Hi reddit!

I was answering some questions elsewhere (in /r/WTF, funny enough), and it turns out there were more than a few requests for me to do an actual IAmA, so here I am! I'll be answering questions from about 20 to 30 minutes from now up until interest wanes or I get too tired to do more, which will probably be a good several hours.

As I stated above, I'm a transsexual, aka shemale, and no, I have not had surgery to change that as of yet. I may in the future, but for now it's not really a concern in my life. I've been in the industry for a few years at this point, have received performer of the year nominations for both the XBiz and AVN awards, and have received several nominations for the still-budding "Tranny Awards," in several categories.

I live in San Francisco instead of Los Angeles, I have a girlfriend of going on two years, and feel pretty strongly about non-monogamy (not just polyamory), sex education, and sexual liberation.

I'm happy to answer just about anything (I'll note that it is an AMAA in the title), from questions about the industry or specifically the TS side of the industry, to sharing stories, or talking about my own weird fringe fetishes (plastic surgery, asphyxiaphilia, bimbofication, etc), or just about anything else. I will not answer questions that are dishy/gossipy about other performers, studios, directors, etc, and I won't talk trash or otherwise be a bitch about anyone I work with (although, for the record, I have enjoyed working with everyone I've been paired up with).

Proof: https://twitter.com/JulietteStray/status/308363428056141826

Edit: OK guys, it's been pretty fun but I'm going to take a bit of a break now. I'll still be swinging by occasionally to answer questions that crop up, but I'm no longer going to be actively sitting here refreshing the page. Feel free to keep them coming, but there may be a bit of a delay.

Edit 2: OK, it's been about eleven hours. I'm going to head to bed, but I'll check this thread again in the morning. Thanks for the fun!

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candeeman130 karma

Do you play any DotA 2?

candeeman103 karma

We played a couple games together, I just assumed it was some girl that chose your name as a joke to avoid the majority of harassment.

JulietteStray139 karma


cbenjamin85323 karma

Say this often? :)

JulietteStray215 karma

Well, I try not to, though I've accidentally "tranny surprised" people twice. Both were girls, and both I assumed already knew, and in neither case was either displeased.

It went okay.

themettaur17 karma

Do you take friend requests/game invites from random Reddit strangers? Just curious. :P

JulietteStray37 karma

Well, if they're good. It is a competitive game, so I prefer to only intentionally play with people who are at or above my skill level :)

bout2cum9 karma

What other games do you play?

JulietteStray94 karma

Speaking of only currently, right now it's Guild Wars 2, pencil and paper Dungeons and Dragons, and I'm going through playing the Etrian Odyssey games for the DS again. I also play/develop and have played/developed on MUDs online for almost as long as I have had a computer, which is over half my life.

Historically, some of my favourite games that I'm just not playing right now are Left 4 Dead 2, Frequency, AudioSurf, Warcraft (by which I mean the RTS games, not the MMO), World of Warcraft (...), StarCraft, tactical RPGs, the Elder Scrolls games (from Daggerfall, when it came out, and onward), the Ultima games (in particular VII), the Might and Magic series and Heroes of Might and Magic series, Binding of Isaac, and NetHack.

Much older games that I still play and adore are things Master of Magic (probably one of my all-time favourite games ever), or the Quest for Glory series.

I've been playing games for a long time :)

Dariath11 karma

Dragonrealms was amazing, back in the 90's. Always felt MUDs were better in role playing than MMOs.

JulietteStray15 karma

Hah. I remember Dragonrealms. And you're right, they are -- I also still play on what is probably the most intensive role-playing game that exists right now, so I'm a little spoiled in that regard.

omnomdumplings8 karma

Will you be my internet girlfriend?

JulietteStray18 karma

What kind of loot do I get?

LokiCode1 karma


Are you from the UK?

JulietteStray2 karma

No, but I've grown up on the internet, and because my sleep patterns lead me to being mostly nocturnal as opposed to diurnal, I spend a lot of time talking with Aussies and Kiwis and pommies, so spelling habits have been rubbing off on me since I was still a tween.

I also wind up adopting non-American slang for much the same reason, sometimes not even realizing that it isn't local until someone comments on it.

And yet, I do still say hella.

Benjaphar1 karma

WoW server and faction?

JulietteStray2 karma

Horde, Black Dragonflight, but not for a very long time.

themettaur1 karma

Do you judge that by win rate, or by watching them play? I have a 50% win rate but at half the time you have logged, plus I really only play all random when I solo and half the time team compositions lead to the loss rather than skill or lack thereof. Also thanks for even responding. xD

JulietteStray2 karma

By watching them play. Theoretically, if Valve's mechanics are matching you correctly, pretty much everyone should have a 50% win rate (though they aren't, and they don't -- I win most games I play during the day and early evening, but late at night I lose almost all of them). I will look at things like their builds and item selections and their behaviour when interacting with other teammates, or things like their ability to judge the correct courses of action and set up ganks and the like.

Howdy_McGee3 karma

Have you played League of Legends?

If so why do you prefer Dota over League?

JulietteStray6 karma

Nope. LoL has always struck me as not as meticulously well-balanced or thought out, but even if that assumption is inaccurate, it is accurate to say that the playerbase is full of the most abrasive assholes imaginable. I'm sure not every player is, but when being polite is the exception rather than the rule, it's not a community I want to be a part of (for reference, this is the same reason I don't play TF2).

sinefato106 karma

Why is it that most shemale (I have no idea if this term is considered offensive or something, if so, I apologize) porn seems to be shemale-male.

While I don't find myself attracted to shemales by themselves shemale-girl is friggin hot (penetration AND double the boobs!), but so rare and hard to find.

JulietteStray139 karma

"Shemale" is generally considered offensive, but I don't find it offensive in the slightest and in fact often use it to refer to myself. I mention it only because you brought it up.

Porn is often shemale-male for a couple of reasons: most porn consumers are male, so there is an assumption that males will want to see other males having sex with the girls they are hot for. Additionally, male talent is cheaper (like, a lot cheaper) than female talent, especially for most TS work, and sometimes transgirls have trouble getting it up (though less so now, with the advent of Viagra) -- in a shemale-girl scene, that's a problem. In a shemale-guy scene, no big deal, he can just do the topping. Additionally, most transwomen in porn don't want to have sex with women (I remember chasing another performer I'm friends with around a house at a party trying to get her to touch my friend's vulva), and as a result the scenes aren't terribly good even if the genetic girls are into it.

Give me a moment, and I'll edit in a link to something in /r/Tgirls, I think it was, where I linked to some stuff with this in it.

Edit: here it is

Drudicta18 karma

What makes it difficult for trans to get hard? I now understand that is why I never see them fucking the guy or just jerking off.

JulietteStray56 karma

Not having testosterone. Testosterone is what makes dicks work most of the time, so you have pretty unreliable erections if you don't have any.

