PART TWO: The US Government Doesn't know who I am, and without a social security number, I can't get a job, find a place to live, or functionally exist in the eyes of the government.

My story and petition has received national attention, but Reddit has been the only source that has made a significant dent in the petition, which is the only real shot I've got at a normal life. Reddit, you're the best hope I have, please please sign it.

I woke up beaten with no memories outside of a burger king in 2004. Any identification I had was stolen as well. The Amnesia was presumed to have been caused by an injury that knocked me unconscious. The United States government still doesn't have a clue as to who I am. Even after eight years, they still don't know, and I have not been given a number, nor been able to live a normal life.

The petition is for me to get a new SSN so the US government will recognize me as a person. If half the people who upvoted the last AMA signed the petition, that would have been enough signatures. There's a short documentary that explains my predicament on, or After the documentary, I got a special state ID, and a job in a kitchen, where i still am to this day.

UPDATES FROM THE PREVIOUS: As to the Waffle House leads from the last AMA, we're in touch with someone who works at the corporate level at WH, and they're helping us look at employee records. The two Reddit users who posted about having thought they saw me still have not responded to our messages and emails. Thank you for all the missing people links, but unfortunately, none of them are me. We've looked into all of them.

To the websleuths page claiming that this is fake, or anyone who thinks this is a hoax, please read: (towards the bottom) and For proof, you can see that I did the last AMA last month. Thank you so much.

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beer_and_satan1167 karma

To all those hating on this post saying "it's only for the petition"...well no SHIT. He established that Reddit was "the only source that has made a significant dent in the petition."

So...this man is restricted- "without a social security number, I can't get a job, find a place to live, or functionally exist in the eyes of the government."


EDIT Wow my first top comment!! But thank you for upvoting this so we can hopefully help out BK!

Benjaman117 karma

Excuse me, but how do you upvote a comment?

Benjaman119 karma

I just "Googled" it and found out how.

KellyCommaRoy364 karma

Just so you know, by the end of this reddit is going to figure out who you are.

Benjaman1293 karma


I_make_things344 karma

You should talk to Google. They're doing facial recognition and image search research, and I bet they could test their work by searching through old photos on the web looking for your face.

Benjaman1202 karma

Does anyone know who to contact at Google?

Sugusino73 karma

Man if Google can't solve this I don't know who can.

Maybe Valve?

playmaker_4169 karma

Put Ben's face in HL3 to see who's gonna recognize him

Benjaman148 karma

If you need pictures, "Google" "Benjaman Kyle on FaceBook and you will find a bunch.

Benjaman149 karma

What is valve. This one I "Googled" before I asked and did not find it.

Sugusino73 karma

It is a company that makes and distributes/sells A LOT of games through the internet.

Reddit loves the company, it's more of a cult than anything. But I can't blame them, that company is truly a step forward in the right direction regarding e-goods in my opinion.

Benjaman143 karma

Thank you.

pvtsnowball8223 karma

Excellent idea.

Benjaman128 karma


Benjaman1129 karma

Gentlepesons: I have to sign off now, but it has been a pleasure. Thank you.

cgillett96 karma

If your true identity is ever discovered, do you plan to keep your Benjamin Kyle name or adopt your original one?

Benjaman1114 karma

I do not know. I have been BK for 8 years. Maybe I will use both.

najia786670 karma

I will sign your petition. This is a sad story. I think getting your picture out in front of the public, especially in the places that you remember, would be a good thing. Billboards, commercials, newspapers, etc...the more people see it, you are bound to find someone who knows you or knows where you came from. I mean I have never heard of your story before, your story needs be out in the public more.

Benjaman154 karma

Thank you. The media has largely not been interested.

I_AM_TESLA47 karma

I understand you're looking for people to sign your petition. But during the last AMA you ignored every bit of information people gave to you. I just find it weird that a lot of people have identified you being in the restaurant business and you kind of seem to ignore them.

Benjaman1179 karma

Benjaman Here. We have been talking o several people. in fact through Reddit we found someone who thinks she is related. we are waiting for DNA test.

I_AM_TESLA67 karma

Best of luck Ben, I really hope this gets figured out.

