma

I would just like to say that you have a really badass wheeliedop.

twoods12341 karma

Sorry but what is a wheeliedop?

mindfulmu2 karma

Could you do me a favor, it's s little bizarre so bare with me. Step 1. Go to faith healing church. step 2. Near the end of the sermon when the faith healing begins, approach and wait in the line. Step 3. When he puts his/her hand on your head please yell "jesus give me strength" step 4.(A) If possible just after he releases you I need you to jiggle slightly and look bewildered and roll away step 4. (B) if possible after he releases you if your able kinda slouch over and look yell "did it work?"

twoods12345 karma

Dude if I could find one of these churches I would totally do this and record me doing it! Are these places common?? :o

Gravy-Leg__2 karma


You write that you're a quad but you're holding a notepad in your proof picture. How are your hands disabled?

twoods123410 karma

In my situation I have some use of my arms. I have no use of motor function in my hands, and I'm unable to use my triceps as well.

Bunny_ofDeath5 karma

Hey, occupational therapist here. I'm guessing about C6-7? How are you doing in therapy, or are you on a break right now?

twoods12341 karma

I'm a c6 incomplete. I'm taking a break from therapy right now. But going to start again learning how to transfer into a transfer seat for my van.

Bearbats2 karma

How do you type with boxing gloves on your hands?

twoods12343 karma

Boxing gloves? Sir I'm a cripple not a boxing cripple! :p haha

Fartmatic2 karma

Do you have limited control of your arms or did someone help you pose for those pics?

twoods12346 karma

I have control of my arms except in my triceps and I have no motor control in my hands.

oOGeneral_RyanOo2 karma

cats or dogs?

twoods12347 karma

Dogs all the way! In fact I have a service dog! :)

digitalcampfire2 karma

I don't have a question but think you're amazing. Good for you!

twoods12341 karma

O thank you!! :) bless your soul! :)

AintNoFortunateSon1 karma

Wanna get high?

twoods12343 karma

Of course!!! Who doesn't??

Times_Are_Rough1 karma

Saw the picture in the background. So my question is, Do you have any plans to see the new Superman movie?

twoods12341 karma

O hell ya! I'm planning on going tonight!! I'm stoked!

Amazingest1 karma

Thanks so much for your post. My older brother was born with cerebral palsy, we are adults now, but I have always wondered/thought that it might be a good thing for him emotionally that he does not know what walking is like. Are you glad that you have the memories of walking or do you feel like it makes it more difficult to accept your present circumstances?

twoods12341 karma

I'm not gonna lie, I miss walking every day. But I have come to accept the way life is now and almost think that fate or god put this upon me to test my strength. So that helps me go through life.

bloodstainedking1 karma

"this was no boating accident."

sorry, i couldn't help myself...;)

twoods12344 karma

Hahahaha hahahaha :p

TheVeeginator1 karma

Was it hard to adjust to when you first had the accident? What were the hardest aspects that you had to come to terms with? Thanks man, you're kind of awesome

twoods12341 karma

O heavens yes! I mean I can't do normal tasks such as get myself dressed or drive or even such mundane tasks as walk to the toilet or shower myself. The hardest part was that i had to accept my life is like this now. I will always need some help from people no matter any task I'm doing.

billyisaok1 karma

My uncle is also a quadriplegic and I run him through a bunch of physical therapy machines on mon wed and fri (Leg bike, arm bike, and a standing frame). Are you doing anything to keep your body active in hopes that one day there is some medical breakthrough that will allow atleast someuse of the arms or legs?

twoods12341 karma

I have a arm bike in which I use for at least half an hour every day. I also am currently training my puppy to become a service dog. And for my legs I have range of motion done every day once in the morning and once at night. I would love for that procedure to exist someday! :)

retep15151 karma

I see that you're holding up a sign for your verification. How do you go about performing tasks like this? Do you have movement in your elbows only? And you look happy, so I'm happy, keep on keepin on, you.

twoods12341 karma

I actually have function in my arms just no fine motor function in my hands or the use of my triceps. And I have caregivers and a service dog to help aid me in tasks :)

goy-kafir1 karma

What's your mom doing later?

twoods123415 karma

Probably not having as much fun as me and your mom will later!

pooptits11 karma

whats your favorite food?

twoods12343 karma

I would have to say my grandmas pesto gnocchi. She is full blood Italian and makes the best everything!

Agglet1 karma

Hey OP, Just wanted to say thanks for doing this AMA. Out of curiosity, can you talk and how do you type?

twoods12343 karma

I can do both! I speak normally! And I have figured how to manipulate my hands so I can type on my iPad!

PleasurePlace1 karma

Anyone ever tell you that you look a lot like Will Wheaton? I'll admit I have not read thru all the questions here, but do you have a GF? Prospects?

twoods12343 karma

No I have never been told that! But thank you! I love that guy! And naw not right now. I'm just kinda taking life as it comes. If a girl comes around I would love it but right now I'm doing pretty good. :)

jennybeanzie1 karma

Hey Torre, no questions, just dropped by to congratulate you on your attitude. You're awesome and you remind me a lot of my late uncle, who was also a quad and had a fantastically positive attitude too. High five dude.

twoods12343 karma

Thanks man! high five :p I hope you have a good day!

krbsmith2111 karma

I think the obvious question is how are you writing this?

twoods12343 karma

I'm using my iPad! Touch screen things have helped me do so much!

Tiny-zebra1 karma

When I walk past you in superstore should I look at you then back at my eye level at stuff or do something different? Im awkward when it comes to that...

twoods12343 karma

Good question! Most people especially in public venues do not really know how to act in that situation. Just go with what feels natural. :)

inkypinkyblinky1 karma

Man, I'm 20 also and I couldn't imagine having to do the things that I do in life without use in my limbs. I just want to say good for you! Glad you're so positive. Maybe in addition to teaching you could be a motivational speaker?!

twoods12343 karma

It's definitely tough! I never imagined having this happen. You just have to make the best out of any situation! Being a motivational speaker could be really fun! I've met a few people who talked to me and I was like dang. My life is good compared to yours!

revjeremyduncan1 karma

Is there any chance of recovery (aside from potential new medical breakthroughs)?

Also, just curious, how are you holding that sign?

twoods12343 karma

Sadly no. Besides the rare miracle or that breakthrough in science. Let's hope! :) I'm able to use my arms kinda just no motor function in my hands or the have my triceps.

CS21474836471 karma

No question; just wanted to say you're a great dude

twoods12344 karma

Thanks bro! :)

nate8001 karma

Your humor and good nature about your situation and about life will bring your greater happiness than many will ever know. Thank you for being awesome.

It freaked me out when you said you were injured tubing! We go out all the time, and we get absolutely brutal to each other. It was quite eye-opening.

twoods12343 karma

Thank you! My main thing to say is just wear your life jackets and always be safe as one can while still having tons of fun. Because my life jacket saved my life. :)

Tokugawa-11 karma

Don't you mean paraplegic?

twoods12349 karma

No. I'm actually a quad. I have a c5-c7 fusion in my neck and I am impaired in all 4 of my limbs

jjay3 karma

Complete or incomplete? I'm a c5-7 fusion too :) [inc for me]

twoods12342 karma

I think I'm incomplete.

Tokugawa2 karma

How badly do you miss playing soccer?

twoods12344 karma

I miss it ssoo much!! It was my life. I was going to play college ball. I have season tickets to the sounders so that helps keep my passion strong! :)