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People are paid 52k to open and close doors? Damn..

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Describe what a typical hour of game testing would involve. Do you just play the game and note any errors, or do you have to do specific shit like jump up and down in the same spot 100 times or try and purposely make the game glitch?

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Do you genuinely enjoy sex in your ass? How do you cope with extra large co-stars? Do you feel uncomfortable for days after?

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You've been down in the depths of the London Underground a few times. What was the best thing you saw down there, or what sticks in your mind? Also, are the lights on all the time in the ghost stations or did you have to turn them on?

I'm weirdly fascinated by abandoned stuff. I love your page. Have you got any further plans to go 'place hacking' or was it all for your PhD?

Ever been unable to explore something you've really wanted to explore?

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What are the negotiations after the show appearance? Presumably you have to prove your figures etc..

Also, how often are you in contact with the dragon?