Benjaman150 karma

Thank you.

jtw43979 karma

Filmmaker here. We've been continually trying to get in touch with those people, and they haven't gotten back to us. We're working with Corporate at waffle house to sort through old records as well.

inquisitive_idgit27 karma

Why haven't you taken this man on road trip? If I had a camera and access to an amnesiac with certain geographical memories, the first thing I'd want to do is drive him to anywhere he can remember and let him wander around familiar spots.

Benjaman138 karma

It is in the planning stages.

I_AM_TESLA15 karma

I see. My bad if I came off strong just from the outside looking in it kind of raised some flags. Best of luck with the petition and everything else.

Benjaman112 karma

Thank you.

rabitol44 karma


Benjaman162 karma

Are we talking about Mushrooms? I seem to have an aversion to taking drugs. Especially Addictive or "mind altering".

Benjaman128 karma

I posted on the wrong one.

Benjaman124 karma

I think that eventually they will come back on their own.

Benjaman118 karma

Are we talking about Mushrooms? I seem to have an aversion to taking drugs. Especially Addictive or "mind altering".

mwalsh55543 karma

I watched your documentary. Glad you have a place to sleep and a job now.

Are you worried that who you used to be might be someone you wouldnt like?

Benjaman173 karma

I do not think that my basic personalty has changed. I do not act like a criminal. MY first reactions to anything are not how to scam money or to trick people.

HambinoTheGreat39 karma

Any thoughts as to the possibility of being CIA or some other government agent from our country or another that was wiped of all memories and left for dead? I know it seems far fetched but often times truth is stranger than fiction.

Benjaman164 karma


SJfakinger34 karma

If it's any comfort, there are tons of people who "can't work or exist in the eyes of the government". Take for instance felons, those who owe the IRS a bunch of money, those who owe child support, etc.

You need to find a way to work and exist off-the-grid, there are millions of us, come on in, the water's fine!

Benjaman124 karma

I agree.

fowl_owl32 karma

how is the petition going?

Benjaman143 karma

Benjaman Here: Barely halfway.

Benditlikebaker20 karma

I just registered, sorry I didn't do it last tie :(

Benjaman131 karma

Thank you.

sumptin_wierd26 karma

Have you submitted fingerprints or dna to a national database? What were the results?

Benjaman125 karma

Null, Negative, and no matches.

sumptin_wierd17 karma

That blows. Signed for you and best of luck bud.

Benjaman18 karma

Thank you.

ronniemexico25 karma

Do you think that if the same event(s) happened today, in 2012: with the advent of facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, etc. that you would have more of a "Web-Presence" thus making you easier to identify?

in 04, myspace was barely coming around. If something like this happened now, social media would solve the puzzle in a few hours. Agree?

Benjaman138 karma

When I was found in 2004, no one gave damn. I was not even questioned by the police in the town where I was found until 2007. There was no one to put me in the "Social Media" or to create a "web presence" even if it had existed in more than it's infancy.

Sugusino16 karma

Some people don't have any presence in the web though. Except for an e-mail and not much more.

Benjaman142 karma

People of my generation have much less presence than you youngsters.LOL

uglysweaterparty25 karma

I know you have your website, but do you have anywhere where you can (or already do) post little updates as they arise?

PragmaticApe19 karma

If you remembered how to do basic things such as cooking an egg or any other basic examples of things that become second nature after a while, have you tried going into a music store and trying all the different instruments to see if any seem familiar? That probably wouldn't give any real insight into who you are but if you went into a hardware store and looked at tools and parts is it possible you'd recognise something that most people wouldn't to indicate a previous profession? Or perhaps walk through different sections of a book store or library to find things you may have studied or done professionally that became second nature or that you gained an understanding of without remembering about it since?

Benjaman122 karma

No music talent at all. except for listening to it.

inquisitive_idgit18 karma

If we're thinking long term, you should get in touch with the Personal Genome Project, get your genes fully sequenced, and publish your genome online as soon as possible.

As other people start getting sequenced, they will look in the database of genomes to find relatives. I hope you don't have to wait that long, of course.

Benjaman115 karma

DNA is in the FED databank and two private ones.

CptLande17 karma

Seeing as you are currently not acknowledged by the US government as a person... can you be charged with a crime?

Benjaman128 karma

Of course. It would not surprise me if they weren't trying to find one now.

CptLande8 karma

I find your whole story really interesting by the way. I'm from Norway and have been reading all about your story since I first heard about it. I really hope some of the leads you have turn up some answers for you, I can't really start to imagine what you're going through!