Sallymander8 karma

I never concidered Viagra before with trans porn. Being trans myself it takes some work to get it up and prefer attention to be else where anyways... Is there any concern about the Viagra conflicting with other hormones they are taking and causing problems? Also how do you feel about the use of performance enhancing drugs in the work place?

JulietteStray3 karma

Nahh, Viagra doesn't affect your hormones, it just works as a vasodilator (basically, it moves blood down into tissues that will benefit from it, i.e., the dick). It burns calories pretty fiercely and dehydrates you a bit, so you need to be sure to take it after having eaten (and probably eat after sex), and keep a bottle of water on hand, otherwise you'll get a headache.

I don't even really consider it a performance enhancing drug. It's just something you take because it's YOUR JOB to perform perfectly, and even if you can get it up rather reliably, why not be sure?

shakenspray83 karma

do your parents know or approve?

JulietteStray239 karma

I'm not sure if you're asking if they know and approve that I'm TS, or know and approve that I'm in porn, but either way the answer is yes. I'm sure they'd be a bit happier were I NOT in porn, but it doesn't seem to actually bother them -- they had concerns in the beginning, but ultimately decided that I'm their kid no matter what, and so long as I'm not putting myself in danger and am happy, it's okay.

I'm very fortunate, in that respect. I love both my parents very much.

roguepublichealth81 karma


JulietteStray186 karma

There's a lot less gigs, because there's a lot less content being produced -- there's only a few companies that shoot TS porn on the regular, and you can easily over-shoot yourself and wind up not really having anything to do for a while. Whereas most girls don't really "need" their own website, it's kind of a mandatory thing in the TS side of the industry if you want to keep steady income coming in.

The hardest part is probably that I have to do the most difficult part of the job for both male and female performers. I have to be able to perform on command, keep it up, last as long as necessary and then finish on demand, but I also have to be able to spread myself open and look super hot and get the brains fucked out of me while doing all that. It's difficult -- but fun!

PocketGroove39 karma

This is curious because i saw a documentary about sexual stimuli that gathered info on what types of porn are most viewed, and it turned out that TS is VERY popular, much more so than lesbian porn. Again, thats just according to the doc i saw

edit: Link here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-A8GvUehq4 it wasnt a documentary. it was a seminar

JulietteStray66 karma

I agree with it/you in that I think TS porn is a LOT more popular than it's being given credit for, but just because something is more popular doesn't mean that it's easy enough to shake the assumption that it isn't, when that was the case for a pretty long time. It's unfortunate, but...

albino_wookiee76 karma


JulietteStray179 karma

I have had gut-wrenching (ha ha, get it?) orgasms from anal before, and they are definitely like.. in the top three things I enjoy during sex. There is almost NOTHING that feels as good as cumming from prostate stimulation, and it literally makes me want to loll my tongue out of my mouth and convulse and drool all over myself like I'm a cliche'd anime character.

The best part of my job is, honestly, that I get to show up, have my hair and makeup done for me, get introduced to incredibly hot women, and then get paid to have sex with them. I still kind of feel like I've somehow gotten away with something when I get paid at the end of a day. It's amazing.

Crasken72 karma


JulietteStray120 karma

Pee beforehand, because you will get confused and think that maybe that is what is going to happen (it isn't). Interestingly, many girls have the same problem with g-spot stimulation.

Keep doing it, and try using a vibrator or strapon that vibrates (though my favourite strapon does not and can not). Also keep in mind that prostate orgasm feels different, and is not necessarily accompanied by ejaculation. It can also happen repeatedly, like, there is not a long refractory period like with a normal male genital orgasm. Additionally, try having her (or you) do a reacharound while you're getting nailed (this works best in missionary-ish position). It may be the little bump you need to get you there.

rayx30253 karma

Goodness... Replying for future reference!

JulietteStray30 karma

You know, if you use Reddit Enhancement Suite, you can click on the save link below posts and Reddit Enhancement Suite will then save those posts for you in Reddit Enhancement Suite.

fractos60 karma

Hey Juliette, just to say, as someone who has known you for probably about ten years now, I am so glad you are finding happiness in what you are doing. You rock \m/

JulietteStray48 karma

Ha ha. I didn't know you were over here. Cheers :)

friendlyaussie12 karma

So... Who is (s)he?

JulietteStray40 karma

Fractos and I have known each other for years and years through online avenues. He also really helped me out a few years ago when an ex (but still a good friend, as are 95% of my exes), a musician, was stranded abroad with nowhere to stay after some shitty travel plans fell through, which was awesome of him to do.

Nautical9452 karma

Given that sex and gender are typically separated as two different things, do you feel that having surgery makes you any more of a woman? Do you associate more as having a female gender, female sex, or what? I don't quite understand. Care to deliver some insight on what being a transsexual means with respect to biological sex and social gender? Thanks for taking the time to read!

JulietteStray130 karma

Oh, man, this is a pretty in-depth question. OK...

So, you're right -- biological sex (your chromosomes) are different from gender (which is whether you are 'masculine' or 'feminine'). Looking for words to help me describe it, I find the first line of the Wikipedia article about it to be pretty apt:

The distinction between sex and gender is a concept that distinguishes sex, the biological makeup of an individual's reproductive anatomy, from gender, an individual's lifestyle often culturally learned.

A transsexual is someone whose biological sex does not match up with their gender identity for whatever reason, owing to various theories that I don't think, last I checked, had been proven.

Having surgery doesn't really strike me as something that, personally, would make me feel more like a woman, though I know plenty of other TS who feel that way. I used to feel VERY strongly that it was something that HAD TO BE DONE, at all costs, or I would die, but once I started taking the "correct" hormones, I found that angst and anxiousness just kind of faded away, and I became 'comfortable' once I was running on estrogen and not testosterone. Surgery will probably be something I'll do some far-off day in the unspecified future, but not because I feel like I would need it to complete me.

I identify as being female, and what's actually kind of weird is that I can easily often forget that I am not. My girlfriend, likewise, forgets that I have a penis, and a previous lesbian couple I dated also would routinely forget that I didn't have fully female anatomy. Even when I am naked and looking at myself, it doesn't strike me as something like, oh, there's a cock there, not a pussy. It wasn't always that way, but I guess maybe after enough time of identifying and feeling female, stuff just kind of gets rewired in your head. I don't know.

I hope that answers what you were getting at?

RedditRemedial3 karma

I'm a little confused, does that mean girls can take testosterone and feel masculine and be considered a T... I don't know what word to put here, sorry?

JulietteStray22 karma

"Transman," as opposed to transwoman. There are plenty of them, but because the female body as a whole is more capable of being androgynous than the male body, they tend to slide by unnoticed (it also helps that men aren't really physically scrutinized like women are).

RedditRemedial11 karma

Wow, I just had a serious "oh shit" moment. Thank you for replying. You're the coolest t.. Tran... Person I've met. Take care.

