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the only American citizen officially listed as missing despite his whereabouts being known

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Does anyone know who to contact at Google?

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Benjaman Here. We have been talking o several people. in fact through Reddit we found someone who thinks she is related. we are waiting for DNA test.

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Gentlepesons: I have to sign off now, but it has been a pleasure. Thank you.

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I do not know. I have been BK for 8 years. Maybe I will use both.

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I do not think that my basic personalty has changed. I do not act like a criminal. MY first reactions to anything are not how to scam money or to trick people.

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In am helping to set up a Xmas dinner for the homeless in Jax Beach.

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Are we talking about Mushrooms? I seem to have an aversion to taking drugs. Especially Addictive or "mind altering".

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Thank you. The media has largely not been interested.