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LOL at shit out of luck and statute of limitations having the same abbreviation

legal humor is fun

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A credit report is not a legal obligation to pay a debt. It's just a credit report.

Every state has a Statute of Limitation on when you can be sued for a debt. It varies, drastically from state to state.

Even after the SOL has passed, they can still ask you to pay the debt. They will simply have no legal recourse if you do not want to pay it.

Edit: legal terminology is hrd

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Signed. Good luck.

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Your firm never sued a bill less than $400?

My firm sues for anything over $250.

We also sue bounced checks from Foodtown. Sometimes the original check was only about $20.

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If there were medical bills, depending on state law they can become the responsibility of a spouse if the procedure happened while they were married (at least in NJ thats how it works).

For the most part death means that there is no legal responsibility to pay a debt.

That won't stop a debt buyer from picking it up and offering her a sweet settlement and trying to convince her to pay it even though she has no obligation to.

Debt repayment essentially falls under either carrot or stick - take money from someone because they have a legal obligation to pay you, or sweet talk them into paying because you're convincing. If you never take legal action you can make anyone pay ANYTHING.