JulietteStray5 karma

Haha. You're welcome. Glad it was enlightening.

Timeriot40 karma

Is there any "unspoken etiquette" doing niche porn? (For example, not cumming in your ass, or spraying in your eye)

JulietteStray107 karma

Not really, but most places do not shoot internal cumshots anymore anyway. The only times I've had cum shot in my eye, it's been my own, which is a whole new world of irritatingly frustrating, believe me.

thewolfhouse35 karma

I just want to say, you are my absolute favorite adult entertainer cis or trans.

I wish there was more material featuring you out there.

JulietteStray21 karma

Thanks! And I'm working on it.. :)

MrCynicalDammit33 karma

What got you into the industry?

JulietteStray62 karma

Another TS performer, Mandy Mitchell, was in town in San Francisco shooting content for her own site, but the performer she was supposed to have booked flaked out. I had previously on a whim done one dinky little amateur shoot, and her videographer who was familiar with the site it was on pointed me out to her, and she contacted me asking if I'd like to work together.

From there, she introduced me to people in LA since we got along pretty well, and stuff just kind of snowballed on.

If you're asking what got me interested in being in the industry, I had always wanted to do it, and I mean "always" as in, like, from the age I first saw porn, which was probably around 11 or so (thanks, Internet).

MrCynicalDammit11 karma

So you have always been a bit of an exhibitionist?

How long have you been in the industry? Has the change from dvd sales to online sales created more opportunities?

JulietteStray38 karma

I have always wanted to be an exhibitionist, but I wasn't always comfortable with my body (unsurprisingly, I imagine), so I didn't really "exhibit" until that changed.

I've been in the industry for maybe.. uhh.. three, possibly four years? Probably closer to three. As such, it's always been online sales as far as I'm concerned, and DVDs exist for some esoteric reason that I'm not quite certain of.

king_walnut26 karma

Do you genuinely enjoy sex in your ass? How do you cope with extra large co-stars? Do you feel uncomfortable for days after?

JulietteStray66 karma

I do. I really do. Sex in my throat is my favourite, but anal is.. almost just as good. I don't.. really need to cope, I just ease up into it (you do stretching off-camera). Like, before the scene proper, we'll start to transition to doing anal, stop the camera, lube me up, and my partner will start to gently fuck me for a little while to get me 'used' to him or her, then we'll pull out, they'll get back in position, and we turn the camera on and they can just impale me right out of the gate.

I don't really feel uncomfortable, though usually the anal is rough enough that I wind up changing into pajamas and leaving set in those rather than whatever I showed up in :)

slimzimm26 karma

Are there a lot of drugs in the TS porn business? I worked at a gay bar and it seemed that all performers I knew were highly into the drug scene but that wasn't what you do. How do you feel about drugs?

JulietteStray101 karma

I think there is less drug usage than in the mainstream industry, but probably still more than outside of the industry in general. There's NOT really drug usage on set, but, you know, when you're super hot, have a lot of disposable income, and get to party with people in Hollywood, it's pretty easy to wind up doing a line of coke or whatever else.

I am strictly, adamantly passionate about not doing drugs or drinking before work (like, even a day or two before work, let ALONE day of), but when I'm not working I probably use what is considered to be a larger-than-average amount. Drugs are fun, and if you use them semi-responsibly and in a risk-aware fashion, there's not really any harm. That doesn't apply to all drugs, as I think some things are just inherently overall bad if not outright evil (meth and heroin come to mind), but those are generally exceptions to my rule.

I primarily use and prefer psychedelics (mushrooms and LSD and foxy if I can ever find it again), but also enjoy ecstasy (especially sex on ecstasy) and sometimes but rarely painkillers or muscle relaxants. I occasionally do cocaine socially, but never really outside of that context. Ketamine and GHB also make an occasional appearance (that I wish were more frequent). I mostly enjoy things that enhance aural and tactile sensations, and I really, really enjoy the synaesthesia that occurs with psychedelics and music for me, which is my primary reason for doing them at all. Of note is that I do not do pot or any other smoked substance, and I don't do needle drugs.

I feel like it's OK to party and have a good time, but the moment that starts interfering even a little on the stability of your life or your work, then it's an issue that needs to be curbed immediately.

mdoes42010 karma

whats foxy?

JulietteStray25 karma

5-MeO-DIPT. It is ridiculous. I have never been so gacked out of my mind in my entire life and the sex was awesome.

i_can_verify_this7 karma

Why is it that you prefer not to smoke pot? I was just curious because there are other drugs that you stated that are much more dangerous that you have taken, but what makes you stop at pot?

JulietteStray12 karma

Smoke makes me violently ill.

homewrddeer3 karma

You should really check out Joe cocker's cover of come together by the Beatles next time you take mushrooms, its become a tradition for me to listen to that song while tripping. I just get this massive wave of euphoria, hands down best feeling in the world.

JulietteStray8 karma

I'll be honest that that's not really the kind of music I enjoy, but I'll check it out.

My go-to album is Delerium's "Semantic Spaces," as well as a good number of Amon Tobin releases.

amindatpeace24 karma

Have you seen the movie A Soldiers Girl? If so, how did that movie affect you emotionally? Between that movie and Boys Don't Cry I'm terrified to come out as trans* to anyone.

JulietteStray36 karma

I'm afraid I haven't -- I don't really get too involved in trans-related content aside from pornography, so I don't typically wind up seeing things like either of those movies.

I was born in the southeastern United States, which is a pretty conservative place all things considered, and I was really nervous about coming out to anyone. Ultimately, though, my friends didn't care (my best friend's exact words were, in fact, "well, pardon my French, but no fucking duh"), and the scarce few people I encountered that did... I just didn't really care about. I was still worried about being "outed" in public and maybe getting lynched or something, but that was about it.

I know for me that if I could only be friends/family with people if I continually fit exactly into whatever expected mold they had for me, those people were clearly not my friends or family to begin with.

littlemuse23 karma


JulietteStray40 karma

Some of my more politically active friends feel pretty strongly about what they perceive to be as negative treatment from the industry, but I really have no problem with it at all. It's a fetish, we're catering to that fetish, and that fetish mostly identifies us as "shemales." I can think of little that's less erotic than something called, say, "Transwoman Cum Guzzlers #7." It's just a word, and I don't feel that a word has a power to marginalize me; it's just a word, and I can choose how I want to feel about that word.

I feel like I'm helping a little, sure, because anything that increases visibility is something that helps 'normalize' the existence of transsexuals. Even mainstream media is starting to catch up at this point, and that's really saying something. I am not concerned about, say, oversexualizing "us", and even if I were, I like being sexualized anyway.

I've met plenty of other performers, sure. I've never met Buck, but Bailey and I have worked together, and I've likewise spent time with most of the other girls in the industry right now. They've all been cool.

