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inquisitive_idgit450 karma

This is a geeky question but-- when Gordon shows up and finds the restaurant is locked, he's filmed pulling on the doors. The shot, however, is actually filmed from inside the restaurant.

Were you guys in there filming him trying to open the front door? Or is there some sort of fancy automated camera catching that?

inquisitive_idgit63 karma

yeah, but it doesn't appear to be one of those high angle shot from a stationary camera, it appeared to be a mobile cameraman.

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Why haven't you taken this man on road trip? If I had a camera and access to an amnesiac with certain geographical memories, the first thing I'd want to do is drive him to anywhere he can remember and let him wander around familiar spots.

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If we're thinking long term, you should get in touch with the Personal Genome Project, get your genes fully sequenced, and publish your genome online as soon as possible.

As other people start getting sequenced, they will look in the database of genomes to find relatives. I hope you don't have to wait that long, of course.