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Good answer! Which, in your opinion, had more effect on the number of ships lost, the convoy system, or the decryption of the enigma code?

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I'd love to hear that conversation.

"Uh guys, this is SETI, you might want to swing your doodad towards 143;43;12"

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That must have taken some creative packing to get three spare wheels, four people, camping equipment and food into that car!

Did you ever find out why he decided to give you eleven cantaloupes and a watermelon, or is it still a mystery?

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That sounds like a great experience, I'll watch the video in a bit.

How much did it cost in petrol? Did you have to pay that out of your own pocket or was it subsidised?

Where there any moments where you thought about giving up and going home?

Any particularly scary moments?

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Do you think it'd have been easier on a hybrid/road bike, or was the terrain bad enough to need a mountain bike in places?