Some TS performers perceive there to be discrimination, some don't. There's a lot of fuss about us only having two award categories at the AVN awards (the primary awards show for the industry), best transsexual release and transsexual performer of the year, but I feel like.. you know, there's not an "ethnic performer of the year," or whatever else. I feel like we are, clearly, a niche category, and it seems a little silly to me to give us the equivalent award categories of female performers -- there are A LOT more female performers than TS performers. Outside of the awards shows, there's holdover from back when in regard to a perception that TS performers are more likely to be people you would catch a disease from, due to the perception that male-to-female transsexuals are sluts that sleep around primarily with gay men (which is not really accurate). As a result, some talent won't work with other talent that works with transsexual performers, so resultingly there are some talent agencies that will not allow their performers to work with transsexual performers because it will hurt them in terms of how much work they will get. Some people are mad at these agents, but I feel like, really, they're just doing their job. I don't see anything wrong with wanting to ensure your career is successful, and it's not like a personal slight to me that someone won't work with me on camera (or fuck me off-camera, for that matter).

Kellenace19 karma

Thanks for doing this Juliette,

What do you prefer more, men or women? How much money did you make in 2012? will you ever settle down and marry? Any bad injury's on set?

JulietteStray40 karma

While it hasn't always been this way for the entirety of my life, right now I prefer women. Girls are softer, and I'm narcissistic, so having them look more like me is always a preference. I also enjoy EXTREMELY rough sex, and it's just way hotter when a girl brutalizes another girl sexually as opposed to a man doing the same thing, because it's slightly more "taboo" and unexpected. That said, I prefer cock to pussy, so strapons are always a huge plus.

How much money did I make... heh. "Not a lot." I make enough to live off of, but that's about it. I made more at my previous job working for Starbucks, but I also worked a lot, LOT more. On average, I probably work about one and a half days a month. I'd love to work more, but it's hard in San Francisco because no work is local.

In terms of marriage... you know, I don't know. When I was younger, I was pretty sure I'd be dead by the time I was 30, but now it's like.. clearly, no, that won't be the case. Right now I'm pretty sure I'll never marry, but I'm not going to really be able to predict the future with any certainty.

I've never really hurt myself on set, though once I did a scene in piledriver position and it kinda fucked my neck up for a day or so.

Onibaba8883 karma


JulietteStray9 karma

When you're a young rebel in a subculture of young rebels, living to the incredibly old age of THIRTY seems just so unlikely that it's laughable. Live fast, die young, etc.

Now, of course, I'm not a kid anymore.

PubicAnimeNummerJuan18 karma

Hi Ms. Stray, I've never seen anything you've been in but reading through your responses has been a pleasure. You're quite articulate and I appreciate your efforts to explain your gender identity. I wouldn't be so presumptuous as to PM you, and I don't really know what to ask; just thanks for offering a little validation to someone who can identify with some of what you're saying.

Not that you'll read this, the AMA's already dead, but still.

JulietteStray22 karma

No, I'm still going through reading stuff, I'm just not checking religiously. I'm glad you're enjoying/enjoyed the AMA! :)

glansed18 karma

I just wanted to say that I have found this thread to be totally amazing!

I was just wondering, what was it like having the experience of growing breasts, and age were you?

JulietteStray26 karma

Oh, this is a good question! Uh.. if it were a single word answer, "weird."

You wind up going through puberty, and due to the age at which I started hormones, I had really just finished my original puberty and then went into it again with a host of different effects. It's actually kind of painful, as your average girl is going to be able to tell you. When your breast tissue is first growing and expanding, it just outright fucking hurts, and even laying on your chest just can't be done until it's finished, which is seriously like over a year. I had to, for a bit, actually switch to wearing more boyish clothes, because I wasn't ready to come out yet, but if I wasn't wearing something loose and baggy then it would eventually become obvious that there was something fishy going on under there. This was right after I turned 19, and stuff continued to develop until about 22 or 23 or so.

mrs_squarepants15 karma

Hahaha, I've been waiting for the day when I would find one of my friends on Reddit.... And its you! I don't want to use my name on Reddit, but we were just talking two days ago about how to keep your hair white blonde. Hello beautiful!

JulietteStray15 karma

Haha. I know exactly who you are just by looking at what you have set up in your makeup area. Heya!! We still need to go out for drinks sometime!

mrs_squarepants2 karma

Hahahahaha yessss. I was thinking about making a trip to SF soon (that 40 min drive from the suburbs just tires me!) to do some shopping, then drinks will be in order.

JulietteStray7 karma

Text me and keep me updated about it! Just give me a day's notice in advance!

asoiaflover14 karma

How old were you when you knew that you were a woman? And how old were you when you decided to be in porn?

JulietteStray31 karma

The moment there started being even the slightest differences in the sexes in school, I realized something was 'wrong'. This was probably around 4th grade or so, so I guess that's.. what, 9 years old?

I wanted to be in porn as soon as I first saw porn, I knew I wanted to be one of those girls, so that was probably around 11 or 12.

mozza514 karma

What would be your death row meal?

JulietteStray43 karma

Annie's Organic Shells & Real Aged Wisconsin Cheddar made with vanilla soy, butter, Cotswold cheese, red and black pepper, garlic and onion, and topped with shredded drunken goat cheese. Served with a side of Suddenly Salad classic with sliced black olives.


Mechanicalme14 karma

If you hadn't already mentioned it, this comment alone would have been a dead give-away that you live in the Bay Area.

In other related news, I recently met a marketing director (brand) for Annie's O. The production is still very small.

JulietteStray13 karma

I once, in my way early 20's, convinced a friend of mine to get Bernie (the rabbit of approval) tattooed on her mons, including the banner that says "Organic" beneath the seal.

So, I don't know what kind of relationship you have with the marketing director, but if you ever bump into them again, you should keep that story in mind.

Mechanicalme7 karma

Beautiful. This is the type of story marketing directors love to hear.

JulietteStray18 karma

How many more tattoos do I have to convince people to get before the company starts sending me free macaroni?

Mechanicalme8 karma

From my limited understanding, free macaroni only comes to those doing endorsements. Maybe try sneaking a box or two in your shots and demand back-pay?


JulietteStray16 karma

Don't think I won't do it.

mozza53 karma

Awesome reply, thanks.

JulietteStray26 karma

Word. I am serious about my macaroni and cheese. Plus, you know, I'm a lactard, so maybe in my death throes that'll interact poorly and someone will have extra mess to clean up. JOKE'S ON YOU, GUYS.

GhostPoopie8 karma

you are a genius.

Silly question but last drink? if it could be anything other then milk.

JulietteStray12 karma

Oh man, okay, so....

A single iced venti two pumps toffee nut, three pumps chai, soy, light ice chai tea latte.

Alternatively, if it is cold where I am to be killed:

A single venti two pumps toffee nut, three pumps chai, soy, extra foamy, free-poured chai tea latte, in a ceramic cup.

