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I think it's amazingly sweet how her husband passed in the 80s (almost 4 decades ago!) and yet she still thinks of him in her responses and thinks about his favourite things!

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North Koreans civilians that donate foods to starving beggars are the type of people that can actually change the world for the better if they're given power.

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Wait what? I'm a Halo and Pixar fan but I don't get this...

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I liked how honest this response was.

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Why did you choose Benjaman over Benjamin? And why Benjaman Kyle over any other names that start with B and K like Benjamin Franklin? Edit: Ben Franklin doesn't have the initials B K

Also, have you ever felt depressed to the point of considering suicide directly because of your current situation (SSN, Amnesia, etc)?

Edit: Also, did you feel like you've discovered your true personality after your incident? Did you found out you were actually shy, or love socializing? Or have your personality remained unchanged since you woke up behind the Burger King?