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have you ever done anything to a pizza (spit in it, etc) before delivering it on a bad day or just because you felt like it?

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I will sign your petition. This is a sad story. I think getting your picture out in front of the public, especially in the places that you remember, would be a good thing. Billboards, commercials, newspapers, etc...the more people see it, you are bound to find someone who knows you or knows where you came from. I mean I have never heard of your story before, your story needs be out in the public more.

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Great job! As a Muslim woman, I hope to see more things like this in the future. I will definitely watch the movie if it is shown in my area or on DVD.

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How did you get started in this business? And how much do you get paid for being an extra in one movie, non speaking role?

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Read your whole post. Thanks for sharing. It was very emotional to get through just reading, I can't imagine how hard it was writing this. The part where you described when the plastic tube was being removed, my heart felt so heavy, just to have to go through something like that..So happy to know you do have another son now, out of curiosity did you keep the same name or did you give him a different name?