FearTheStache133 karma

wow..that was intense

JulietteStray4 karma

You should try it. If you get the hot one, you have to slurp it up through the foam, not drink through the sippy-slit in the lid.

mozza53 karma

are you vegetarian? I can share some excellent recipes for mac and cheese. (i'm not vegetarian, but my sister can't eat meat)

JulietteStray2 karma

I am! I would be happy to learn new and exciting ways to consume macaroni and cheese!!

sowhatifitsweird13 karma


JulietteStray19 karma

Affiliates (like me) are given promo codes every now and then, but right now there are no active ones. Sorry!

I've been VERY SLOWLY working on my own site, but because I'm not in LA very much it's quite difficult to shoot for it -- since the trip isn't covered by the check from shooting, I pay for my own travel and board and everything else, and that adds up real quick.

I'm afraid I don't see red hair again in my future until I've reached a point where my blonde is falling out, which will be years down the line. Being a Barbie is super, super important to me, and I don't want to compromise it.

douchebaggervance12 karma

You're professional life seems pretty wild. What is your favorite movie and food?

JulietteStray26 karma

I'm a lactard, but I still really, really like macaroni and cheese, as described in excruciating detail over here. I can't eat the same thing all the time, though (especially when it's, you know, cheese), so my fallback is Indian food, in particular saag paneer and paneer makhani (also cheese, but less troublesome). Close runners-up would be (vegetarian) thai curry of various styles (preferably panang or green), or sandwiches from Ike's Place, in particular the Jessica Rabbit, though it's such a gut-bomb that I can't even eat a whole sandwich in one day:

Buffalo Wing Sauce, Ranch, Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers, Vegan Breaded Chicken

I don't really have favourite movies, honestly, but I do have favourite TV series..es, such as the relaunch of Doctor Who and Breaking Bad. If I still had to pick a movie, it'd be between Ghostbusters, Baraka, Wet Hot American Summer, or Hackers.

douchebaggervance4 karma

Cool, thanks for the reply. That sandwich sounds absolutely awesome. I've worked with Michael Showalter, of WHASummer fame, before actually. He's a cool dude.

JulietteStray10 karma

The old crew from the State were at the time some of the funniest people on television, but they were just way ahead of their time. It was really nice to see people working together again on Stella/WHASummer.

mozza52 karma

Did you expect to talk about food so much in this? haha

JulietteStray11 karma

Nope, but food is pretty bitchin', so I am a-ok with it.

mozza51 karma

question that has nothing to do with food - Shyla Stylez or Ava Devine?

JulietteStray2 karma

Um, geez, it's kind of a hard call because both are really hot, but I would probably go with Ava because I know Ava is unquestionably raunchy and she and I have flirted with one another for a good long while now. I haven't had any interactions with Shyla.

SabrinaSuzuki11 karma

Hey Juliette, big fan here! Your cumshots are simply amazing, definitely the biggest in TS porn. I was wondering how many days you typically save up before shooting a scene?

JulietteStray20 karma

Iiii'm not sure sure you're Sabrina Suzuki.. :p

Anyway, thank you -- I typically save up day of and day before, and that's it. I attribute my, um.. quality and force of such to be both to diet and extremely strong PC muscles.

SabrinaSuzuki4 karma

Wow, I can only imagine what a week's worth would look like! Hope your next scene has your biggest load yet!

JulietteStray19 karma

I think my most ridiculous ones have been my scene with Bailey Jay (I drenched her), my scene with Leslie Sierra (same), and my most recent scene with my partner, Rain DeGrey (I cum twice in this, actually, and both times it's as usual an absurd quantity).

Mecha1203 karma

Would you say that it feels significantly better than a typical cumshot? I'm trying to work on my own orgasms so that I shoot more often than just dribble out when I masturbate. I see a lot of transsexuals that can cum hard when either masturbating or after sex.

JulietteStray9 karma

Kegel exercises definitely, definitely help, both in terms of force and in intensity. Getting your prostate banged beforehand also helps.

StormRay0911 karma

Whats your view on men who treat trans women as a fetish?

JulietteStray29 karma

It doesn't bother me, but I'm not into topping men (and am adamant that I will not do it), so sometimes guys telling me how much they want my dick or whatever gets kind of eye-rollingly tiring, but I understand it's just what turns them on and it isn't their fault.

dansadroidfreak13 karma

I'm apparently behind on my porn terms. What does "topping" mean?

JulietteStray22 karma

Topping means, in general, to take the penetrative role. Bottoming is taking the receptive one.

StormRay097 karma

Thanks for answering. Have you noticed that some guys use trans women as stepping stones to accepting they're gay?

JulietteStray32 karma

People use a lot of things as stepping stones to other things, with just about as many of them being related as those that are unrelated. I don't really think there's much of a correlation.

ShwaggBags2 karma

Well what about guys going down on you? Are you at all a fan of that?

JulietteStray5 karma

I'm not really into it, but it doesn't turn me off, assuming they know how to do it. I feel almost the same about girls going down on me, for that matter, and again, it's not because I'm uncomfortable with my junk (I'm really not), it's just that I don't find getting head to be very submissive, and I prefer being submissive in bed.

ZombieSnake8 karma

If you could do your own pop culture themed porn movie (Batman Xxx, Edward Penishands, etc.) what theme would you choose and why?

JulietteStray18 karma

Oh, man, this is a really good question. Hmm...

Something like The Cell would be fun, because it's incredibly visually stunning and surreal and weird, but I don't think it'd be my first choice.

I would, likewise, love to make some kind of HP Lovecraft story into a sex movie, but historically even the ones that are true to the source material make for awful fucking films, because text conveys those idea better. An alternative might be making something like The Thing, but again, I don't think people really want to see that (and to be honest, I'd have a hard time thinking of how to work in the sex).

A more serious suggestion that I'd be really, really excited about would be an Aliens movie, because the Giger xenomorph is the perfect mix between terrifying and sexual (as it was constructed to be), there's not a lot of alien-on-girl porn out there, and it would be as uncomfortable as it would be arousing. It wouldn't sell well, though, so.. that's probably out too.

If I was to choose something I'd want to do that would also be (potentially) commercially viable, it'd probably be Dune. Because Dune is fucking awesome, there's insane psionic stuff and crazy technology, and what is a Bene Gesserit if not the epitome of a dominatrix? Let's also not forget to factor in Bene Tleilaxu Face Dancers, which opens up a whole world of weird shapeshifting fucking. Rad.

laramanbeck8 karma

Does your girlfriend mind that you are in the porn industry and getting it in with other women?

JulietteStray29 karma

My girlfriend is also in the porn industry and likes getting it on with other women :).

She is also poly, and involved in two long-term relationships that she's been in before being with me (including marriage), and neither of us really know how to experience jealousy, so it's no big deal.

