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because we're hunting him?

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Would the person who caught you get a special mention in your report? Or vice versa would someone who should have found you out get mentioned as not doing their job properly? Has anyone ever been fired for essentially not asking you for proof?

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If you remembered how to do basic things such as cooking an egg or any other basic examples of things that become second nature after a while, have you tried going into a music store and trying all the different instruments to see if any seem familiar? That probably wouldn't give any real insight into who you are but if you went into a hardware store and looked at tools and parts is it possible you'd recognise something that most people wouldn't to indicate a previous profession? Or perhaps walk through different sections of a book store or library to find things you may have studied or done professionally that became second nature or that you gained an understanding of without remembering about it since?

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You mentioned that you date within your own circles so being a prostitute doesn't really make a difference. I think for most people who start seeing someone new sex is something they look forward to, if you've been with thousands of men and seen and experienced probably everything a man has to offer, is there still any intimacy involved with a partner that you've chosen or is it something you just want to get out of the way so you can enjoy the other aspects of being with someone you like?