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You look fantastic. I work in a children's hospital and see congenital defects every day. Glad to see you're as healthy as you are and I'm glad you have such a positive outlook on life. Your chest looks more like pectus excavatum to me. It appears to me that you're fairly healthy but I just wanted to know if your condition has ever hindered you from getting a job/ education/ anything? Best of luck!

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So no mental problems, but psychological ones. Can you expand on that? I don't want to assume I know what you mean...

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Are there a lot of drugs in the TS porn business? I worked at a gay bar and it seemed that all performers I knew were highly into the drug scene but that wasn't what you do. How do you feel about drugs?

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Thank you for the well thought out response!

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Hi Alex, thanks for doing this. I have a question on chlorophyll, does it really boost red blood cell production? Are supplements containing chlorophyll beneficial or is it snake oil?