PrincessGary7 karma

Have you ever had any hate thrown at you for trans at all?

also, What's your opinion on other trans women saying that other women who actually either enjoy having their penis, or like using it are traitors and get a lot of sucky shit?

JulietteStray12 karma

Extremely rarely, like, less than once a year, but I also pass very well, so it's not like anyone really knows unless I've told them.

I haven't encountered that from transwomen, but I also don't know any transwomen outside of the industry, so maybe things are different when that's not a generally expected core component of your job.

PocketGroove7 karma

Having a hardtime finding one of your facefucking videos. If anyone has a link, let me know!

JulietteStray13 karma

TS porn doesn't "specialize" in the sense that mainstream porn does, so there aren't transsexual titles specifically for all-oral releases... though I'm probably going to produce one and put it out myself and see how it does.

Two of my favourites (also with girls) are here, with my girlfriend and here, with Leslie Sierra.

PocketGroove2 karma

i just saw the clips! awesome! but i was surprised to see you getting throated by strap ons..... do you prefer that to going down on actual penis?

JulietteStray13 karma

Yes and no. Real cock is awesome, but it can't be as rough with me as a girl with a strap-on can. Off-camera, my girlfriend will hold me down and keep my throat blocked until I start to (and sometimes completely) asphyxiate. That tends to cause things like spasms or uncontrollable struggling, and that's not something where you want to have delicate flesh by teeth. She has held me down until I've blacked out before and kept throat-fucking me until I woke up, but that'd be way too risky with real dick.

nameless4207 karma


JulietteStray15 karma

I started to, but was plagued with network problems. I've since solved those, but I find I have a really hard time with camera angles. Most girls now use laptops, and it's very ease for them to tilt the screen to get it wherever they want, and they can just take the laptop with them into the bed. I don't have that luxury, so I feel like I can't always show the things I want unless I'm far away, and then if I'm far away, I can't read the fucking screen. It's frustrating, and I'm trying to figure out how to get things to look the way I want.

If you wanted a private Skype thing anyway, PM me.

Free_spirit10227 karma

Do you ever use your penis when getting intimate with your girlfriend or in your videos?

JulietteStray18 karma

With my girlfriend, no -- she prefers using a strap-on, and I prefer being fucked, so in our personal life it never really comes up since we're both doing the things we'd rather do. I mentioned above that sometimes she forgets I have a cock, and funny enough I often frequently forget she has a vagina. It's kind of weird.

I have fucked her, once, and it was on-camera (American Shemale X #3, though the trailer is meh). In videos with women, there is always at least a bit of penetration on my part (there will never be any with men), but it is very rarely if ever the core component of the scene.

Anglo-Saxon5 karma

Why are you against penetrating men?

JulietteStray45 karma

I identify as a plastic fuckdoll, and plastic fuckdolls are not made to stick things inside people, they are made to look pretty and perfect and have things stuck violently inside of them.

people19256 karma

Why did you want to be in porn?

JulietteStray10 karma

I just admired that the girls were beautiful and got to do fun and sexy and exciting things, and be appreciated and sexually objectified by thousands and thousands of people. I wanted that really badly for myself.


you've got it, i'll say!

JulietteStray4 karma

Thanks for your nice two comments!

windowvision6 karma

HI! your fucking hot, i've beat off to you a few times.

My question: Where can i find a tgirl girlfriend? also, how can i get into tranny porn? I't would be awesome to get paid to fuck tgirls.

thanks, and stay sexy.

JulietteStray4 karma

Thanks! It's what I'm there for.

Question 1) Couldn't tell ya, I haven't tried to pick one up. Be in a major, liberal city.

Question 2) Live in Los Angeles and go to the tranny strip club night that Grooby throws where a lot of the girls will be, look really hot, make friends with a girl, and ask to work with her and hope she brings you up to directors.

brokenrose6 karma

Any chance of rocking red hair again?

JulietteStray13 karma

Not for the foreseeable future, sorry. Red hair is not Barbie-appropriate.

Happy cakeday!

ipoopedonce5 karma

How much money do you make on average? Say a bracket, i.e. 60-75k

JulietteStray13 karma


bggp9q4h5gpindfiuph6 karma

Wait, did you say you live in San Francisco, too?

Holy Mackerel.

JulietteStray6 karma


slapsdickcomedy10 karma

While this has been a fascinating and informative IAMA regarding sexual politics and gender issues that I hadn't really thought about before, this instantly made me want to see an 'IAMA-San Francisco City Resident Living On $20,000 a year'.

Please, sweet maiden wizard of monetary miracles, share with us East Bay plebes your secrets.

JulietteStray7 karma


Well, I have two housemates, and I'm lucky in that I'm rent controlled, so my rent is $600/mo. That means I really only pay a little over $7k in rent for the whole year, which is.. amazing, especially considering I live in the Mission.

I don't eat a lot, and I tend to buy what I consider to be cost-effective food (like, I'll order Indian food, but I can stretch two entrees, naan, and two rice dishes over 4 days, making it <$10 a day), and when I go out I'm usually the one who gets treated to stuff because I'm invariably the super-femme (although, admittedly, I still try to pay for my girlfriend a lot of the time). I still go out and party, but realistically, being a hot, scantily clad blonde girl means drinks and club entry is free, so if I just bring something like $10 for tips to the bartender, I'm all good.

losian4 karma

I've always had one big question for a transsexual/gender/etc. person.

If a transgendered person started male and shifts to female, is it some sort of faux pas to focus on their penis, assuming they still have it? i.e. does it sorta defeat the purpose of their being 'female,' or is it more about the femininity than the actual physical parts, the look and feel?

I realize, of course, this likely varies from one TS person to another, but I've always wondered - it seems many folks fetishize or find appeal in transgendered men presenting as women for that 'shemale' aspect specifically, and I was curious on whether that was a frustration to some, or what!

JulietteStray12 karma

It's definitely a frustration to more of them/us than it is something we're/I'm ambivalent about. I don't really care very much, like, I don't feel "slighted," but it does kind of get old because it's just not something I'M into, even if I'm completely comfortable having a penis and acknowledging as much.

Some (a not insignificant amount, though still the minority I would think) girls are not even willing to use the word penis, and instead refer to their dicks as their clits, which I think is... weird, but whatever floats your boat, you know?

If you have the hots for a transgirl and are uncertain how they feel about it, simply inquiring (like you are to me) is generally a totally reasonable, polite way to find out.

gyrfalcons4 karma

Hi! Thanks so much for doing this AMA, your responses are great to read through. Would you mind if I ask what your future plans are, though? How long do you plan to be a performer in porn for, and is there anything in particular you might be looking at doing after that?


JulietteStray8 karma

You're welcome, and I'm glad you're liking them! It seems a bit of a cop-out, but I answered your question earlier over here.

gyrfalcons5 karma

Oh, no problem, I must've missed that. Could I ask instead what your favourite food is?

JulietteStray10 karma

Haha. Well, you could...

