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In general this is the sort of thing I would dig out a throwaway for, but fuck it.

Speaking from personal experience, there is a certain spot below/behind my balls. If I put a decent amount of pressure on it (and I'm assuming my prostate) directly before/during an orgasm it feels the same, but nothing comes out. I tried it because I heard about it online, so I know its not just me. Would this prevent your symptoms?

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Interesting. I take it vasectomies don't help? Which mean its a problem with the semen itself, not just the sperm inside it...

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I mean no insensitivity, but these are questions I've always had in the back of my mind when meeting quadriplegic people but I feel are inappropriate to ask...

When you are out and about in public, what do you wish more people would help you with and what do you people try to help you with that you feel is just patronizing?

Do you resent the person responsible for the boating accident?

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As an engineering major who hated his ODE class, I respect the hell out of anyone pursuing a math degree on purpose. Best of luck in your studies!

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An awesome outlook, making people a little uncomfortable is hilarious (except on TV for some reason...). A followup:

What are your goals for the rest of your life, since a full-length triathlon and professional soccer player are probably out?