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I had a huge childhood crush on carol voderman.

Favourite episode of the IT Crowd?

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John Whose?

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I'm sorry of this has been asked before Mr Kyle, but has there been any movies or songs which have triggered memories? Long story short, I suffered from a mental breakdown a few years ago and lost a lot of memories from my youth. Accidently discovered the videos of The Angry Video Game Nerd and began to remember times playing certain video games with my family and friends, thus opening up many more memories.

I really hope you are happy with who you are right now. Love from sunny Scotland :)

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Long shot, but you could try listening to some 'hits of the decade' compilations, or look up imdb.com's top movies.

If I remember correctly you said you can recall being in Boulder?

Oh, ignore the joke posts. People are dicks these days.

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Awrite Mike, big love from sunny Scotland. Favourite Jawbreaker record?