JulietteStray37 karma

And just in case, after that: 100 duck sized horses, no contest. Ducks are fucking mean, let alone a giant one.

Gredditor4 karma

Have you ever considered doing a foot job video? And by the way it looks like you give good head

JulietteStray9 karma

My early work had me doing a lot of foot stuff 'cause I didn't really know what to do with my self, but my early work is almost all unequivocally pretty bad, since modeling and in particular porn modeling is a skill set you have to learn and build.

I'll probably do some more once I get my site up and running.

And thanks -- I do give great head :)

nameless4204 karma


JulietteStray9 karma

I escort and am uninhibited about saying as much (it's not like it can't be Googled with even the remotest amount of effort), so I don't find the idea of it being an implication offensive at all, so no worries.

To my knowledge there are no TS brothels within the United States. I'm sure there are some in other countries.

LokiCode3 karma

Jesus fuck, 878 down votes. Really?

JulietteStray11 karma

It's probably because I refused to answer any questions that weren't about Rampart.

dkj0525133 karma

I'm curious as to how you and your girlfriend met. Did you meet in the industry and hit it off well and decide to start dating?

Also, I know labels are totally overrated, but does she consider herself a lesbian, or bisexual, or something else.

You said she prefers to wear a strap-on when you guys are intimate, so how does she get off?

What do you think of her other partners? Do you all hang out together sometimes, or does she keep each relationship separate?

Thank you!

JulietteStray5 karma

I had seen her out and about a few times but never really spoke to her, and then our paths started crossing at Kink.com events. We started flirting on Twitter, then swapped numbers and texted a bit, and then she came over and raped the shit out of me. She identifies as a poly pansexual switch.

She gets off with a strap-on -- strap-ons provide physical pleasure (if they/the harness is fitted correctly), but a significant chunk of female orgasm is about mental state and psychology, and she really, REALLY likes dicking girls down. She gets off just fine that way.

I like both her other partners, but we're not intimate with one another or anything. We've hung out and socialized before, but both of them don't really live near me (or have too much in common with me, for that matter), so it's not like we do things together or anything. Usually when I see either of them it's at some kind of shared function like a party or some such.

HandsOfBlue3 karma

How has being in the porn industry affected your transition?
Are there procedures you had to go through to have a better chance of success?

JulietteStray5 karma

It's made me more confident. I was not lacking confidence before, but it's made me REALLY confident and comfortable in how I look and present myself.

There's nothing I've "had" to do, but things like tanning, exercise, and of course stuff like fillers/Botox/etc help, but it's also not like looking good doesn't help you in any job. I also enjoy doing those things (as per previously-mentioned fetishes in my intro text), so it doesn't really bother me.

polarisrising3 karma

What do you think of this? I think it's crazy, but was wondering what your opinion is as a performer.

JulietteStray20 karma

I think, to speak bluntly about it, they're ignorant pieces of shit.

RubellaLugosi3 karma

waves I was just thinking about you today and that delicious chinese food we had.

JulietteStray5 karma

'sup grrrl. Yeah man, that was good. We should do it again sometime when I have money.

JohnWad3 karma

  • Would you rather give or receive a BJ?
  • Would you rather be top or bottom?
  • "Rusty Trombones", yah or nay?

JulietteStray9 karma

I am submissive, so I would rather give head than receive it (but receiving it isn't bad!). The most erotic act for me, hands-down, is being throat-fucked, so given the option between any sex act and that, I will always, always go for having my face jackhammered. The number of scenes I have done where that has not occurred is a big fat zero, because I almost outright demand it.

Likewise, I'd always rather bottom, and am in fact only even willing to top when it's another girl -- I do not and will not top men, and the extremely scarce few times I tried, I couldn't even get it up (including using Viagra to do so) because I found it that unappealing. Boys are made to fuck me, not be fucked by me.

I'm not sure if you're asking me in terms of giving or receiving, but the answer either way is, "sure, yes, so long as everything is clean." I prefer rimming women because I'm not into body hair anywhere, and men usually have some, particularly in that area.

JohnWad6 karma

I thank you for your graphic response.

JulietteStray11 karma

It's what I do.

NugTrain3 karma

You said you have a gifriend, so why did you decide to make yourself into a women? I understand undergoing surgery because you are a male and feel like a female and are attracted to males, but in your case it just doesn't seem to make any sense once so ever. Edit: just read through some of your responses and saw that you said you primarily like to get fucked in the ass the most, so why not just stay a male? Sorry your case just makes absolute no sense to me, and I am not against GTB people just trying to understand you.

JulietteStray6 karma

This is actually kind of a common question, because for many people, there is not an understood difference between sex and sexuality. I transitioned to female because I'm female, it just /feels/ that way, it's like some kind of intrinsic knowledge that you cannot put words to. Like, just knowing that you are, e.g., a human being. It just is.

Sexuality is what you are attracted to and want to fuck -- I am attracted to both men and women, but even if I was only attracted to women, it still wouldn't matter. That'd just make me a lesbian. One physical sex does not have sex "better" with the opposite sex than the same sex, so it's not really a matter of picking the best physical configuration. I am picking the physical configuration that matches how I feel internally.

just_bob3 karma

I saw your comment on topping and was wondering if you've noticed a shift in T-girls topping men. It sort of used to be 50/50 But seems the demographic is skewing more towards T-girls topping rather than being topped.

(Please keep in mind the only basis for this assumption is what shows up on shemale porn vid clip sites, but still.)

JulietteStray3 karma

Um.. I haven't, really -- I don't really watch TS pornography outside of my own scenes, so I don't really know what current trends are in it, oddly enough. I just know what I get asked to do, and everyone seems completely fine with me not being willing to top men.

just_bob2 karma

But how often were asked before you made your preference known? I am glad you've taken a stand as have a few other of your fellow performers.

(Not knocking those who enjoy it though.)

JulietteStray2 karma

Generally only once or twice by people who didn't know me yet. I never get asked, and I've felt, seriously, like zero pressure to do so. Everyone's pretty cool about it.

circusjerks3 karma

what are your thoughts on feminist and "social justice" ideals in the porn industry? can they ever be compatible in the current state of the industry?

JulietteStray10 karma

A better question might be, can they ever be compatible in the current state of certain feminist social justice ideals. There are plenty of feminists who are pro-porn, much as there are feminists who are anti-porn. I think social justice is better served by allowing women to do the kind of work they want to do, and I am pro-porn, pro-prostitution, pro-pretty-much-whatever, because feminism to me is allowing women to have the same choices as everyone else, not about forcing women to only make choices that other women deem appropriate.

circusjerks2 karma

thanx for the great answer yo.

but how do we deal with things like exploitation and obvious abuse, fetishizing etc of women in pornography. i consider my self pro porn, pro everything but some porn is so painful and uncomfortable to watch that i actually begin to fear for the parties involved safety.

many of the producers and even the actors, it's like they're almost taking all the fun out of sex and porn and really beginning to mutate the concept of sex and women to many young people, especially those exposed to pornography at younger ages.

i'm aware these are not your problems but they are very real for the participants and audience alike. do these concerns exist at all in the industry?