Benjaman19 karma

Thank you.

uglysweaterparty15 karma

Did you ever end up travelling to Denver and wherever else to see if those places sparked any memories?

Benjaman130 karma

That too is in the works. Hopefully in Feb.

uglysweaterparty19 karma

Cool! I hope you keep doing AMAs as you do more and more research (after the blood test, traveling). Your story is fascinating, and I really want to see you figure out who you really are!!

Benjaman122 karma

If this mess is solved it will make the national news shows.

mendara14 karma

kudos on being so strong for the past 8 years. how do you plan on spending the rest of your life, whether or not your identity is revealed?

Benjaman122 karma

There is no doubt but what I am going to have to work for the rest of my life. I just need the SSN to make things a lot easier.

memefan6913 karma

Signed. Good luck.

Benjaman111 karma

Thank you.

dennglanzig12 karma

I'm sorry of this has been asked before Mr Kyle, but has there been any movies or songs which have triggered memories? Long story short, I suffered from a mental breakdown a few years ago and lost a lot of memories from my youth. Accidently discovered the videos of The Angry Video Game Nerd and began to remember times playing certain video games with my family and friends, thus opening up many more memories.

I really hope you are happy with who you are right now. Love from sunny Scotland :)

Benjaman118 karma

I do remember sitting in a movie theatre in Denver and watching a movie.

dennglanzig12 karma

Long shot, but you could try listening to some 'hits of the decade' compilations, or look up's top movies.

If I remember correctly you said you can recall being in Boulder?

Oh, ignore the joke posts. People are dicks these days.

Benjaman114 karma

Someone gave me an IPod and I have been listening to a lot of music. I remember the music that I like but it does not bring back any pertinent information.

Benjaman114 karma

The Boulder Daily Camera is due to do a follow up interview today. I remember a lot of things about the Denver Metro area.

Quake4812 karma

Who are you spending the holidays with?

Benjaman168 karma

In am helping to set up a Xmas dinner for the homeless in Jax Beach.

Bawlsinhand10 karma

Have you gone to a hypnotist?

Benjaman113 karma


CyberDonkey10 karma

Why did you choose Benjaman over Benjamin? And why Benjaman Kyle over any other names that start with B and K like Benjamin Franklin? Edit: Ben Franklin doesn't have the initials B K

Also, have you ever felt depressed to the point of considering suicide directly because of your current situation (SSN, Amnesia, etc)?

Edit: Also, did you feel like you've discovered your true personality after your incident? Did you found out you were actually shy, or love socializing? Or have your personality remained unchanged since you woke up behind the Burger King?

Benjaman115 karma

Benjaman just felt "right". Of course sometimes I feel depressed. When I do, I just find something to do.

Benjaman110 karma

I think that I am a Very self contained Person, I do not need people so much that I could not exist without them. I do like being around people and talking to them. Be forewarned: I can't stand fools!

potato21910 karma

Did you ever turn anything up from the Waffle House lead?

Benjaman116 karma

They are checking.

an_imperfect_lady9 karma

Can you drive a big rig? Do you feel like being a trucker is a possibility? Any memories that suggest that?

Benjaman110 karma

No, I am not a "Gear-Jammer"

Daniel_The_Thinker8 karma

I have read about you!

dannyboylee7 karma

What happens if you find out who you are, and it turns out you prefer the person you've become over the past eight years?

What if the real you is not a good person?

Benjaman112 karma

I don't think that there will be that much of a difference. although I think that I am a better person for having gone through it.

tlegend6 karma

How important is it to know who you were? I mean, you've been living as Benjaman for the last 8 years. Is is important to you to figure out what happened, or do you feel that someday you will be able to move on and live life as Benjaman now. Is this something that you are uncomfortable with or are you able to say that the past is the past, and hope the best for the future?

Benjaman117 karma

The main thing is that I need a SSN so that I can get along with my life. I think my memories will eventually come back. It does sometimes worry me as to how I am going to merge memories from my past life into memories of my present lif.

dreadredheadzedsdead5 karma

I actually have a friend with no SSN. He's lived in the US his entire life, he's at least a third generation citizen and he has a driver's license. When he tried to open a second bank account he was informed there was no one attached to the SSN he provided. We joke about how he's perfectly set up to become a hit man.

Benjaman15 karma

I have thought about just making one up, but with the FBI involved I would be soon found out. It IS against the law.