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I was expecting a little kid.

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That's basically doubling the size, for me.

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He did? What a jerk! I hope he doesn't still call people that. Thanks for answering my question. Hope you're having fun.

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Hey, Ellen! Those are some really cool drawings. Way better than I can do.

I wanted to ask you what you think about people calling stuff "retarded" when they mean it's bad. Does it bother you when people use that word like that?

Also, what's your favorite TV show, if you have one? And favorite movie?

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Why didn't you just lie, and tell them you were cured, so you didn't have to have the operation. Genuinely curious.

Do you have breast implants?

You mentioned that the hormone treatment cause irreversible effects - what kind?

Thanks for doing this AMA. Has to be a hard subject to talk about.