JulietteStray3 karma

Nobody has to do what they don't want to do, so I'd be real hesitant to use phrases like "obvious abuse."

The things I do on camera probably look like "obvious abuse," when in fact they're on the light side of the things I really enjoy doing off-camera. I know plenty of girls who are not satisfied unless they are being just violently, viciously fucked, and I know that for me, personally, I'm not even really willing to do a slow and tender scene. It would disgust me.

What's fun or not fun to you may not be what's fun or not fun to other people. Much like you're looking at some things and being repulsed, so too are some younger people being exposed early. Why would they be different?

I don't know if other people in-industry have these concerns. I certainly don't. I can say that I've asked to do things and been told I can't because it's too much for video, or have had the more violent parts of things I do edited out on the cutting room floor, so I guess maybe to some degree.

Skaarah3 karma

For a while I have wanted to be a M to F and keep my dick and be with an M to F who still has her dick. But I'm afraid that my body just wouldn't work well enough for surgery. None of my friends or family know anything of these feelings. Do you have any advice on if I should try something? I hate that I can't tell my friends that I prefer girls with dicks.

Also do you have any reccomendatiosn for meeting normal TS girls? I really have no idea how to go about it.

JulietteStray4 karma

I can't really give you advice as to what irrevocable course to take with your life, I'm afraid. Just do whichever will make you happier, and if it's friends or family that will disown you, decide whether or not those friends or family are really your friends or family. Blood doesn't dictate family, it dictates lineage. If your family at any point is going to disown you for who you are in terms of making a decision in your life that will make you happy, then they're not family. If you feel like you won't be able to pass, and you feel like that's a really important part of it for you, then maybe it's not the decision for you. Maybe it still is. I can't answer that for you either way.

I don't really have any recommendations for meeting normal TS girls aside from living in a liberal city like NYC or SF, or to some degree LA. Miami is also an option.

muzakx2 karma

How do are the men generally cast?

JulietteStray4 karma

I don't know. If I'm picking male talent, I pick them based on whether or not they prefer to top, how hot they look, whether or not they have a generally good reputation, and whether or not they historically deliver good scenes. I'd imagine directors do the same thing.

DanSkizzle2 karma

Question that I was pondering after browsing SRS.

Do you think it's acceptable for a transgendered individual to neglect telling a significant other that they are in fact transgendered if they clearly are unaware?

JulietteStray8 karma

I guess it depends on the person. If you have the kind of partner who would be upset to learn that in your childhood you suffered through, like, cancer or something, then you should also probably tell them that you're TS. If you have a partner who only cares about who you are right now, then I don't think it's a big deal. I'm into transparency with partners because I believe it creates better closeness, but not everybody is or does. I do not think it is inherently "wrong," but nor do I think that expecting your partner to tell you is inherently wrong either.

smoklahoman2 karma

How do you feel about the word "tranny"? To my understanding that word, to many transgender individuals, is a very offensive slur.

JulietteStray6 karma

I'm ambivalent about it, but I think it sounds pretty silly. We have our own awards show as of a few years ago, and it's called the Tranny Awards, and it seems to be received just fine.

Panty_Seeker2 karma

Just wanted to say your fucking hot and Always fapped to your videos!

Also, what are your plans after your done performing in the adult industry?

Can we have a current pic of your sexy ass?

Also more info on her: http://juliettestray.org/

JulietteStray2 karma

Thanks! I don't really have plans for after I'm done in the industry, which I can acknowledge is a pretty poor idea (and one my girlfriend talks to me about). You really should have some kind of an exit strategy, but I just... don't, because for the time being I don't see myself doing anything other than this.

If I had to pick a job for after this, it'd probably be bartending somewhere in the City. It suits my personality and looks.

Mechanicalme2 karma

I am so late to this party. Please excuse my tardiness, but I do have a few questions:

*Do you know Violet Blue personally? I've always wanted to meet her. She's my most progressive hero and she's given the sex industry a really sensible voice.

*A recent study came out regarding the mental health of porn stars. Without being gossipy, can you comment on whether you were surprised at the results (that porn stars were reasonably healthy and suffered minimal self-image issues)?

JulietteStray4 karma

I do. Violet and I have known each other for a long, long time, and we consider one another family. I love her to pieces, and I think she does great work.

I remember the study coming out (and I also remember the study that got posted here more recently, on the "average porn star"), and while I was somewhat surprised by the latter, the former wasn't shocking at all. Porn has been nothing if not exceptional for the way I view myself and my confidence, and I can't imagine that it'd be different for anyone else.

GreatPortender2 karma


JulietteStray4 karma

I'm ambivalent, though for what it's worth from other people (I can't really speak for all TS), those that I've seen bring up Drag Race or whatever else seem to think of it and the related rather favourably.

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JulietteStray4 karma

My understanding is it isn't so much from estrogen, but from a lack of testosterone. The estrogen in and of itself doesn't really harm you, but losing your testosterone (you take another pill to block it) does, and over time there'll be some atrophy, difficulty in getting it up, and eventually minimal/no ejaculation with orgasm. Some girls don't have this problem, but some girls also don't take hormones and instead shape their body with fillers and surgery and other things like that (note: I am not saying that all girls who do not have this problem are also doing that, it's just some and some, respectively).

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what do you mean, "almost anything"?

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I explained this up top in the original intro text, but I primarily mean that I'm not going to gossip about other people or talk trash on anyone.

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As a male who is almost exclusively attracted to transsexuals, it has been impossible for me to find someone I like. I've dated cis men and women in the past, but I've never been able to be happy in those relationships, and I've just about given up on the matter. Is there any advice that you could give to someone like me?

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I'm sure it's not the answer you want to hear, but honestly, I'm afraid not. I'd suggest moving to a liberal area where transwomen are more common, such as San Francisco or parts of NYC.

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Are most people in your profession born as men or women?

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All male to female TS performers are born male; all female to male TS performers are born female. There are some agendered/genderqueer/gender neutral performers in the outskirts of the industry, but almost without exception they have all been born female.

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Check my submissions.

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how do you started in business?

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Hiya -- I answered this up here.


Always wondered why so many trannies/shemales seem to dodge/hate facials and/or cum in mouth.

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You'd have to ask the specific girl, but I am definitely not one of those.

I have a reputation of being one of the more 'extreme' girls in the industry, because I think (and I'm speculating, here) that most TS girls want to look super pretty and perfect and don't want to have sex where they get absolutely fucking demolished, with ruined makeup and destroyed hair and whatever else. I couldn't really tell you, though -- I can only speak for me.

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Everyone's cum tastes differently. It's diet-dependent.